Harley-Davidson Museum prepares to open new exhibit “The American Road”

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- They're two words that trigger fond memories for countless people, road trip.

"Something that`s more about the experience, something that`s about the mystique of The American Road, and it`s something everyone can relate to," said Harley-Davidson Museum Manager of Exhibits and Curatorial Kristen Jones.

The Harley-Davison Museum is preparing to open its newest exhibit "The American Road," which looks at how the road trip became an American ritual.

It starts out in the 1930s with one of the last remaining original Brooks Stevens House Cars.

"It has a Milwaukee connection, Brook Stevens the industrial design firm is based in Milwaukee still today," said Jones.

The 1950s and 60s became the golden age of road trips.

That's when motels and diners with large signs and gimmicks began appearing on the side of the road.

"Competition was really fierce to get people to pull off the road and into different businesses and all these attractions popped up," said Jones.

The exhibit also looks into the modern era of road trips.

"We have three motorcycles on display from a trip that was taken last year, these guys sought out the old Lincoln Highway. The Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental route that you could actually take on a continuous road," said Jones.

Artists like Bob Waldmire are highlighted in "The American Road" as he was inspired by Route 66.

"He was an illustrator but he also painted his friend's car with scenes from Route 66. In fact, Bob was actually the inspiration for the VW bus character in the movie `Cars,'" said Jones.

Taking you through the then and now of this popular pastime.

"The American Road" opens June 14th at the Harley-Davidson Museum an runs through September 1st.

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