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“This is just wrong!” Parents SHOCKED to learn young girls plotted classmate’s murder

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WAUKESHA (WITI) -- Two 12-year-old Waukesha girls are charged as adults -- and could each face 60 years in prison. They're accused of plotting the murder of their friend and classmate for months -- and attempting to kill the girl, who is also 12 years old, this weekend.

12-year-old Morgan Geyer and 12-year-old Anissa Weier each face one count of attempted first degree intentional homicide as party to a crime.

A criminal complaint says the girls spoke about a website called "CreepyPasta" -- a website that talks about horror stories -- where people can create their own stories.

It is on this website that Weier told police she learned about “Slenderman” — the leader of CreepyPasta. Just below Slenderman is the killer. Just below the killer is the proxy. In order to be a proxy, Weier explained, you have to kill someone — to show your dedication to Slenderman, according to the complaint.

The criminal complaint says Weier introduced Geyser to the site -- and in December or January -- Geyser suggested they become proxies of Slender -- and according to the complaint, that's when the two decided they would kill their friend, in order to prove themselves to Slender.

The girls are accused of stabbing their 12-year-old friend in a Waukesha park on Saturday, May 31st -- and leaving her for dead.

The victim remains hospitalized after she was reportedly stabbed 19 times.

It's a shocking case that's drawing reaction in Waukesha and beyond.

13-year-old Lexie Leucinger says she sat next to Weier in class at school.

"It's really scary because she seemed so normal. We were like, in a group project together and, you know, she seemed completely normal. She was really nice -- really energetic. I'm scared to go to school," Leucinger said.

The girls attended Horning Middle School in Waukesha.

Parents of students who attend the school say they got a voicemail message from the Waukesha School District on Monday, June 2nd -- saying counselors would be available for students who need them.

In a press conference on Monday, Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack urged parents to talk to their children about dangers online.

"This should be a wake up call for parents. Parents are strongly encouraged to restrict and monitor their children's internet usage," Chief Jack said.

Lexie Leucinger, the girls' classmate, says Weier once showed her a Slenderman game on her iPad.

"Like, I know of Slenderman. There's a game that you can play on your computer and like, videos of how it's real. It's apparently like this mythical thing that like, takes children," Leucinger said.

A Twitter handle claiming to be the official account for the CreepyPasta site tweeted a message Monday saying their hearts go out to the victim in this case.

Lexie Leucinger's mother says she and her daughter are nervous wrecks after learning what happened.

"This is just wrong. This is wrong. My prayers go out to that family. I can't even imagine. I monitor my kids very closely because it's not like when I was a kid. You didn't have all this stuff. They have access to a lot more things that they don't know how to wrap their minds around. They're inappropriate things," Leucinger's mother said.

Waukesha School District's superintendent tells FOX6 News staff members, parents and students were notified about what happened -- and a few school administrators have been speaking with police.

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  • EM

    Something is obviously very wrong with the pschye of these children. You can’t blame the video games, although I am sure they don’t help someone that has issues already. Remember when parents blamed rock and roll for suicides? Same thing.

    • RR

      I agree. I don’t like when people try to blame the media for things that happen. I’ve been exposed to the same media and I’m not reacting to it like these girls did.

  • Krystof Srebrakowski

    My prayers go to the famiy of the innocent victim, and families of the 12-year old perpetrators. At the same time the founders of the creepy website can congratulate themselves : you ALMOST accomplished what you always wanted in your twisted minds. The victim ALMOST died… So, the mission wasn’t accomplished yet ? Well, you can still lure another teenager into commiting crime for your own twisted satisfaction !
    Why are you creating creepy websites anyway ? What pushes your sick imagination to such things ? I realize that this is just part of human psyche to begin with, but… perhaps we all are weird species after all, and should use the tools that our civilization gives us to improve ourselves, to evolve.
    Anyway, someone posted that rock’n roll was once blamed for suicides…
    Hmm… I’m sure some of it gave youngsters certain dose of adrenaline to commit suicide, but that pales in comparison what mental tools kids can find on the internet these days.
    And to suggest to the teens to commit a murder in order to be rewarded, that in my opinion should prompt a thorough FBI investigation, locate the “sources of inspiration” and prosecute them to the fullest extend of the law.
    Perhaps then something positive will “trigger” in idiotic minds of those, who pollute internet with their twisted mental games.

    • js

      You do realize that this is a website for wannabe horror writers right? Somebody hit it on the head with a comment on another side of this story that blaming the website is essentially like trying to blame the knife. It’s all about making up your own stories as a false reality for yourself, there are a ton of them out there, this one just happens to be for fans of horror stories.

    • Leah

      You can’t blame the creepypasta website for stuff like this happening. I’ve been reading creepypastas for a looong time now and I’ve never had any thoughts in my mind to kill somebody. is where I go to have fun reading things that give chills down my spine, and it’s where people go to write their own creepy stuff. It’s not normal for someone to go on the site and then think “Oh let’s kill my friend now.” Obviously there is something wrong with the two girls, not the website.

    • Darius

      how stupid are you? Creepypasta is a website for people who like to write scary stories. the host helps people become better writers and just so you know is starting a charity event to help the girl stabbed. pointing a finger at a website is like blaming god for the crusades.
      Slenderman wasn’t even invented on Creepypasta, they just posted a few stories, they even incourage people to not write about him anymore and to be more original. the host even reads sorts through stories put on the site and if the writer seems troubled he then tries to help them seek help.
      so with this in mind do you still blame a website that incourages people to read and write, who are trying to help the girl, and who openly tries to talk troubled people into seeking help?
      the real problem is most parents are not spending enough time with their kids. if they do they see their children having issues and could help them. I am not blaming the parents alone. its a problem in general that most people are too stressed and over worked to be able to focus.
      All I ask is that instead of pointing a finger, you ask questions instead of rushing into things. ever heard of the salem witch trials? all started by finger pointing and ignorance.

    • Love

      I agree with you and specially that FBI should be involved in dismantle dark websites, there’s no need for this kind of “literature” to be online and so easily accecible to kids.

  • jodi

    Pastor Rodney Buck from Fox River Christian Church will be hosting a gathering tonight at 7 pm at Fox River Christian church on Hwy 164 and Lawnsdale rd for Students and families to discuss the recent event. Two of his own daughter’s attend Horning Middle School. Pastors and counselors will be available.
    Please share this information with those who you feel might be interested. Thank you.

  • triplea

    Just another example of the always heavily overlooked suburban fabulous entitlement attitude. Thugs with no discipline and overly materialized feel they can do what they want. Guaranteed, these suburban thugs have shown this uncivilized behavior before, but because they are the product of the suburban fabulous entitlement attitude, they do not understand restraint. These thugs need to rot in their new earned home, they plotted, and they succeeded in harming another person. Stop making excuses for your rural thugs and prejudice them like you do others from different demographics. This isn’t an anomaly this is a frequent occurrence in suburbia. They hide their dirt better in rural areas in order to avoid shame, but these little suburban thugs are everywhere in Waukesha, west bend, et. al. No excuses, put these suburban fabulous entitlement attitude spoiled thugs in jail.

  • Scallywagandvagabond (@ScallywagNYC)

    To what degree was one of the girl’s influenced by her father, who not only pursued their own fascination with the the dark side and occult but actively encouraged their own daughter with what by now had become an obsession?

    Does it boil down to a failure to tell right from wrong, parenting skills, a capacity to swap fantasy for reality, the influence of the internet and memes where players are at times unable to disengage from hype, to the point that such outlets serve as proxies for participants own dark nature ….? Or was this just a willful attempt at murder a long time in the making….?

  • eric robinson

    yall some crazy scally wags who gonna believe some dumb a## website have fun with them 64 years in jail

  • fenrir

    I ma a french man how read creepypasta since a long time ago and I have something to say to the parent how tell the creepypasta is the responsable :your are totally wrong the creepypasta is just creepy story tell to make scare .they have no power to force children to attemp a murder and stop telling to the creepypasta author attempt to kill a children they are just man how writte for the fun to have scare note to manipulate Young girl for killing eachother . the real problem is the two girl is just crazy they have to go to the prison for some 56 years.Seriously the parents of he two child is the real responsable if you let your girl go to the internet and let them watch something theyre no adaptable for they age its normal for her to go to wrong way.For me this is what i think

  • Sydney

    Ok this obviously invalid. I have been reading Creepypasta and have known about Slender for a long time and have never seen anything that had to do with ‘proxies’. It NEVER explained on the official creepypasta site about proxies under the slender origin. You can look on the official website for everything about Slender. I assure you ‘proxies’ are never eve mentioned. is a site to have fun and write horror stories. NOT to encourage kids or anybody for that matter to go ad kill people. I suppose these kids have never heard of the statement, “dont believe everything you see on the internet”. If these girls were to read this so called “proxy” business on the official site and actually wanted to go kill someone, that is something wrong with THEM not the site.

  • Melissa Thomas

    Creepypasta is not responsible for these twisted little monsters doing what they did. These are two future serial killers that need to be institutionalized for life. They plotted, changed their plans to accommodate the situation and then carried out their plan. These two little POS psychotics need to be put away, not given excuses.

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