A church offering free weddings ends up with empty pews, no ceremonies

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Legal limbo may have kept same-sex couples away from the First Unitarian Society, but FOX6 explains why the ceremonies didn't happen.

At the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, pews sit empty and silence fills a room that's supposed to be echoing with cheers.

"There has been a turn of events," said Reverand Dena McPhetres, First Unitarian Society.

The church was offering free marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples -- despite a court ruling halting all gay marriages in the state.

"A disappointmet, a frustration," said McPhetres.

Friday, June 13th Judge Barbara Crabb issued a stay, temporarily stopping anymore marriage licenses from being issued to same-sex couples.

"I wish it wouldn`t take so long that these things have to be worked out through the courts for such a long period," said McPhetres.

The church believes the uncertainty may be the reason no one showed Saturday.

"There may be couple who want to wait to know what the legal status will be for sure," said McPhetres.

A legal limbo, people here are optimistic will be wiped away, and look forward to a church filled with marriage for everyone.

"I have hope that in the future, we`ll be able to have this service offered again and have it be an unambiguous totally joyful celebration," said McPhetres.

Up until Friday, June 13th 60 of 72 counties were issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Hundreds of marriages were granted.



    You cannot call this a church as they go against what a church is. This would fit under the category of a cult more so. How can you call this a church and God is no where in it?

  • Mallory

    This actually brings up an interesting thought…of the hundreds of licenses issued in recent days, how many were actually used?

  • Sandra

    This minister is not a true minister that is defined in I Timothy 3:2, “A bishop (minister) must be blameless. He should be the husband with only one wife. He should be vigilant, sober, good behavior, hospitable and fitting to teach. No homosexuals need apply. No one who support homosexuals need apply. The false ministers who teach heresies will be punished. (II Peter 2) He should have known better.

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