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Attorney says girl charged in stabbing is mentally ill; Should they be tried in adult court?

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MILWAUKEE (WITI/AP) — An attorney for a Wisconsin girl accused of plotting to kill a friend to curry favor with a fictional online character says he is concerned about her mental health. He also says he will repeat his request for the court to move her from juvenile detention to a mental health facility -- and have the case prosecuted in juvenile court, instead of adult court.

Anthony Cotton represents Morgan Geyser, one of two 12-year-old girls charged in a stabbing that nearly killed another child.

Geyser and Anissa Weier are currently being held at the juvenile detention center in West Bend. They are charged as adults.

Cotton said Tuesday that he would meet with his client later in the day, but based on what he knows thus far, he believes she has serious mental health problems and should be in a hospital.

He says a judge rejected his request to move the girl Monday, but he will ask again when she returns to court next week.

In Wisconsin, anyone 10 or older who is charged with homicide is automatically considered an adult.

But should these girls be charged as adults?

Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel on Tuesday, June 3rd spoke with FOX6 News saying that if the girls are not charged as adults, he worries what that would mean if they are convicted.

"If the allegations turn out to be true, then we've got a couple of kids who premeditated a murder. That's very dangerous behavior. If we put them through the juvenile system, we have them until they're age 25. And then we're done," Schimel said.

Laura Cherone is a clinical social worker with Family Services of Waukesha.

She says she can see both sides of the argument for which court should hear the case.

"This is a very unusual type of crime -- to hear about such young people involved. When kids spend a lot of time in that kind of an activity (referring to the CreepyPasta website and Slenderman), that line can get very blurred," Cherone said.

Cherone says while all the facts remain to be heard, there are lessons to be learned by parents.

She says it's okay for parents to be nosy.

"Our kids' life, and their well-being can depend on the courage to get into their rooms and see what they're doing -- see what they're reading," Cherone said.

Cherone says it's important to talk with kids about what happened in this case -- because some may be feeling stressed out or scared -- especially those close to the school and children involved.

As for whether the case will continue to be prosecuted in adult court -- or moved to juvenile court -- that decision will be up to a judge.


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  • Stugglingtomakeendsmeet

    Had these children BEEN black their would be no question that they would be charged as adults, stop it Wisconsin THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING!!!! But thank God that God is the final judgement!

    • Z

      Boy,someone playing the RACE CARD,that’s a new one. As far as I’m concerned,ALL “Violent” criminals,regardless of race/gender should be executed-PERIOD!!!

    • Kurt Thomas

      That is because Milwaukee is fed up with having to hear about more and more shootings, muggings and robberies on the north side every…single…morning and people in ALL the surrounding communities are sick of it and sick of these people AND kids acting like animals with no regard for human life. That being said, these two little monsters should also be charged as adults.

  • Kurt Thomas

    They should be charged as adults! These are serial killers in the making and what they did (planning the murder, changing the strategy of the murder, and then leading and manipulating the child into a trap) in nothing short of henious and these little monsters need to go away. Having a 3 year-old daughter, I have enough to worruy about. Parents and children should not have to worry about a child being led to their deaths by “friends” who are psychopaths.

  • Paul

    These so called children whom plotted this are not mentally ill. They both plotted this and were cogniscent enough to realize they couldnt pull it off in the house they were at. They understod they needed to be in an environment they were in control of to do what they did. That is why they went into the woods. Concealment. I suspect that each of these monsters have pathetic excuses of parents. Probalbly equally as twisted and fascinated with the macbre. Just wait you will see…

  • James

    Kids should never be charged as adults; it takes time for some people to fully develop a sense of morality. And she obviously isn’t fully sane if she believes in Slender Man.

    • EA

      My two children who are much younger would be absolutely horrified at the idea of having to kill another child, never mind attempting the murder. They were well aware of what they were doing and need to be tried as adults.

  • c

    They did an adult crime, premeditated what they were going to do… They need to be charged as adults.

  • Masky

    I, myself, am a fan of Creepypasta. The events of this stabbing has horrified me and the rest of the Creepypasta community, and I would like to point out a few things:

    1. We are a literature site, not a satanic cult. (Even though a few of our writings are gory.)

    2. The popular saying going around the Creepypasta community: It’s creativity, not reality.

    3. Those girls knew exactly what they were doing and deserve to stay in jail until they are seventy-two.

    And please, don’t criticize me for being a fan of Creepypasta. I’m not a morbid and sick person. I’m a perfectly sane southern girl with an actual heart and soul, unlike some people who are complete bullies.

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