Iraq crisis frustrates veterans: “It’s not just a United States solution, it’s a world solution that we have to figure out”

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Friday, June 13th folks are focused on the flag. The Marcus Center for the performing arts is hosting its Fifth Annual Flag Day Celebration -- complete with a missing man table and a series of speakers.

Mixed in among their messages, is the issue of Iraq.

"I'm actually standing here very heavy-hearted, today, as an Iraq veteran," said Captain Dan Buttery, Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran.

With word that Al-Qaeda inspired militants with the Islamic Sate of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, have forced Iraqi troops out of the multiple areas, and are advancing on Baghdad, there is quite a bit of concern.

"I'm hearing reports of hundreds, if not thousands of beheadings of Muslims," said Buttery.

Retired US Army Captain Dan Buttery was in Iraq, in 2003 and 2004, and says he's been watching the country's peril persist.

"We, with our allies, and our Arab allies, need to figure this out, because it's not just a United States solution, it's a world solution that we have to figure out," said Buttery.

Meanwhile -- having been in Iraq from 2004 through 2007, Tom Voss describes recent developments as disheartening.

"A lot of veterans do take pride in the fact that they made those areas safer for the people that were living there," said Voss.