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Will backlogs in other states affect Milwaukee VA’s ability to serve its own veterans?

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Americans are observing Memorial Day against the backdrop of a growing scandal over long wait times and secret records at Veterans Affairs medical facilities. But how will the backlogs in other states affect Wisconsin's ability to serve its own veterans? It's a question being asked by every member of the Wisconsin Congressional delegation.

The VA facility in Milwaukee is a sort of home away from home for Marine Corps veteran Kenneth Mueller.

"In my opinion, they don't deny any veteran any coverage," Mueller said.

Mueller visits the VA facility in Milwaukee every week -- either to see friends or receive care himself. He wears his pride in the VA -- but he, like many veterans is disturbed by the backlog of cases that have kept military veterans waiting without proper medical care.

"I think it's depressing. This VA scandal is not good -- so maybe there's some VA's that are not quite up to par," Mueller said.

It's a problem Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore is working to resolve.

"We're very, very concerned about the backlog of cases that the VA has," Moore said.

Moore says backlogs are bad enough, but the allegations that some VA hospitals manipulated waiting lists to hide delays are a downright disgrace.

"There was also an incentive to hide older cases if you hadn't gotten them services, so I'm very curious about routing out that particular problem," Moore said.

"They shouldn't be doing that.  They shouldn't be capitalizing on our health," Mueller said.

The worst problems are in Arizona, but in Wisconsin, the VA does well processing cases.

"I've had no problems at this VA. I can personally say that," Mueller said.

In fact, last May, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki visited the VA facility in Milwaukee -- highlighting its move to digitized medical records -- allowing it to have a much smaller backlog.

"We realized that we had to go through a process of improving," Shinseki said.

Now there is concern that the Wisconsin system could be jeopardized by the problems in other states -- as the VA moves out-of-state cases to Milwaukee's efficient facility.

"I am fearful that VA is simply one national mission away from complete collapse and utter failure," Chairman Miller said.

A letter of concern to Secretary Shinseki, signed by every member of the Wisconsin delegation says "claims doubled in the last year," now that backlogged cases from other states are being sent to Milwaukee.

The representative say "the VA's strategy is negatively impacting the claims of Wisconsin veterans."

"Try to make sure that we don't end up shorting the services of Wisconsin veterans by trying to manage some of the cases from around the country," Moore said.

Without addressing the scandal directly, President Obama on Monday, May 26th said: "the country needs to do more to ensure veterans get the healthcare they need."


  • WorldCrimePrevention

    Congresswoman Gwen Moore is a idiot. Do people know how much corruption goes on at The Milwaukee V.A. especially up on the 9th Floor with Nurses stealing patients medications & pushing their treatments off on the CNA’s? The Nurses are responsible for doing patients treatments not the CNA’s. The Assistant Program Manager Sheri on the 9th Floor refuses to write up her nurses for pushing treatments off on CNA’S even though she knows that CNA’S are not allowed to do treatments.sheri’s response is she don’t want to get her Nurses in trouble for not doing their jobs. There is so much discrimination going around on the 9th Floor there too. Nurse’s who are harassing CNA’s which gets covered up by Sheri & Program Director Mary Phifer. Such nurses as 3rd Shift Nurse Francis Ortiz who harassed the CNA’S. Then you have 2 CNA’S named Floria & Lois who abuse patients thete. This has all been documented by a outside undercover investigatior who it working there on a regular basis undercover. The Inspector Generals even have been in there investigating. When the investigation is closer to the end, all documents on this will be released to the news media & the public to show proof that this goes on.

    • Girl99

      The person that’s venting Names on the comment is just some miserable unhappy person that was fired and now wants to try to put good workers down but the real criminal is her, Very sorry for you,we know who you are. 9C Milwaukee VA give the best care to our veterans any questions ask them Best Community Living Center in The VA System. Sorry for you Girl.

    • Girl99

      Also Lady you definitely need to use spell check, horrible misspelling. Learn how to write then place a comment. Ask God why your life is so miserable, What goes around comes around. We feel sorry for you.

  • Randy

    Despite what this Veteran says, there are problems at the Zablocki Medical Center here in Milwaukee…
    I have been going there as a Veteran for years and years….unfortunately with all of this National attention, in Milwaukee they will be putting their best foot forward…and with Secretary of the V.A last may they had a heads up ahead of time to clean up their act temporarily, then when the National attention is off or when Secretary Shinseki leaves it goes back to being the same old V.A…..
    Come anytime to the E.R on a week night or weekend and its not uncommon for a Vet to wait hours to see a doctor…sure they check you in and maybe take your vitals, but then you wait, and wait….then they take you into the E.R room where you wait a hour or more because there is only 1 doctor who has a work load of 15 patients..while most of the nurses and techs play grab a– with each other…then they have to get a doctor to read the exrays from Froedert Hospital….I was told one time that if I don’t like it to tell my congressman/woman in a smart alleck way…
    Sure if the V.A is put on notice they will temporarily cover their butts but then when the heat is off it will go back to the same old V.A…
    Congresswoman Moore and Johnson (if he comes out of hiding) should make unannounced visits to the E.R especially at night time or the weekends…
    I can’t believe the director of the V.A here in Milwaukee is oblivious to what’s really going on in his hospital…time for a change instead of the problems being swept under the rug….I expect more for my fellow Veterans….

  • medee


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