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Pope Francis will meet with clergy sex abuse victims…but at least one group is skeptical

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Pope Francis says he has "zero tolerance" for any clergy member who violates a child. On Monday, May 26th -- it was announced that Pope Francis has agreed to meet with a group of clergy sexual abuse victims early next month. At least one group says the move by the pope isn't enough.

Pope Francis is expected to meet with a group of victims of clergy sexual abuse at the Vatican.

Peter Isely -- the Midwest Director of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (or SNAP) says he's skeptical.

"(The victims) are hand-selected by the Vatican. We don't know who they are. Our organization has not been contacted. We weren't invited. We weren't asked," Isely said.

SNAP is a group that consists of 18,000 clergy sex abuse victims from around the world.

Isely says their voices won't be heard when the clergy sex abuse victims sit down with Pope Francis in June.

"To see this as a meeting, I think is a mistake. This is a negotiation and how this issue is after this negotiation is really what's going to count," Isely said.

On Monday, Pope Francis told reporters: ""Sexual abuse is such an ugly crime...because a priest who does this betrays the body of the Lord. It is like a Satanic Mass."

"This is about criminal behavior. This is about prosecution. This is about the need for accountability and transparency. To start inferring and trying to get Satan into this, that just simply is not a level of discourse or communication that's going to help with this issue," Isely said.

Isely says he believes Pope Francis isn't talking with members of SNAP because of their experience in negotiations.

"If we were brought in, that would mean that the Vatican is really serious about making some serious changes," Isely said.

Even with his skepticism, Isely says he's trying to remain hopeful.

"Part of me is 'hey, he's doing this -- made expectations about this.' Let's everybody expect come out of this with some very dramatic concrete pronouncement out of this meeting," Isely said.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee says it has met with survivors for decades.

Isely, however, says Archbishop Listecki will only meet individually with victims -- and not with a group.

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  • Thomas Murphy

    The Purpose of Church 06 01 2014

    I heard a child crying two doors down and he was forced to get into the car with his parents presumably to go to church. And I thought maybe that is the purpose of church so that children have to go somewhere once a week and learn to be quiet and perhaps pay attention. – to help grow them out of childhood.

    Then I quickly realized that no adult would ever go to church if they had to hear a meaningful sermon that was meant to motivate them to change for the better! In fact I bet they would be crying too if they were forced to listen to a meaningful sermon.

    So if you put two and two together it means that Church is meant to indoctrinate the biped into being unmeaningful or rather… insincere patience!

    Thomas Paul Murphy

    Originally published on 06 01 2014 at:

    Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

    “Son for our lifetime economic benefit we must pretend to be interested in what the homosexual up there has to say.”

    And the tax collectors of ancient Judea were said to extort, does that mean sexual molestation by homosexuals! If so it fits right in with the modern activity of the church doesn’t it! The mentally retarded overgrown tax collector transitioned to be the Catholic Priest? The discipleships used to have a priest and a tax collector that extorted didn’t they!!!!

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