BUSTED in North Shore: Police arrest man they say is serial burglar

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SHOREWOOD (WITI) — A man police say is responsible for numerous burglaries in the North Shore over the past eight to 12 months is now in custody. He was arrested on June 5th. Numerous pieces of jewelry have been recovered his the man’s arrested.

The break in the case came on May 5th around 10 p.m. Officials say a Whitefish Bay man was in his backyard when he observed a car pull up alongside his home. He didn’t recognize the car or the man that exited his car as being from the neighborhood. The resident thought it was curious the man was walking down the block, not stopping at any of the nearby homes. The resident obtained the license plate from the auto and called the police with a description of the car and the man and he also provide a description of the man.

Shortly after making the call, the suspect jogged back to his car and drove away, previous to the police arriving on the scene. Police running the license plate learned the identity of the car owner and discovered the car owner’s burglary history.

Officials say the suspect is a Milwaukee man who has done time in prison for burglary. He is on parole for a previous burglary conviction. It is anticipated the cases against the suspect will be reviewed at the District Attorney’s Office next week.

The Shorewood Police Department worked collaboratively with the Whitefish Bay, Glendale and Milwaukee Police Departments on investigating the burglaries that were occurring in all three communities.