Flash flood watch for multiple counties Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning

Two shot, wounded in separate incidents in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee police are investigating two separate shootings that occurred within 20 minutes of each other late on Saturday, May 31st.

The first happened at 9 p.m. near 39th and Custer. During an argument, a 25-year-old man suffered a non-life threatening gunshot wound. The victim was taken to a hospital for treatment.

There are no suspects in custody.

The second shooting happened near Lloyd and Lisbon at 9:20 p.m. During a robbery attempt, a 19-year-old man was running away from his attacker and was shot. He too, was taken to a hospital for treatment for the non-life threatening injury.

There are no suspects in custody.


  • james

    Yea. only 2, wow……..crime is dropping as we speak, Channel 6 so promoted anti-gun stories. Guns don’t kill, black people kill people in Milwaukee.

    • dancing in the ruins

      of course liberals blame the heat. just like obama blamed the winter for the slow recovery.

  • WorldCrimePrevention

    It not the concealed carry people doing this. It is the Felons & Criminals doing this. Concealed Carry has saved more Lives.

  • bderk.

    So sad people think it’s a joke when a shooting happens. Yes it’s the idiots out here, but it can be anyone of you who could be shot just going to the store or sitting outside, no matter where you live. Work and home is my motto!

  • grunt

    It can happen to anyone anywhere, but probably won’t.
    The odds of it happening are greater in certain areas, and certain people have a greater chance of getting shot than others. Being dirty increases your chances of getting shot.

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