Teddy has been found! Good Samaritan locates dog after carjacking

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Teddy and Connie reunite (Credit: Greenfield Police Dept. Facebook page)

GREENFIELD (WITI) — Teddy the dog has been found! Teddy went missing after a carjacking  on Wednesday, June 11th near 47th and Forest Home Ave. Teddy was found by a good Samaritan near 54th and Ohio.

Police say a Franklin woman was punched in the head — her vehicle, and her dog “Teddy” taken.

Officers were dispatched to the area just before 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 11th — for a report of a female in distress.  The woman had been robbed of her vehicle and purse.

The victim indicated two black male suspects appeared to have been following her in a darker colored van. When she stopped, they forcibly removed her from the vehicle, striking her and then knocking her to the ground.

“I had a sense that they were following. Halfway up the driveway I realized they were running towards me, and I better run to my vehicle. That’s when they approached me, punched me and threw me down,” Connie Larmon says of the attack.

Inside the vehicle were the victim’s two dogs — Teddy and Buddy. Before the suspects drove away, one of the dogs jumped out of the vehicle, but the other was trapped in the car as the suspects fled.

“They took the car and I knew immediately the dog was in it,” Connie Larmon said.

The suspects abandoned the stolen vehicle near 43rd and Morgan. When police found the vehicle, the victim’s dog was missing.

Teddy and Connie were reunited Friday, June 13th after a good Samaritan found him wandering around near 54th and Ohio.

Anyone with information regarding the suspects is asked to contact Greenfield police at 414-761-5301 or anonymously at 1-800-78-CRIME.


    • Erik

      Violent crimes don’t carry a mandatory minimum in this country only drug crimes do…..makes perfect sense doesn’t it.

  • mjklemm

    Fry these SOBS.. Really ? How can they do such a thing… Just for a couple bucks… And people wonder why I carry a gun… This is why.. Car jack me ! Get shot in the face as well…..

  • Z

    Amen mjklemm!! Time for society to start executing ALL violent criminals. Save us taxpayers some money. Also stop paying for lazy POS to keep breeding. No work,no money. Taxpayer burdens breed more taxpayer burdens.

  • Tom

    I’m overjoyed this poor woman got her dog back. The two dirt-ball perpetrators will probably be dead in a few years of either a drug overdose, or getting shot by one of their thug associates.

  • Lenore Jo Lewis

    Let us hope so TOM….and that it be SOONER THAN LATER! I have no feelings for this kind of scum. There is not any kind of excuse for what they did. If it had been a child they would have left him/her to fend for themselves. God Bless the person who found TEDDY! Thank you Lord for your Blessings.

    • Harvard Review

      So where was god when this dog got jacked in the first place? Coffee break? If he was real this wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Just like the holocaust and 9/11.

  • dianne

    Where is the community out rage…oh yeah it is only a white woman who was mugged..catch these two thugs. ..and get them off the street…try and take my car..or anything of mine..beware!!! & if God forbid anything happens to me or anyone I care for the criminal..will be hunted down and pay for their sins….thank goodness this poor woman is alright and has her per back. ..

  • donna

    Story makes no sense. First it says she stopped and thats when they pulled her out of the car. Later it says she noticed them following her and ran to the car.

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