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CreepyPasta holds online fundraiser for stabbing victim, with a catch

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A 24-hour international event aimed at raising money for the 12-year-old Waukesha stabbing victim. The event is being held by the CreepyPasta community. Members are taking donations for the girl, while sharing stories they say are never meant to inspire violence.

It's the theme of a 24-hour stream on YouTube. Fans of CreepyPasta horror stories are raising money for the 12-year-old girl who was stabbed 19-time by her schoolmates, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier.

The preteen suspects told police the near fatal attack was a tribute to Slenderman, one of the most popular characters in the CreepyPasta network.

"When the incident happened, I woke up to the sound of sirens and when I found out it was linked to CreepyPasta, I told the administrator, the administrator of that they were gonna have a lot of attention coming their way," said Joe Jozwowski, administrator.

The 24-hour stream is meant to draw international attention to a week-long fundraiser. CreepyPasta writers will take turns reading horror stories -- with a catch.

"We`ve been scritinzing these CreepyPasta stories we`re gonna be reading in this 24-hour marathon very closely," said Jozwowski. "There`s no mention of Slenderman, no mention of Jeff the Killer, no mention of any harm or injury to children."

Jozwowski says the stream is also meant to explain what CreepyPasta is about, a collection of scary stories. If kids are reading them their parents should know.

"There`s a lot of stories that are not suitable for all ages, like with all media; video games, movies, need to know what your child`s comprehension level is," said Jozwowski.

A crucial part, of knowing whether someone can separate fantasy from reality.

"Do what you can to help them see the line that needs to be seen," said Jozwowski.

While the live-stream event is going on for 24-hours, the CreepyPasta fundraiser is going on for another week. A spokeswoman for the victim's family says they are aware of the fundraiser.

As for the girl's condition, the spokeswoman says there are good days and bad days, but she is enjoying the care packages, letters, and hearts that well-wishers are sending.

CLICK HERE to access CreepyPasta Narrators u-NIGHTed live stream.

CLICK HERE to access CreepyPasta Narrators u-NIGHTed website.

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  • Christopher deering

    Hello my name is Christopher Deering and I would like to bring to your knowledge who the true creator of Between 2005-2007 I was between 11-13. I was a resident/student at summersethills residential treatment home for boy in summerset nj. My science teacher at the time gave the students a project to do on WordPress its was a self creation website project. I created through wordpress with the username madscientist. I also created slenderman by name and appearance. I drew up a rough draft of what he looked like and stuff he was meant to be an iconic mascot for the site to help fuel the imagination of the viewer to further the success of the site. The reason why he wore a suit was because he was a business man. The reason why he had no face was because he was mascot of creepypasta. I submitted my project to my teacher and it was uploaded within a day and giving someone in charge of being an admin I created the admin name and handed it over willingly because I was only a child at the time of creation. I’ve been contacting the site and they continue to block me. And because of that I’m now writing this and leaving it here so people can know who really truly created the site your welcome.

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