Laundry list of violations for Waukesha detective, but he’s back on the job?!

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WAUKESHA COUNTY (WITI) -- He's a Waukesha County detective, whom co-workers have called "a hazard on the job" -- someone "who's been asleep at the wheel for more than a decade." So why does he still have a job?

If you knew all of the things Detective Pete Korns admitted to doing, you might think he'd be in a lot of hot water.

But after an internal investigation, he's back on the job -- a job some of his co-workers don't think he should have.

Korns has been a Waukesha County detective for 26 years, but after a three-day suspension, he's now back on the job -- even though he admitted to violating numerous department rules, over and over again.

"There is literally a laundry list of different violations," Waukesha County Sheriff Dan Trawicki said.

Hundreds of pages of documents released on Tuesday, June 3rd shed light on an internal investigation that started in 2012.

That's when Korns' wife, Natasha, was caught burglarizing a neighbor's home.

Investigators say she used her husband's lock pick kit to break into the home in the middle of the day.

Since then, Korns' co-workers have caught him sleeping on the job and snoring, using his work computer for personal things, like accessing Craigslist more than 6,000 times and researching steroids.

In January, he drove his squad car for two months without a valid driver's license -- and often left work early or was missing for "large chunks of time."

Korns has been in trouble for not properly storing evidence. He admitted keeping drug evidence in his desk for 20 days before recording it. He also failed to properly inventory a necklace in a sexual assault investigation.

Documents show he used his position as an officer to get special treatment, had inappropriate conduct with a felon, and at one point referred to a city of Waukesha police officer as "that lesbian detective."

Korns is also accused of "double dipping." While he was clocked in at the Sheriff's Department, investigators say he was also working a second job at Carroll University.

That's the only allegation Korns denies.

Waukesha County Sheriff Dan Trawicki says despite Korns' recent misconduct, he's not a bad guy.

"I've been here 35 years, so I've known this employee Pete Korns from the day he started. I've supervised him personally for many, many years and I've realized overall he is a good employee," Sheriff Trawicki said.

Sheriff Trawicki says a three-day suspension was fair.

"Based on his history and his track record as an employee for 26 years and supervising him for many of those years I felt it was fair. Could it have been a longer suspension? Most definitely. Could it have been shorter? I don't think so," Sheriff Trawicki said.

Meghan Dwyer: "How is it fair to all of the other good cops out there to have to work alongside someone like that?"

"It's not fair to them at all if that behavior should continue. However, I think that everyone is entitled to another chance depending upon the facts and circumstances," Sheriff Trawicki said.

This was Korns first suspension.

Since 2011, he's been reprimanded nine times, but Sheriff Trawicki points out they were all minor infractions.

"If I thought this was a person who deserved to be terminated then I would make that recommendation. I've done it before," Sheriff Trawicki said.

Sheriff Trawicki says he feels like Detective Korns' behavior has changed since he's been back at work.

Sheriff Trawicki says his goal isn't to punish officers, but to help change their behavior.

The Sheriff's Grievance Committee agreed with the Sheriff's recommendation of a three-day suspension for Korns.


  • Eric

    About 90% of these so called ” minor infractions” would have gotten me canned at my job. Bad piggy….

  • Dick

    This department is a secret society! Decades of corruption! Let’s give the job of sheriff to Alioto! He will clean up this mess and get rid of the good ol boy mentally! No favoritism, do the crime be prepared to suffer the consequences! 3 day suspension? Are you serious? Can you say corruption? Maybe after 26 years on the force Korns has some dirt on Trawicki?

    • Sussex1

      Dick, Alioto is as dirty as they come. Why don’t you look at his record as a police officer, the disbanding of his department….and exactly where is his recent law enforcement experience or are you fooled by an old picture of him in uniform.

  • The truth

    This is the time when the citizens of Waukesha county should really look into the our that our Sheriffs department administration runs itself. The way the system works is if you are in the buddy club then hyou pretty much have carte blanch to do as you will. For example take Capt. Niel Dussault who in 2004 was responsible for a hit and run accident while operating a department transport van. The victims vehicle was a late 90’s chevy Tahoe which Dussault backed into the drivers side door, completly caving it in. He was never even disciplined ,let alone issued any type of criminal or traffic charge. See at the time his father was the Deputy chief at the the city of Waukesha Police department. This is a prime example of the buddy club in action. Here is another interesting one: in april of 2012 Lt. Paul Renkas took it upon himself to allowed members of the Waukesha County swat team shoot a fully automatic belt fed .50 caliber m-2 machine gun. This occured at a firing range in Menomonee falls. This rang is used for small caliber shooting only due to its close proximity to occupied houses. This came to light after a citizen who was retired military called the Police because he not only heard the machine gun fire but, he could also detect the rounds flying over his home. This was a huge dereliction of duty not to mention the fact that belt fed machine guns are never an option in todays law enforcement. The current Sheriffs candidate Eric Severson was the swat team commander at the time of this incident. The only reprisal against Renkas was the fact that he had to resign from the swat team. I could go on for hours but, I will leave you with this thought…….It is time for change at the Waukesha sheriffs department.

  • Lynn B

    WE NEED A NEW SHERIFF!!!! This is ridiculous, this department does nothing but cover up everything to make them look good! nobody is held accountable!!! 3 days!!!! how can he be fit for duty when he can barely walk!!! and his wife being arrested for burglary and he happened to be there while she was doing it! I think the people in waukesha need to hear more about it!!!! you have to wonder how much more stuff they are covering up!!!! ALIOTO HAS MY VOTE!!!!! I think its time someone starts digging into the sheriffs department, Im sure they will find out what they are really all about!!!! Severson is the last person we need in there he will just keep the corruption going!!!!!!!

  • Waukesha County Deserves Better

    Very disappointing to see. Too bad the Sheriff failed at creating something we all could be proud of. Instead he created a dysfunctional culture where this type of behavior is ignored or covered up. If someone spent the time you would find an extensive list of similar actions that are both unprofessional and even criminal. I feel bad for the Sheriff, his legacy as a leader will be that of a joke. Everybody needs to relax on Detective Korns only getting 3 days. Remember the two of them have worked together forever. Can you imagine the little black book Detective Korns has on the Sheriff. Need someone from the outside to clean house and fix this department.

  • Larry

    It is about time someone starts to disclose all of the corruption in this department and it’s management. There is a lot more than just this that is going on here. DAs being stopped for dui and let go, sheriff candidate
    drinking heavily and then driving. We need someone who will clean up this mess. I believe Tom Alioto could do this. That is why I am voting for Mr. Alioto!!!!!!!!

  • Justice

    Attention Waukesha County Residents!
    Sheriff Trawicki and Detective Korns 11th commandment must be…
    “Thou shall not get caught”
    The truth is out and your busted!!!

  • Justice

    Hey Trawicki,If you really believe in a second chance depending on the circumstances then you showld release ALL people in jail / prison for their first drug offense. I’m sure alot of the first drug offenses were not herion! The fact of the matter is Korns needs to be incarcerated for the crimes he committed and so does anyone who knows of his offenses and tries to hides them. Get the picture?

  • HN

    Ah ha yes, Alioto is the answer. Let, so hope his mug shot isn, t brought out again. Tom or Giatano Alioto, was a cop in Lisbon. Let, so hope his antics there are brought up again. Oh, look him up on CCAP. I think he should park his trailer and save his money.

    • Lynn B

      really HN something that happened in his early 20s!!!! then turned his police chief in for double dipping!!!! and they went after him and found he did nothing wrong!!!! You are a joke urself!!!! you should really look at trawicki who shot a un armed kid in the head for a ounce of POT!!!! severson will be just as bad!!! He will keep the bs going!!! the shooting was the cover up of the of the decade!!!

      • HN

        Really? Check CCAP on this fine gentlemen……he also cost the residents of Lisbon big bucks with his antics. Your hero is NOT a hero.

      • Lynn b

        REALL HN! Oh I guess Trawiki killing a kid is so much less!!! Oh that’s right he slipped on his cowboy boots and his gun went off!!! How original!! Why don’t ask the towns lawyer how the town had to admit alioto did the right thing! Double dipping is illegal and he caught the chief doing it!!!! Know your facts!!!

      • Sussex1

        Lynn, look again. And look at his business practices …. His hiding his concrete business behind another business…….bankruptcy, shell company to avoid the lawsuits for poor work. Are you his sister? How do you let the antics in Lisbon slide?



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