Profiting off tragedy? Guyton’s family says some scamming the community in Sierra’s name

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- They've been through hell and back. Now, the family of 10-year-old Sierra Guyton, seriously injured after she was shot while playing on a playground near 28th and Clarke, says someone is trying to benefit from the tragedy.

Sierra Guyton's family tells FOX6 News she is stable, but unresponsive -- and is now being taken off some medications.

Her family says the medical bills are mounting -- and some people are scamming the community in Guyton's name.

At Sierra Guyton's home on the city's north side, prayer has been constant, since the little girl was caught in the crossfire last Wednesday, May 21st -- shot in the head as she played on the playground.

"Just asking God to be a fence around the whole situation. We have a lot of sleepless nights," Guyton's grandmother, Bridgette Perry said.

Guyton's mother and grandmother have spent many hours at little Sierra's hospital bedside.

"She`s non-responsive. She`s lying there," Perry said.

Now, there is another struggle -- for a family that has already been through so much.

"I`m kind of numb with this," Perry said.

Guyton's family has learned strangers are scamming people.

"This is what we have to watch out for," community activist Tory Lowe said.

"I just want to say to them, `shame on you,'" Perry said.

Guyton's family says people in the community are collecting money in Sierra Guyton's name -- trying to profit off of a tragedy.

"We`re not going to just let them make a mockery of my granddaughter," Perry said.

The family is warning they are NOT collecting money on the street -- but instead working to set up a fund.

"We want to make sure that we have a structure -- that people know the money is going directly to the family," Lowe said.

Guyton's family is trying to stay strong. Right now, they're asking the community for something more powerful than money.

"I just want them to keep us in their prayers, keep us in their prayers," Perry said.

Guyton's family is working to establish a legitimate fund with U.S. Bank. That should be finalized on Thursday.

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  • 2econd

    sounds pretty close to what are government is doing with any mass shooting, they use every attempt they can to push for gun control, its the liberal way.

    • JokeEnthusiast

      Does everything devolve into a politics with you 2econd? Can you just keep your pointless comments to yourself and acknowledge this story for what it is, a human tragedy.

  • dasunking

    This is the result of da prez’s anti-gun crack down. Taking guns from citizens, while his thuggies kill at will.

    • JokeEnthusiast

      What the hell do you mean by “his thuggies” dasunking? Black people? You are an illustration of two things wrong with this world: ignorance and predjudice.

  • Not You

    TAKE BACK OUR STREETS. Hunt these heartless animals down and make a spectical of an arrest. Tie them to a tree and call the police. Make them stare at the helpless body of this poor, innocent, young soul. Make an example in our community that THINGS NEED TO CHANGE to get us back on our feet. The fastest way to change is to empower our community and make it safe from filth like this. Teach your children right from wrong! Be a pillar and a rock. It is time to rise up and save our streets. The police won’t do it. The mayor won’t do it. They will talk about, but they depend on our dependence. Rise up against the filth in our midst and we will grow to once again be what we were and what others had “DREAMS” of us being. Does anyone have a DREAM anymore?

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