Man charged in playground shooting that injured little girl; witness reports 20 gunshots

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- An 18-year-old man has been officially charged in connection with a shooting incident that left a 10-year-old girl seriously injured.

Sylvester Lewis

Sylvester Lewis

18-year-old Sylvester Lewis is facing one count of first-degree reckless injury (use of a dangerous weapon), one count of first-degree recklessly endangering safety (use of a dangerous weapon), and possession of a firearm by a felon.

10-year-old Sierra Guyton was shot while on a playground near N. 28th Street and Clarke Street on Wednesday evening, May 21st.

The playground is across the street from the little girl's home.

According to the criminal complaint, Lewis and another individual were shooting at each other, when the child was caught in the crossfire -- and shot.

Sierra Guyton was taken to Children’s Hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

Sierra Guyton

The criminal complaint against Lewis indicates Sierra Guyton was shot in the head -- and was left unconscious and suffered brain damage. She was found lying face down on the pavement when police arrived on scene.

The criminal complaint indicates police spoke with an adult citizen witness -- who told them prior to the shooting, she observed Lewis in the area of 39th and Lloyd -- where he had asked her for a ride, but she refused to give him one.

The witness told police she then observed Lewis had a silver semi-automatic handgun in his possession. The witness told police she had seen Lewis with the same handgun the day before -- when he had shot at a vehicle, according to the complaint.

The witness told police she went to a friend's house near 28th and Clarke -- where she saw Lewis riding a mountain bike. The witness told police she said "hello" to Lewis -- but he did not respond, according to the complaint.

The complaint says the witness told police she later saw Lewis firing the handgun as he was riding the bicycle past the playground -- firing towards the playground, according to the witness.

The witness told police she heard approximately 20 gunshots -- before Lewis fled the scene, according to the complaint.

This witness was able to positively identify Lewis as the man she saw firing the handgun towards the playground on May 21st.

He was interviewed by police regarding the incident on May 21st.

Lewis told police he was in the area of 28th and Clarke on May 21st because he was going to a school in the area to visit someone -- according to the complaint.

The complaint says Lewis admitted to police he was armed with a 9mm handgun that was loaded with several .380 cartridges.

The complaint says Lewis told police as he rode up to the playground, he saw five men sitting on some steps that led to the playground. Lewis said one of the men confronted him about stealing his "baby momma's kids' clothes." 

The complaint says Lewis told police he saw the man stand up and back away -- and noticed that he was "upping" a gun.

Lewis said he got off his bike and moved into the middle of the street -- when the man pointed a gun at him and threatened to kill him.

The complaint says Lewis drew his own gun as a shot "went past his ear."

The complaint says Lewis then began firing his handgun. He told police he fired eight times toward the man -- and the playground.

The complaint says Lewis told police he was aware he was firing the handgun towards the playground where several people -- including children, where located.

After the shooting incident, Lewis told police he went to a friend's house and changed this clothing.

Lewis then went to the south side of Milwaukee where sold the handgun for $250 -- and spent the night at 46th and Lisbon to evade police, according to the complaint.

According to police, 18-year-old Lewis has been arrested 15 times by the Milwaukee Police Department during his young life -- and is a convicted felon.

Police say three other individuals were arrested when Lewis was picked up — for aiding a felon.

They are a 20-year-old Milwaukee man, and two women — ages 45 and 20.

These three additional individuals arrested will be referred to the District Attorney’s Office for charges.

A relative of Sierra Guyton on Wednesday, May 28th updated FOX6 on the little girl's condition.

She is said to be in stable condition -- and has been taken off some medication.

She has moved her eyes, but for the most part, remains unresponsive.

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  • james

    Arrested 15 times by the Milwaukee Police Department during his young life — and is a convicted felon. HELLO, anyone see the problem here, GUNS GUNS GUNS, no no no, The system is to blame, liberal judges…….you get what you vote for………..kind’a funny Tom Barrett/Flynn.

  • sookie sookie sue

    here is one more. felon in possession of a firearm. betcha he gonna get bail and a light sentence. hoo ray for da mayors, cheeifs of da police, and all dem liberal judges in da county!

  • dancing in the ruins

    gotta give some credit to the witness for being brave enough to come forth.

    now let’s hope they deal severly with the other 2 d-bags who aided this piece of excrement.

  • Won't Be Fooled

    I I see his attorney has already been coaching him on setting up the insanity ddefense.

    “Now when you take the mugshot, make sure you look as crazy as possible! “

  • matt4235

    this guy is the poster child of we need to have a eugenics board looking over all criminal cases. do we really want him reproducing?

  • Stephen

    so which gun law would have prevented this FELON POS from shooting someone?? FLYNN and BARRETT , you are oart of the problem NOT the solution, more jails, more time…

  • Christian

    Most of you are stupid, if you can’t see truth in front of you. If they can’t figure out the witness is lying, but most likely he was shot at first if she quote heard approximately heard 20 gunshots. I pray for not just the little girl but also the attacker

  • regee snow

    Really this young man did the most unthinkable thing and from the looks of the MUG SHOT he wasn’t laughing he just looks like he was throw away by his family and the system, insanity yes as most stated in their post he was in trouble since 12.So his mental state is not of a Man but of a child who just did the worst thing EVER, HAD ACCESS TO A GUN. My question is where can he get a GUN in the streets of Milwaukee BUT NO EDUCATION OR POSITIVE PEOPLE AROUND HIM???????

  • dianne

    He is quilty. No excuse..his family failed..him. and the system failed him by letting him get away with misbehavior.anti social behavior..lock him up for his safety and the communities safety. .obviously a lost cause…

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