Protesters flood Racine Co. Courthouse: “My hometown is saying no to something so simple”

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RACINE (WITI) -- Dozens of people protest outside the Racine County Clerk's Office, because unlike nearby counties, Racine is not allowing same-sex couples to apply for marriage licenses.

The cause is especially important to Gary Jones. He tempers his laughter with memories of someone unable to see this day.

"I lost my partner 6 years ago, we wanted to get married but we couldn’t," said Jones.

Jones says 37-year-old Tory Mason died due to complications from HIV. Marriage was a dream for the two, and Jones hopes his efforts will allow it to one day become a reality.

"I'm just disappointed that my hometown is saying no to something so simple," said Jones.

County Clerk, Wendy Christensen says she's waiting for the courts to give specific directions when it comes to same-sex marriages. She's listening to attorneys on the issue and there's no hidden agenda.

"We're basing this on the legal merits of this, not any personal decisions of this, not any political or partisan pressure," said Christensen.

Jones says he thinks it's their own views and that it's political.

The musical note outside the Courthouse may be in tune -- we can not say the same for the legal process bringing protesters here.


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