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Racine holds Town Hall meeting: “The State of Black Racine”

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RACINE (WITI) A man is dead after a tavern robbery. The death comes as city leaders gather for The State of Black Racine to discuss issues impacting a specific part of the community.

It's quiet and closed now, but Saturday morning, The American Legion on Douglas Avenue was a flurry of police activity.

"We had a robbery attempt. It ended in tragedy," said Chief Art Howell, Racine Police.

Officials tell FOX6 suspects robber the tavern, in the process a male patron was shot and killed.

Police say they can't release details about the victim until the family is notified. They also say suspects took off after the incident.

Later Saturday morning, May 31st less than a mile down the road at the Abundant Life Christian Center Church, leaders like Tim Thompkins are participating in a scheduled town hall meeting titled 'The State of Black Racine'.

"Our men are being deported. Families are ending up on the welfare system," said Tim Thompkins, HR Affirmative Action Safety & Train.

Representatives from the NAACP, school district and public defender's field questions from the audience, and Brian Storm solutions to problems. In a city with a high poverty rate, and a school district where only one out of four students' succeed.

"I have to be the mother that I am to say, son hold on," said Mary Payne, Racine parent. "If you give the people a job then they won't have to get on the system. Don't that make sense?"

As tears are shed, many of the participants believe this is the first step of many, toward improving the entire community.


  • Redman

    heres the STATE of affairs concerning RACINE, Chicago is a toilet, and at the end of that sewage live is RACINE, good WHITE taxpayers once again have to burden themselves with black filthy trash…the end

  • mackenzie

    I guess it’s ok to be racist as long as your black.
    Soooo… when’s the State of White Racine meeting?
    It’s time for the black community to emancipate themselves from the
    Shackles of the left. It’s the only way to begin to break the cycle

  • Mary

    ” If you give the people a job, they won’t have to be on the system”…WHY do they have to be GIVEN jobs? Why can’t they get off their lazy bums and go find one themselves?!? Seems like they won’t do it or alot of other things unless it’s GIVEN to them…

    • Jagdpanther

      And the other problems with ‘giving’ them jobs are: what business wants to A) open up an operation in high crime areas; and B) employ uneducated and unmotivated people with criminal records who will only work a job that is given to them? I mean besides fast food…

  • Jagdpanther

    And if If I tried to hold a ‘State of White Racine’ meeting I would be labeled a racist.

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