“I can’t just give up on my baby:” Community aids Sierra Guyton’s family with medical costs

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A 10-year-old girl continues to fight for her life after being shot in the head last month. She remains in the hospital on life support, her family isn't giving up on her, even as they face mounting medical costs.

Sierra was caught in the crossfire of a gun fight last month while on a playground near her home. She took a bullet to the head and has been in the hospital ever since. Her father says they've decided to leave her on life support.

"I can't just give up on my baby. We going to you know search for some second opinions and hopefully we can get the help that we need," said Onjuan Guyton, Sierra's father.

But the family is facing mounting medical bills, and Onjuan says he doesn't have insurance.

With music pumping and steam rising off the grill, at a first glance, it might appear to be just another summer block party. But all of these people are actually here in hopes of helping the Guyton family with Sierra's medical expenses.

"I believe a lot of people want to do something ,they just didn't know what to do and where they can go to help. This is such a tragic thing to happen to such a small child, a ten-year old baby," said Darnell Turner, Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church.

Pastor Turner says he works with one of Sierra's family members. He says they're just hoping to raise as much as they can to aid the family with her care.

"This family has been devastated, they baby girl will not no longer be able to go to prom and do all the things because she will need care, special care from this day forward," said Turner.

Onjuan says he just thanks God for bringing so many people to help his family.

"I'm not really out here to ask for money, I'm asking for prayer you know. I'm praying for my baby you know I would if you could just pray for my baby that's enough for me," said Onjuan.

If you wren't able to make it to the fundraiser today, but you'd like to help out, you can make a donation at any U.S. Bank location. Just make sure to mention Sierra Guyton.


  • dianne

    So very tragic…I am sure the child will qualify for Medicare.or Medicaid?…title 19..family care something…the care for her lifetime will be in the millions. …and as long as she lives the two thugs who caused her injury should remain in prison…her life forever changed..so be theirs!!! Senseless tragedy. ..prayers for quidence. For this family

    • Kaye77

      There are income and family size restrictions that are considered before qualifying for State insurance. In their situation Medicare and WI Medicaid would only help with expenses that would aid in assisting with a life long disability and unfortunate for this child the doctors have declared her as being brain dead therefore; the state sees assisting the family as a waste of money because they don’t believe that further medical care will help her. If her medical circumstances change by some miraculous miracle she just may qualify for state insurance if her family size and income is at the within the requirements.

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