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Over 30,000 to attend: Jehovah’s Witnesses to pack Miller Park for convention

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Jehovah’s Witnesses are inviting their neighbors to attend the Witnesses’ regional convention Friday through Sunday, June 20-22, at Miller Park Stadium.

The theme of the program is “Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom!”

An estimated 34,000 persons will attend.

“People of many faiths pray for God’s Kingdom to come. This convention will explain what that kingdom is and how it can be a positive influence in our lives. In the keynote address on Friday morning, the speaker will discuss how God’s Kingdom is benefiting people today,” said convention spokesman Mark Schwallie.

Other speakers will talk about how rewarding it is to live in harmony with biblical principles, how to improve family life, and how to cope with stress. There will be discourses, discussions, interviews, dramatizations, and two theatrical productions.

During the next few weeks, Jehovah’s Witnesses will distribute printed invitations to the convention throughout this region.

Admission will be free and no collections will be taken.

Worldwide, there are over 7,900,000 Witnesses in more than 113,000 congregations.

Sessions will begin at 9:20 a.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Focus on Friday

The keynote address, entitled “Highly Esteem Present Kingdom Blessings!”, will be delivered at 11:45 a.m. and set the tone for the convention.

A drama entitled “Do Not Give the Devil An Opportunity” will be staged at 3:10 p.m.

Focus on Saturday

The importance of Christian baptism will be discussed al ll.45 a.m., followed by the ordination of new members of the faith as ministers.

The afternoon session will feature several parts under the theme’Pursue Goals That Can Help You Seek First the Kingdom.”

Focus on Sunday

The main talk of the convention, entitled “Earth’s New Ruler-Who Really Qualifies?”, will be delivered at 11:20 a.m.

The speaker will discuss the need for a world government.

A theatrical production based on the theme “Not One Word Has Failed” will be staged at 2:10 p.m.


  • Monica

    Please don’t. I was raised a JW. I got babtized as a child. My ex husband almost killed me and I was told by elders not to call police ever. I listened to them. My mistake. I lost my children for listening to them. I’m divorced now and I am shunned by my family. It’s not worth the heartache.

    • Kristin

      I’m so sorry for the pain you have and are currently going through. All of the broken families and misled people as a result of this organization and it’s teachings break my heart.

    • Just Your Average Person Lovin Guy

      Monica you should have gone to the police anyway and if you got lip from the elders you should have contacted the organization. Those elders shouldn’t have told you not to go to the police they should have got the police with you.

      You shouldn’t have let those corrupt elder blind you they were very very very wrong and should have been, (since everyone on here seems to understand this), “shunned” themselves.

      • James Barton

        You will get many more attacks such as the one above. It is called “Spiritual Warfare” and is the Watchtower version of “Fair Game” that the Scientologists use. Attack the victim is the name of the game if it is anything that might bring “reproach on Jehovah’s name,” meaning exposing the negative activity that goes on in the JW cult.

      • Isabella Botticelli

        @iraqnroll, do you know Monica? Why do JWs automatically call people liars? Why don’t you tell us what hidden knowledge you have so that you can say for a fact that Monica is a liar.

    • christiansparlock

      Everyone who has ever waited on the JEhovah’s Witnesses failed doomsday prophecies has grown old and died . Many penniless and childless .

      Read the book that tells all the real Truth about the JWs from a former Leader Governing body member Ray Franz “Crisis of Conscience”

    • ewa

      unfurtunately ,when jw come across to anybody dont talk about negative matter such a shunning own familly when they want to leave them cult ! They dont talk about Jesus being on pall not on the cross. they dont talk about them fals prophesy,them own poeple who where are killing via blood transfusion policy,they even dont know how their brain are washed! sory for those poor jw .

      • Belinda

        Before yous write and speak on JW you must know what JW believe in some think the worst and its ignorent. And I know when that day come yous will be wishing you opened your door for them. But the devel is working his magic and has the people blinded so yous don’t make it. I pray for all that think the worst about JW and that the lord opens yours eyes and that one day yous will learn and believe in the truth. The truth some can’t handle but Jehovah and his angels will open your eyes to the amazing thing he has bland for our future. I’m not a JW because I’m not baptized but theirs no religion that’s opened my heart and soul like JW!!! To you brothers and sisters keep up the great job yous are making history and it one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in my 29 years of life. Love yous all!!

    • Daryl

      A woman who doesn’t receive any form of custody over children from the court system?
      Rather remarkable to think about, so I think there is some missing component to the story.

    • Lafayette Hodges Jr

      I was a JW. My stepfather was an abusive, psychotic drunk. He beat me, pulled guns on me, and once tried to chop off my head with an axe. The elders told my mother that she had to stay with him unless she had proof of adultery, and when she got that proof, they had the utter nerve to ask her was she in the room when it happened so she say she actually saw it happen. Otherwise she would not have the grounds to leave him. JWs ruined my life. If they ever come to your door, run fast. Unfortunately my mom is still a JW and constantly asks me when I am going to get back into “the truth “. I haven’t had the heart to tell her NEVER! But that conversation has to happen soon. Maybe today now that I think about it. Just so you know, Charles Taz Russell was a Freemason even up until he died. There is a Masonic pyramid next to his grave honering his membership as a mason.

  • Kurt

    Don’t forget to generously donate to this blessed arrangement! Since the governing body will soon be clearing all congregation bank accounts of excessive funds and having all of us “pledge” a monthly amount, I’ll have to dig deep for my donation! I know, with Jehovah’s blessing, I’ll still have enough money for food and rent! I’m excited to see what all the Governing Body’s new money will do to furtur the preaching work!

    • rachel

      Kurt, is NOT the website for jehovahs witnesses. Our website is the statement you have provided is completely false!

    • iraqnroll

      Don’t mind Kurt everyone, hes still miffed that masterbating to barnyard porn is actually a disfellowshippable offense. Kurt, quietly go eff off now, some people are excited to learn more about bible truths, for some reason you’ve decided to use this as opportunity to be a laptop warrior and ‘EXPOSE’ the horrible truths he discovered on some halfwits website. Kevin is what the lay person would call an ‘ahole’ a selfish turd with an axe to grind. Unfortunately for him, there’s clause written in his babtism that excludes whatever perversion he got disfellowshipped for and now here he is, trolling away.

  • Terri M. Olson

    So looking forward to our Regional Convention! It is going to be so faith strengthening. Anyone who attends should have a wonderful spiritual time. You will be told the Truth from God’s Inspired Word and how to have a happy satisfying life now. Don’t miss it if you’re able to go.

    • Kurt

      Don’t forget! That “truth from god” is subject to change as the Governing Body see’s fit. Just like how they taught us that the Faithful Slave was all of the Anointed, which was taught for decades. But now they have chanced this “truth from god” so that they alone are now the Faithful Slave. Since the former teaching is now incorrect, does that mean we were being taught and teaching others a lie for decades? This is not a refinement or a “light getting brighter” since the former teaching is now completely incorrect.

      • roofoo

        @Kurt: Go away, troll. Even Jesus’ apostles had to adjust their understandings since Jehovah progressively reveals the truth.

      • Kurt


        In the Bible, there are a few instance where an apostle has a wrong expectation or personal opinion of an event but NEVER taught others their ides or attributed them as to coming from God. These ones were promptly corrected. The difference is that the Governing Body has taught falsehoods to millions for decades and ascribed them as coming from God since apparently they are his “channel of communication”. Don’t swallow their terrible excuses for changing their doctrine.

      • MSF

        Wow! i feel so so sorry for you! You know you are so wrong! How can you ??? You know who is happy with you right? I will pray for you…

    • Doris Monroe

      I”m with you brother! Can”t wait to attend. I am sure our God”s Holy Spirit will continue to fortify and bless all that the governing body does!!

  • Nancy

    I doubt they’ll cover this during the assembly but the main doctrine of their religion is based on pyrimidology. They believe the bible leads to them to the date 1914 as the day Jesus started his reign and satan was cast out of heaven to earth. However, originally the founder of their religion Charles taze Russel came up with that number by measuring the Pyramid of Gizas entrance hallway. Sounds crazy right? Most Jehovah’s witnesses don’t know this because despite the fact that their pyramidology roots are well documented in the Watchtower Society’s early books and literature. Their leaders teach them a watered down and easy to believe story of their religions history and no one questions it… Ever. None of them read the books written by the founder of their religion because they only read the new books that their instructed to read by their “faithful and discreet slave” leaders. If they did though, they’d realize how crazy their basis of their beliefs really are. “Thy kingdom come” vol 3 p342. Published by the Watchtower Society, written by Charles Taze Russel.

    • Lindy

      you’re right on the money. whether or not JWs want to admit that Charles taze Russel based a lot of his ideology’s on pyrimidology, its true. they can refuse it, but it doesn’t mean its not true. Its documented and is 100% factual. Nothing they have been talking about has stayed consistent and its always changing. They recently just reintroduced a new version of there bible. Yet if the original new world translation bible was a direct translation of the word of god like they have been saying for decades, why update it? If thats the ORIGINAL translation from the scrolls that were written thousands of years ago, shouldn’t it stay in its original state as god intended? I used to be witness. After they shifted over to this new bible, no elders or witnesses have been able to answer my question.

      • David

        True the pyramid were used, seen as further proof of some bible prophecies, but that came and went with the times. Every Witness knows that. Dont be so melodramatic. The important thing is that they were awake and searching for the truth, even though some of the the things they taught, or speculated on at the time, were later dropped.

    • David

      Russel did not come up with 1914 after studying primatology. In truth, from their study of the bible, others before him had also noted the possible signigicance of that year.

      Measurements from the great pyramid of Giza was seen as part of further proof backing up what bible prohecies revealed. Though of course it was all wrong and later dropped, I give them full marks for trying and searching out all possabilities, even if at later times it may only be seen as fuel for ridicule by some.

      The truth is they came from different backgrounds. Russel had been a church goer and Rutherford like me had been a Baptist.

      Confronted by various teachings and influences, that had built up over the centuries, it took time to sort out the wheat from the chalf. They always had the right spirit however and were not afraid to admit when they were wrong and institute the needed corrections.

      • Kurt

        Well David, you seem to be able to brush off wicked origins quite easily. May I direct your attention to the Bible Teach book in the Chapter 16 “Take Your Stand for True Worship” under the heading “DO ORIGINS REALLY MATTER?”. Here we have an illustration of why you are not allowed to celebrate Christmas and it is related to other celebrations. It gives the illustration of the candy found in the gutter. “Would you eat a piece of candy picked up from the gutter?” it asks. It may taste sweet, but it comes from a filthy place.

        David. It seems that you find the organization sweet, but you disregard its disgusting origins. You disregard that Russell was a Mason, you disregard the dozen or so false prophecies that were made about 1799, 1874, 1878, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1918, 1919, 1921, 1925, 1941 (False prophets deserving of the “lake of fire”), you disregard the pyramidology and the changed numbers to prophecy about 1915 when nothing happened in 1914, you disregard Beth Sarim, you disregard their United Nations (Wild Beast) NGO membership, you disregard their flip flop doctrine on organ donations in turn causing the death of faithful JW’s, you disregard their policies with regards pedophiles where it was proven in court that they protect child abusers to protect the name of the organization (Conti case), you disregard the scandal of Mexico and Malawi, you disregard the HUNDREDS of doctrine changes where the former were taught as “truth from God” but are now FALSE teachings, you disregard how the Governing Body are currently raking the congregations dry of every last bit of money they can, in what is called a “donation”. If you would like me to continue with listing more disgusting things, let me know.

        You disregard ALL these things for 8 self righteous men who have deemed THEMSELVES as YOUR mediator to God (Watchtower 1979 Apr 1 p.31) NOT Jesus.

        You disregard more disgusting things than you would have to in most other religions, all because you find some parts of it SWEET. Sadly, you are the definition of a blinded cult follower.

      • Rowland Nelken

        If you label your every pronouncement as THE TRUTH, you leave no room for revision or ‘New Light’. Jehovah’s WItnesses are taught that Jesus selected, as his exclusive earthly agent, the Bible Students (later the JWs) in 1918 after having returned to earth invisibly in 1914. No JW is able to explain why Jesus chose an outfit nearly all of whose doctrines have since been binned. The 1918 Bible Students had issued no murderous edicts about the sinfulness of blood transfusion and still celebrated Christmas, and in 1920, their leader, Joseph Rutherford prophesied the resurrection of a range of Biblical Patriarchs in 1925. The authority of the current JW bosses rests on their claim to be ‘The Faithful and Discreet Slave’ as referred to by Jesus in Matthew 24. I have asked countless JWs to provide evidence to support this extraordinary claim. None has supplied any. The reason is simple. There is no evidence. The claim is bogus. The Watchtower Society is built on a fraudulent claim.

      • Lafayette Hodges Jr

        You are so blind. The founders of JWs were Freemasons and the governing body are also. Do your own investigation and stop blindly following along like so many in this organization. When I got out that is the first thing I did. INVESTIGATE.

    • pamela

      Ok ok ok… why all this info @ ct russell? Who cares?! This man, my brother, lived over 100 years ago. He was one of the first men to be used to break free from the false christian teachings in place for well over a thousand years. He wasnt revealed everything there is to know about Bible truth, but enough. Enough to build on. Do u realize how many lies and pagan beliefs are included in mainstream christianity? No, of course our God wouldnt reveal everything in one short lifetime. It’s not easy to make changes…. please, just ask a smoker… ct russell was a man, an imperfect man, used by God to StArT to publish Bible truth. You can probably find as much dirt on him as the apostle Paul, but that doesn’t mean anything. What we know today is as much as we are supposed to know. It’s much more than brother russell knew, but so much less than what we will know 100 years from now. Regardless, it is solidly and absolutely founded by using the complete Bible as its source. There is no where else to go to find love and happiness and truth than where I am now. And I am thankful.everyday for it. Are u happy now and looking ahead to the future? Do u spread happiness and peace? Or, are u living in the past, spiteful and focused on “helping” others leave their faith? What do u have to offer that is better than our brotherhood, our joy, our spiritual paradise? Take a good, honest look. I have. I see that everytime I see a happy, positive comment from one of my brothers, there is one of u guys quick to tear him down, to instill doubt or to call him uneducated and dense. That is soooo not the Jesus I know. I don’t care about the past, I care about what I have right now; and what I have done and scrupuously researched to get to this point is unknown to you, so how can you speculate otherwise?. There are a bunch of happy people here excited for this happy weekend, and then there’s you there to try to tear it down, to take it away. Why? What is your motive. Love? Absolutely positively not. You are stuck and you can’t let it go. Let it go!!!!! You wanted to walk away, then go… and be at peace. If u can’t find peace, well, then, I hope you return to your God and brothers who love you very much.

      • Kurt

        Pamela. For part of my reply, see the comment for David.

        What I have to say to you is this. I think everyone has the right to serve whatever God and organization they choose. Do what makes you happy. I also have the right to speak up for what I have come to see as a WICKED organization. Not the devoted individuals like yourself, just the leadership, their history, lies and hypocrisy. You see it as your duty to attempt to draw others to the religion. I see it as my duty to speak up when necessary.

        You say “Let It Go”?. I CANNNOT. I cannot let it go because after multiple visits with the Elders to try to understand my doubts, after being told by one elder “you may have done too much research”, after countless nights in tears and prayer to Jehovah to give me an answer to my doubts. After all these things, I concluded I could NOT follow the man made and man lead organization, it really had nothing to do with God. After ALL of this, I was shunned and cast out for being WICKED, all because I would not serve MAN. I lost my parents, family and wife, for only living by a truth that was different. THAT is why I cannot “let it go” and “be at peace”, because your religion persecutes those who ask questions with regards the history and current wicked failings of the religion.

        I would love to see YOU, “let it go and be at peace” for only doing what you know to be right.

        I have hate for the organization but also I have love for its many sincere good people. It is my duty to speak up and warn you about it, weather you listen or not.

      • Rowland Nelken

        The reason we ex JWs wil ‘not let go’ is because we are fully aware of the damage done to millions by the Watchtower Society, and are also aware of the organisation’s relative success in presenting itdelf to the public as simply a group of slightly odd religious enthusiasts. The abuses of paedophile protection, deaths through refusal of blood, shunning of apostates, unnecessary Armageddon nightmares and wasted lives through the forwning on education need to become common and public knowledge. Outside its strongholds, Al Quaedr has a terrible image. OK. JWs delegate the mass slaughter of ‘infidels’ to their fantasy Jehovah monster, but the sentiment is as crazed and as evil.

    • Lafayette Hodges Jr

      Yes. Occult means hidden. Mainstream religion would like you to believe the occult is evil. What is being hidden is the knowledge of our history and the world around us and outside this planet. Keep on being sheeple.

  • roofoo

    @Kurt, Julia, etc. I’ll leave you with the words of Gamaliel: “So under the present circumstances, I say to you, do not meddle with these men, but let them alone. For if this scheme or this work is from men, it will be overthrown; but if it is from God, you will not be able to overthrow them. Otherwise, you may even be found fighters against God himself.” – Acts 5:38,39

    Many have tried to exterminate Jehovah’s Witnesses and stop them from preaching. Nobody has ever succeeded, nor ever will. So you are basically wasting your breath.

    • Kurt

      Many have tried to exterminate Jehovah’s Witnesses? Hitler only persecuted the Witnesses because Rutherford first sent him a letter of sympathy and support and then turned around and told the Witnesses in Germany to picket the Nazi Party in defiance.

      I have no motives to exterminate any JW’s. Preach, pray and worship God in any way you see fit. I care about you all and just want you to see the hypocrisy, lies and coverup. Their history gives them no right to make the claims they do. You will never understand that until you step out from under their shroud of though stopping excuses and do some unbiased 3rd party research into their history.

      The turning point for me was doing 3rd party research into the name of God. I was always led to believe it was accurate in Jehovah. In the book “Let Your Name Be Sanctified” 1961 p 16-20, they even admit that “Yahweh . .. is admittedly superior to Jehovah” but only use it out of popularity. Why use an inferior name of God because it is popular among men? Then further research I realized the name Jehovah is only 500 years old and nowhere near the original Hebrew, since the ‘J’ and ‘v’ sounds are not even in ancient Hebrew.

      It was shocking to think that the name I was so proud to use, I had never even taken the time to do research on the name, beyond the fairytale that the Governing Body gave me.

      It is a scam that has taken you. Under examination, every part of their history and doctrine, fall apart with critical thinking.

    • david

      What nonsense; every organization has rules, adherants are expected to live by, all your doing is apealing to rebels and disgruntled outcasts, trying to convince them that they have been treated badly. Of course abandoning true worship brings problems with it.

      • James Barton

        Yes, every organization does. The Boy Scouts do and so did the Nazis. Unfortunately the rules of the Jehovah’s Witnesses include letting children die from refusing medical treatment (blood transfusions,) covering up pedophilia in the organization (the two witness rule,) strict information control (JW’s are forbidden to consider anything critical of Watchtower doctrine,) and destroying families (the hateful shunning policy.) The Watchtower lies about and uses tricky language to mask these practices in court, to governments, and possible converts, so it is standard operating procedure for members as well to deny everything that exposes the JW cult for what it is.

      • Isabella Botticelli

        @David, you are right. Every organization has a right to make rules – if you don’t want to live by those rules, they you can leave. But JWs go way beyond the normal bounds to keep people in or to make them come back by using their family by using emotional blackmail. So, yeah, you can leave any time. But if you have family inside, you will lose them forever – unless you come back. The governing body demands that family members never speak to them again, or else they may be DF, too. What do you call that? And where in the Bible is that kind of treatment supported? Surely not by Jesus. Yes, if you don’t want to play by the rules, then don’t play. But no one, NO ONE has the right to break up families or to threaten people that they will be punished if they talk to a DF family member. Now THAT is enforcing a “lack of natural affection.” In fact, basic human rights laws in most nations state that no one has the authority to separate family members based on religion or anything else.

      • Rowland Nelken

        The history of the Watchtower is the history of ‘the abandonment of true worship’. The current cult’s doctrines would be all but unrecognisable to the early Bible Students. Or maybe Armageddon did occur in 1914 and 1925. Perhaps Abraham was resurrected in San Diego and lives today at Beth Sarim and drives a Cadillac. Maybe Jehovah likes Christmas celebrations and the Crucifix and cares not a whit about blood transfusion. Or am I mistaken? Do the JWs really label their every pronouncment, for all that it is subject to change at the whim of the Governing Body. ‘THE TRUTH’? Truth outside the wacky world of JWdom is, by definition, immutable. No ‘New Light’ can change it. JWs cannot have it both ways. Better ot label JW doctrine as ‘afew ideas being kicked around by some old chaps in New York just now’.

      • Respectfully

        Thank you, David. I strongly encourage all who are curious about Jehovah’s Witnesses to attend the convention and see for yourselves. PLEASE, see for yourselves; go to as that is the ACTUAL website. Scroll down toward the bottom of the page. Near the bottom, on the left, you will see “Request a Bible Study.” Click on this and a short video about what the Bible says will play for you. It is then up to you whether or not you wish to fill out the information to be contacted. PLEASE do not pay attention to the negative posts–see for yourself. “Draw close to God and he will draw close to you,” James 4:8.

      • Respectfully

        I am not sure if this will post twice–if so, I sincerely apologize for the redundancy. When you click on “Request a Bible Study,” a “form” page will come up where you can fill in your information. To the RIGHT of this is the video, “Why Study the Bible?” Please play the video and then decide for yourself what you wish to do. There are also articles you can read as well as you can read the Bible online. It is an excellent resource. I am hoping to see many interested ones at the convention.

      • Barbara Joxton

        Well said @Respectfully! I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to reply to the negative, ignorant, and inaccurate comments from those who are either clearly apostates, or clearly have never ever, really educated themselves on the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization and their bible based teachings; but I decided to go with my better judgement and follow your good example. No need to cast pearls at this pigpen of swine, as Matthew 7:6 says. Just by seeing these outlandish comments, Satan is doing an excellent job of distracting people and spiritually blinding them from BIble truths, and Jehovah God’s Kingdom. I’m so looking forward to this Regional Convention! Thanks so much Fox6 for highlighting this wonderful, spiritual, and faith building historical event!

      • Rachel Jackson

        Visitors are usually impressed by what they observe at large conventions. The attendees are well dressed, polite, friendly, orderly….when compared to other large gatherings. But they are reminded before the convention that they are on show to the world as Jehovah’s representatives. They have to be reminded at a “service meeting” beforehand how to dress, how to behave, how to talk, how to book their accommodation, how not to book several motels and then on arrival check out which one is the best and cancel the rest, how not to save more seats than in their car-group, how to remain at the convention site at lunch break to mingle, rather than leave for a fancy cafe, how and where to park theri car, etc. These same mind numbing reminders are stated year after year after year. Clearly there is some problem with following basic instructions. Jehovah’s Witnesses are made accutely aware of not doing anything that could possibly “bring reproach on Jehovah’s name and his organisation”. So I’m afraid what you see is all a little bit staged.

      • Alex

        The Watchtower certainly supports the doctrine of God’s ‘Organization’.
        But it is not scripture based.
        One hundred and forty years ago a man named Charles Taze Russel had a dream, to build a corporation and like Kentucky Fried Chicken he made that corporation grow. Quite a business success story but little more than that.

      • Alex

        You can ‘request’ a bible study but you will only get a lifetime of Watchtower publication studies.
        There is a difference as big as the Grand Canon.

    • happierlife

      Yes everyone has a choice on how to worship God and how to live their life. But having direction and purpose can only come from divine guidance.
      As far as mandatory deposits to the Watchtower, I’ve never been forced to.

    • Rowland Nelken

      Of course JWdom is a human creation. In the history of Christendom thousands of sects have come and gone, and JWdom has reached its peak and is now on a decline. It depends, like all dictatorships, on keeping its followers ignorant; ignorant of its appalling history and its litany of duff prophecies and doctrinal flip flops. It tries to keep its army of unpaid mag. distributors in line with threats of Armageddon execution as well as shunning. Yes, I know; JWdom likes to pretend it is not part of Christendom. That is akin to its fantasy that it is no part of the world. The Watchtower outfit is merely a late 19th century Adventist spinoff group, and with the internet making the grubby and murderous truth about JW TRUTH available at the click of a mouse, it is difficult to see much of a future for it.

  • molly

    wow totally hypocritical. THE JWS HAVE NOW BECOME LIKE EVERY OTHER RELIGION. do what we say not what we do. its not ok to drink, or play sports but its ok to have a holy meeting in a place where both are done… why dont you just go have it at a strip club then

    • roofoo

      Molly, what are you talking about?! JW’s can drink alcohol and watch/play sports. Anyway, it’s not hypocritical since it’s just a meeting place. Where else would that many people meet? How about your backyard?

  • pamela

    Friends, please don’t entertain yourselves or respond to negative talk. It’s like Jesus arguing with a Pharisee or Scribe. We don’t spread hate or slander people like they do, we share the love and truth as found in the Bible; we promote peace and live in harmony with Bible teaching. Let those people hate. This is a great and exciting event!! Don’t let anyone take that from you, not even for a second. Its not our job to change hearts or remove the veil. It is their choice. See you all there!!! Yippeeeee :-)

    • Kurt


      By referring to us in your post, you are in fact responding to us. I spread no hate or slander. I have only mentioned verifiable evidence. Fact check me. Do 3rd party research and verify anything you find. If you can find one single lie among anything stated on here, I will humbly admit and apologize. Are you humble enough to do an honest examination of your religion, outside of their thought stopping excuses?

    • Kristin

      Anyone who has thoughtful, valid concerns about the organizations history, practices, and past/present teachings is automatically a Scribe or Pharisee and doesn’t deserve the time of day? Is that the example Jesus set?

      The veil is over whose eyes here?

      • Nancy

        To my friends who used to be Jehovah’s witnesses and now know the real truth, please remember to be kind when trying to help these people who are still living that lifestyle. Remember how hard it was when we found out the true factual information and everything we knew was uprooted. A lot of these people either aren’t ready for the truth or they have a type of cognitive dissonance telling them that they need to blindly believe no matter what. I have a hard time believing that 7 million people all think that any day now the world will be destroyed for all people except good little witnesses and they can spend their days petting tigers, eating apples, and drinking out of waterfalls (as their artwork portrays). They’re probably just not ready to have their entire lives turned upside down, losing friends, family, everything they’ve worked hard for and put their trust in. To people like us, the truth is worth it. To others, ignorance is bliss. But to all of us it is/was extremely difficult.

    • Christian


      You assert that deliberating the problems with your cult is as strange as Jesus debating the scribes and the pharisees. It should be noted that this, in fact, is something Jesus was very well known for.

      If you have any faith in your religion, if you have any self-respect for your beloved faith, it follows that you are responsible for defending it publicly.

      Your people do not spread the truth found in the Bible; your church has a vehement obsession with proving that Jesus isn’t God, and that the earliest Christians didn’t believe this. However, we have documented proof, written by the earliest Christians themselves, even by contemporaries of John, that Jesus was worshiped as God as far back as the 1st century.

      No one “slanders” your religion. We merely strive to prove to you that your people are hopelessly deluded and brainwashed entirely. Opting not to respond to opposition, opting not to do proper research on the matter only serves to exacerbate that brainwashed attitude.

    • Neil

      The 100% accurate website easily exposes all the scams of the JW leadership . No JW has EVER
      found anything false on the entire site . Any JW who is so arrogant as to try to tell others how to worship but who
      themselves have never done real research into the sordid history of their Watchtower corporation is a hypocrite .

    • Rowland Nelken

      When I was a JW the orgaanisation was so ‘loving’ that its central obsession was looking forward to the imminent day of Armageddon when Jehovah is due to execute the greater part of the world’s population for the capital crime of not being a baptised and active Jehovah’s Witness. Being a Jehovah’s Witness was the worst aspect of my childhood by far. Great was the relief when, after copious Bible study, and study of the history of the JWs as well as the rest of Christendom, I realised that the Wathctower Society was no more than a grubby, self serving and exploitative little cult. I am now as determined to warn the world about the evils of the Watchtower Society as I had been keen, as a child JW, to warn others about the imminence of Armageddon.

  • Kristin

    Ooooooh!! Maybe if I attend, my family who has done the equivalent of disowning me and my young family for refusing to become Witnesses will actually start speaking to me again! Is this the love and awesome works of the Holy Spirit you speak of??!!

    • pamela

      Maybe what u say is without bias and true, maybe it is not. No one knows but you and the parties involved…. but what I can say is that there are a lot of imperfect people serving God, and when emotions are involved, that sometimes makes us even more imperfect. But the fact is: Jehovah is perfect and holy and LoVe. Please don’t judge HiM and his people by the actions of those who love YOU and HIM sooo much that they don’t know how to act. Be patient and give them time….. We are far from perfect… but please know that they do love u. More than you can see, I`m sure. <3 take care.

      • Lafayette Hodges Jr

        Yes. Occult means hidden. Mainstream religion would like you to believe the occult is evil. What is being hidden is the knowledge of our history and the world around us and outside this planet. Keep on being sheeple.

  • Will

    Nancy is so right. It is very hard to wake up from this blissful fantasy world … but worth it … the younger the better. Alas, this will be the first convention I miss since becoming a JW. Served as an elder and pioneer. Woke up early in 2010 but tried to maintain a presence so as not to lose my family … I am not disfellowshipped.

  • Sarah

    These apostates just pick pieces and twist it to their own story, Lets not pay any attention to their lies. We are in a organization that openly encourages us to do our research and all have a proper understanding of EVERYTHING that we believe and what we are taught. NO other organization has stood the test of time with so much attempt to cause us to not exsist. If the faithful and discreet slave would not have us doing so much personal study if they had something to hide. So, lets look to this exciting weekend we have coming up and use all of our energies to praise our great God Jehovah!

    • Christian

      I’m so glad to hear that you, as a disciple of the Watchtower, are totally open to objective research!

      On that basis, I would suggest that you read the letters of Ignatius of Antioch. He was a first century Christian, who is speculated to be a student of the apostle John. Truth be told, this was a man who claimed that Jesus was not only his God, but the God of the Christians. He also claimed that Jesus was eternal; born as a man, and yet, like God, not born in spirit.

      Or perhaps the bishop Polycarp? He was a contemporary of Ignatius, and we know for a fact that this bishop knew John. In his sole surviving letter, we learn that he believed that Jesus was both eternally pre-existent, AND that he was God! Shocking, isn’t it? …Well, not really. What with John 1:1 and all.

      And if that doesn’t fulfill your appetite for the truth of the earliest stages of Christendom, might I suggest the bishop of Lyons, named Irenaeus? He knew/was taught by Polycarp as a young child, and wrote an extensive apology against the heresies of his day. Not surprisingly, his work is simply riddled with expressions declaring that Jesus is the one true God, among other doctrines totally at odds with the Organization.

      You can find all these works, and more, on “”. If you seriously have any respect for objective research regarding Christianity, I would suggest you read the works of these men as quickly as possible.

      • Just Your Average Person Lovin Guy

        So what your saying is one man got the truth wrong and spread it to his pupil who spread it to others????

        Also if you enjoy research please look up the connection with christendom and pagan teachings, you’ll be surprised by what you find ……or not I guess that’s up to you.

        Anyway I hope you find happiness in whatever you decide because you choose what you believe in and no one can make you believe what you believe.

        BTW this doesn’t apply to you Christian but whats with the JW’s cover up stuff???? Really??? Even if an elder told someone not to go to police regarding something you can still go to police, and if the elders don’t like it you can contact the organization and they will deal with the elders for their lack of responsibility and their stupidity. <- thats coming for a Jehovahs Witness most of us aren't dumb people and we've done our research and found that what we believe is truth, and if you don't wish to believe it then don't that your choose.

        Well my rant is done, thanks Christian for letting use your comment's reply option for it.

    • notcypher

      Openly encourages you to do research? Really? As a JW I can say this isn’t completely true. JW’s don’t encourage their children to do research outside of the Organization’s literature, in fact it is discouraged. New bible studies are not encouraged to do research outside of the Organization’s literature, when they do it on their own, they will be discouraged to believe anything that contradicts Watchtower understanding and will be eventually dropped as a study if they disagree.

      True, the majority of JW’s are good people, but that doesn’t make the religion true. But enjoy the convention. People often leave these feeling up built … but this is normal for large gatherings, it’s a psychological thing more than spiritual, you get the same kind of “high” from any kind of motivational gathering …. even concerts … sporting events …. etc.

      • Isabella Botticelli

        @Just Your Average Person Lovin Guy, you said, “if you enjoy research please look up the connection with christendom and pagan teachings,” Um, if you read the previous comments here, you would know that JWs have very pagan beginnings, too. The pyramids? That’s one of the ways Russel predicted the end (which didn’t come), was by measuring the inside of the pyramid of Giza. If you can get a copy of “Helping Hand, The Divine Plan of the Ages” there is a fold out in the front cover that shows his “Chart of the Ages” that he got from his measurements. Also, a lot of the early books have Egyptian sun god symbols on them. So, I wouldn’t be pointing any fingers at Christendom….

    • Rachel Jackson

      The Governing Body encourages “personal study” in the Societies publications. They frown upon looking at other religious material as it is considered to be from apostate Christedom. I was on hand for the 2012 District convention to hear the talk “Do Not Test God in Your Heart”. The audience were strictly told not to form their own Bible study groups, search on-line for information, produce their own religious material, or learn the Hebrew and Greek languages. They were told, “You know the truth”, so why a need to look elsewhere. It was suggested that by doing these things they would become apostate. That word “apostate” strikes fear, hatred and repulsion in the hearts of Jehovah’s Witnesses. What a powerful way to deter Jehovah’s Witnesses from doing independant research. For rational people this tconvention talk raised a red flag. Usually when you are forbidden from looking at other sources of information it’s because there is something to hide.

  • pamela

    I did things on my own for 25 years, traveled to 23 countries, studied intensely in university, and could not have been any more sceptical or careful in my studies of the Bible… yet anything I had before becoming one of Jehovah`s Witnesses pales in comparison to the grateful, happy, and satisfying life I have today. How excited I am for this special event and to spend it with 30,000+ of my spiritual family. What a great cause of excitement and joy we all have. I can’t wait to see u all and be encouraged by our God and brothers…. it`s been a looooooong winter!

    • Will

      Well, that confirms it, it must be true because of Pamela’s experience. Although, strangely enough, you will find experiences such as hers in just about any religious group. Does that make them true as well?

  • Mark Reed

    I was 16 during the 1975 Armageddon days the JWs now deny. My parents pulled me out of 10th grade to sell their magazines full of lies.

    They destroyed my family of 7, we haven’t spoke to each other in decades. My parents never met their first grand child, my 37 yr old son. I lost JW friends to suicide, the only friends I had. I struggle with social skills due to their narccisstic teachings, I have minimal savings due to my delay in education, I have anger issues and constant thoughts about what it would be like if my parents had never joined this disgusting evil cult with a kind smile.

    Don’t ne fooled, go to and research their history, founded on measurements of Pyramids and Numerology, Invented by a man they kicked out, Dooms day prophecies, 1000s of people died from blood refusal during surgery – now they change the rules.
    April 1992 Awake – “these children who died (before the blood rule changed) remained faithful and will be blessed….”

    The WTB is in big financial trouble and restructuring everything. They claim they need money to build hundreds of Kingdom Halls – more than last year’s declining average. while they shutter the doors of others and can no longer claim they are in every country.

    Go to and watch John Cedar’s videos, an ex JW and a very well spoken kind person who has gives straight answers and facts.

    Don’t take their magazines….they’re guilted in to pushing them on you and they will come back if you don’t say you’re not interested.

    ex JW, married 37 yrs, shunned by my family for 40 years, since 1975.

    • ?

      You are a liar Mark that never happened to you because of the Jehovah’s witnesses. You brought that upon yourself because you couldn’t figure out how to decide for yourself.Man up Mark quit blaming religious organizations for your own corrupt and foolish ways.

      • James Barton

        As you can see, ‘attack and discredit the victim’ is standard behavior among the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The denial that they are involved in a destructive cult is embedded deep in their psyche by the Watchtower brainwashing techniques that are used to control cult members.

      • Isabella Botticelli

        @James Barton. I so agree. Every time I see a JW react like that, it reminds of the scripture where it states about people who have ‘no natural affection.’ You need look no further that their automatic response to call everyone a liar, and that they practice the most extreme type of shunning. It’s not only unnatural, but against basic human rights. JWs are currently being investigating in Finland for just that.

  • Marcia

    We all have an inheritance of sin, man cannot give us life. So trust in Jehovah with your whole soul with your whole mind. Trust in Jehovah and he will set all matters straight.

  • Truth

    I find it interesting that many people want to get the facts. It had been stated to look at what one man said about so and so. Or what some website “facts” says about what the witnesses believe. When I want facts I usually go to the source of the matter. If I want information on something I purchased….I go to the manual or who produced the product. So instead of going to some unknown Internet website for facts. .(Because we believe everything on the Internet) . why not go to the official website to see what is truly believed by the witnesses. If you want to ask them what they believe. …. Just ask. Be very detailed on your concerns and the answers come from the Bible verses. ….. Not a man reasoning.

    • Nancy

      Me. Truth, I, like you, thought the claims that 1914 was a date found using pyrmadoligy must be another unfactual website or unproven source. I did as you said and went straight to the source, but the JW website and watchtower library do not provide information from that far back. I purchased the volumes written by Charles Taze Russel where he explained his research and there it is, he came up with the date 1914 by measuring the pyramid of Gizas entrance hallway. Only later did be provide a biblical verification “calculation” so that Christians would be more succeptible to his teachings. Today witnesses teach only the biblical verification and most of them are not even aware that it all originated from calculations from what Russel called “the great pyramid”. In fact nearly all his books reflect his pyramid obsession. He has drawings of pyramids and diagrams of them all throughout his books. If you truly believe that god gave us a clue to when christs reign will start in a pyramid entrance way measurement than please, continue as you are.

    • Kurt

      What a ridiculous way to get truth. Go to ONLY the source?

      That’s like a man applying for a job in the vulnerable sector with children. The interviewer asks “Have you ever been accused of child molestation?”. The man says “No”. Does the interviewer who is in charge of protecting the children take his word for it? “Okay! since you said you’re not a child molester, it must be true!” No. The interviewer pulls a Police record check to verify this mans story. He does this because it is such a massive decision on who to allow in company with the children.

      Or when considering buying a Honda, do you ask the Sales rep at Honda if they are good cars? Or do you do extra research using the internet to see the cars history and rating?

      Truth. Is not your decision on what religion to follow, not even more important?

      When I was doubting the religion. I read countless quotes on on other websites. For 99% of every quote, I went right to the source to verify the quotes context and validity. I went to the CDrom, the Kingdom hall library and shuffled through old scanned Watchtowers from 100 years ago. I was meticulous in fact checking. That is what one does when they are serious about research. Does your religion also to not deserve such in depth study of its history?

      After all my research, I brought 30 pages of information to the Elders for them to answer my questions. I received no answers to the Watchtowers absurd failings. I was even told by one Elder “You may have done TOO much research”. IT was that single statement that I realized at how blind I had been all my life and how blind those elders were.

      Don’t insult your own intelligence. Look into their history deeply and unbiasedly from MORE than just Only then do you have the right to say you are educated about the religion you belong to.

    • Rowland Nelken

      This ‘go to the source’ thing is what loads of JWs are coming up with just now. It must be on the Theocratic Ministry School syllabus. Only will give the real story. So, by that ‘reasoning’ if you want to discover the truth about, say, human rights abuse by the North Korean govt., the people to ask are the North Korean Government. If you want the true story about a bank robbery, ask the bank robbers. For an honest estimate of the worth of a student’s exam paper, ask the student to mark it. Get teachers to insoect their own schools and hospital staff to inspect their own hospitals. Of course, will not tell you about the litany of duff prophecies, the split families through shunning, the paedophile protection, the deaths through refusal of blood and the serial doctrinal flip flops that is the full obscene and disgusting story of that grubby little sect, whose terrifying images of an imminent Armageddon quite overshadowed my childhood. .

    • TN

      Dear Truth,
      I am curious as to why you think that all TRUTH is found on The truth of the matter is, that ALL past copies of Watchtower publications are now able to be accessed on-line. I have been researching the Watchtower Society ever since my wife announced that she wanted to be baptized into the ORGANIZATION. Something clicked in my head when she announced it. I thought I should take a look. What I learned is that no one needs to make up lies or tell half truths about the Watchtower society. All the information needed to condemn them comes from their own writings. It is actually rediculouse to hear people deny all of the outrageous claims that the Watchtower has made from the very first words uttered from the founder Charles Taze Russel. I think what makes people really angry with the Jehovah’s Witnesses………>>> Witnesses who constantly challenge peoples intelligence. It is absurd for you to promote as anything but a continuation of these made up lies. Really!
      It took some time to break through the barriers that my wife had put up, just like the people who are on this site. Eventually, after a lot of pain, we are starting to heal.
      When I started my research……………….. I never imagined that I would find such a clear case of deception by the Watchtower. i was absolutely stunned at the blatant proof that can be found easily, not only on-line. You can look many of these things up right from past publications that you have right at your house. You may even have a disc that is distributed that contains publications that go back to the 20s. You can get a copy of “The Finished Mystery”.
      My research has shown that there is absolutely no way that this group of people can be God’s Organization. After all…………… there is no such thing anyway.
      Please take a look. It is so easy to find scholarly work related to the Watchtower. There is no reason to list anything here. There is a mountain of information out there and it has the stamp of the Watchtower right on the cover.
      There was someone that posted something to the affect “GET OVER IT” How do you expect people to just put away all of the pain that has been inflicted by the Watchtower. What an unkind statement.

  • Jessica

    If half of those who came to this site to be negative I am sorry that you were. God did not make you that way, that is the choice you have made…maybe that is how you live and I am sorry. I am sorry for anything in your lives that make you spread it onto others. All we want is to spread peace and love, if you come to a convention I hope you see that. I am sorry if anyone has wronged you in anyway, we are all imperfect and all have one goal to live in a world without stress or have to break our backs everyday to earn not even enough to live on. In the end we all want the same things and we all are trying to make the world a better place. So you can keep being negative or be positive but remember, we knock on your doors because we love you, even if you hate us.

    • Isabella Botticelli

      @Jessica, you are a very sweet girl. Ex-JWs do not hate you! What they disagree with are the harmful policies that are enforced within the religion that harm people. And at times, you will find ex-JWs that are bitter and angry. If you had been sexually abused as a child and the elders swept it under the rug, just think of the emotional & psychological problems you would grow up with. It happened in my family and I personally know of many others. It’s the POLICIES that cause these terrible problems. And if you will notice, the majority of us do not call you names, we don’t call you liars (unlike how most of JW treat us). We honestly care about you, most of us have family still inside that we love. But again, b/c of cruel unnatural rules that are enforced, our families will not speak to us or even acknowledge our existence. And this is not b/c many of them did anything wrong nor did they break any biblical rules, and many still love God and Jesus, we are cut off from our families for the simple reason of not wanting to be a JW anymore. Can you show me where it says to treat your family member as dead if they don’t want to be your religion anymore?

    • TN

      Make the world a better place by speaking out against the policies of the Watchtower that are hurting and killing people. If you can’t take an honest look at the evidence………. then you really don’t want a better world.

  • apostate whisperer

    What a bunch of ridiculous comments . These comments only represent an extremely small percentage of disgruntled crazies and are not worth responding to.

    • James Barton

      This is another technique taught to the JW cult members. Any former member with anything negative to say about the JW’s are considered to be “mentally diseased” as the Watchtower put it. Fortunately, the above comment is not true, and with the advance of the Internet in the information age, people are discovering the truth about the Jehovah’s Witness cult and are leaving in droves. They then reach out and help other people escape the Watchtower, which is not an easy thing to do, as it frequently results in losing your friends and family who are told to shun you if you leave the cult.

  • Enrique Gonzalez

    Another attempt by the Watchtower to recruit more Cult members!

    Poor souls like my brother in law left a good paying job with Budweiser because it “didn’t look right” to be a Witness and sell beer! Here they’re renting a stadium with a bug Miller beer sign right in the front!

    If you want to belong to a cult and know very little about God….. go to one of these assemblies and ask for a “Bible” study! They will gladly make you a member and soon you’ll be going door to door trying to recruit other poor souls and getting all the donations you can get to make this publishing company richer than they are!

  • George

    I am still in this religion even though I know it is all bologna. I can’t leave because the governing body uses your family as a weapon against you. If I say that I no longer believe that the governing body is gods Channel of communication I will be disfellowshipped and shunned by my family. That is a brutal policy.

    • sarah

      Your full of it. You are just making that up. Nice try! If you were truly in the faith you would not be saying that.

      • Rowland Nelken

        COme on Sarah. Yiou have made a grave allegation, totally without evidence. Please provide evidence. I read of many JWs who maintain a nominal presence in the organisation simply to prevent being rejected by family. The ‘evidence’ for the truth of JW TRUTH is non existent, so cruel coercion is one of the few ways of maintaining the numbers and thus the income.

    • George

      I was just at the detroit convention this last weekend. I’m not a liar. Maybe a hypocrite for staying in a religion that I know is false. But definitely not a liar

  • Neil

    There are myriads of victims of the Jehovah’s Witnesses leaders gathering from all over the world .
    On Face Book :
    Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Recovery Group 3!
    Jehovah’s Witnesses Suicide Memoriam
    Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses Wisconsin and Midwest
    Watchtower Victims Memorial Day

    • FSM

      Thank you so much for this. I am at a loss on what to do to keep my kids from being affected by my wife’s beliefs. I have tried everything I could to keep it as far away from our family as possible. It keeps coming back whenever her family visits and it tears us apart. The last straw was broke when, I had thought I had an agreement with my wife to not put our last child’s life at stake in the event a blood transfusion was needed during labor, but when the time came I heard the doctor tell her that their secret was still in tact if it came to that. I am done with it and need help.

  • Neil

    The 100% accurate website easily exposes all the scams of the JW leadership . No JW has EVER
    found anything false on the entire site . Any JW who is so arrogant as to try to tell others how to worship but who
    themselves have never done real research into the sordid history of their Watchtower corporation is a hypocrite .

  • Wondering

    Why is it that the former JWs here are speaking politely, using logic and reasoning, whereas with few exceptions the JWs are speaking abusively, calling them liars, and even using foul language?

  • Respectfully

    I SINCERELY apologize; once you click on Request a Bible Study a screen will come up where you can enter your information. To the RIGHT of that is the Video “Why Study The Bible?” Play the video and then decide if you wish to fill in the info to be contacted. I’m not usually up this late, I sincerely apologize. I am hoping to see many interested ones at the Convention.

  • Joel Eastman

    I am just another person happy to have left this religion.A lot of men in heaven with wings,and of course there’s the Deeemons,ahhh!Never encountered one though.I’m a super apostate:-)

  • Alex

    The Watchtower Organization is really a handful of older men who call themselves the ‘Governing Body’. A title that is not found in the scriptures. THEY ARE THE ORGANIZATION. They claim only the few of them have understanding of the word of God and only through them does God direct all His earthly activities.
    Members are forbidden to do research (outside of the most recent Watchtower publications) about their own group.
    The reality is that for over 140 years father time has proven that Jehovah is to the Watchtower as oil is to water.
    Often members are trained to say ‘if someone wants to know about Jehovah’s Witness then why don’t they just talk to a Jehovah’s Witness of Watchtower publications”. Yet this same hypocritical group does articles on every other religions.
    The first lie a member will tell you is “would you like a free bible study”?. The truth is you end up with only a lifetime of Watchtower publication studies. The bible is just used for a ‘look, that verse is in there’, Nothing more.
    Shunning makes so many people live a lie of pretending to be active members when their real motivation is to keep their friends and family in their lives. If the Watchtower truly had the truth then they would not have to set up these yokes of slavery.

    The Watchtower is a high control group. Be very wary of their love bombing at first which turns into the most extreme conditional ‘love’ you will ever experience.

  • Daryl

    Let’s see… these people encourage people to not cheat on their spouses and seriously support that belief. They don’t like divorce and publish literature on how to stay a family. They are pacifists. They dress nice and respectful, don’t support drunken behavior, don’t appreciate gossip, don’t condone smoking -long before anybody else jumped on that bandwagon. don’t have forced tithing or collections at their meetings, and do not affect the political process to their own beliefs…. but they knock at your doorstep. … those people are a serious problem on society.

  • Elsa

    I’ve read through everyone’s comments and what I can see is the ex-jw community appears more respectful in general. Calling someone a liar does little good if you don’t have proof, nor is it kind. The religion does promote good morals and no one can deny that… However, the policies are flawed resulting in harmful practices done to others…

  • Tony

    I have been reading all these comments and the question that does not appear to be asked is “Do we really need a world goverment”?

    It is obvious from all the research that I have done that even the various goverments of the world recognizes that there should be some oversight over the globe because now we are reaching a population and technology where this indeed has become critical especially with nuclear technology that has already been put to ill use and is even now effecting millions of people from the situation in Japan as to it’s nuclear power plants and now they are tampering with particle physics as in the Hadron collider for instance which could potentially produce a whole set of new problems for mankind to solve.

    The Kingdom of God, as taught by Jesus should be even now producing members who would be qualified to administer affairs on this world and create a new system of fairness and justice for all and a way that we can use our technology to benefit all mankind and the ecology of this planet.

    God has given us the tools to do this and we can do it with God’s help.
    But first there is a need to remove the influence of those who are in the way of progress of the world, and the taking on board the plain teachings of Jesus of which is essentially incorporated within the message from “God’s Kingdom”, which is also referred to as the “Kingdom of the Heavens” which is a “universal Kingdom”

    The stone (representing the Kingdom of God concept) smashing the symbolic image (those who control this world through it’s rulers, comerce and religion) as recorded in Daniel 2 is a very fitting in this regard.

    This Kingdom of God is made up of “God the Father” and the Creator Son (our own mediator) who is the one in charge of our own section of God’s universe, and all the “sons and daughters” of the Kingdom of God, whether here on earth or other habitats throughout the domains of this universe and it’s various dimensions of space and time, who live in harmony with his will and purpose.

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  • C. Williams

    I keep seeing the words “The Devil” used…JW don’t believe in “Hell” so how can there be a “The Devil”?

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