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Unexpected ultra-lite lands on grounds of Hamilton High School in Sussex

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WAUKESHA Co. (WITI) — An ultra-lite plane landed on the grounds of Hamilton High School in Sussex.

Officials say a man was flying his son to the graduation ceremony, but it is not clear if the son was actually graduating or just going to watch.

The graduation ceremony was held inside of the high school.

The Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department is in contact with the FAA and the man has not been arrested.

It’s unclear at this time whether the dad will face any charges or punishment. The incident is currently under investigation.

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  • Sheri

    I don’t know why this is a top news story. I think it was cool that they flew in, no one was hurt, it wasn’t near anyone…and yet there were cops all over this. The teachers and administration seemed to enjoy it as they were getting pictures themselves. Why waste so many police officers for this when there is so much other stuff going on out there. Makes me wonder if they are looking for easy stuff to pick on than what really matters. Sad. Let them have their great last memory of high school and move on.

  • LP

    I would hope that the man would NOT get in trouble. Way to celebrate his son!!! There are so many bad things going on. A proud dad…. Way to go Dad! FLY ON!!!

  • dancing in the ruins

    what a clown. just a stunt to get attention. throw the idiot dad in jail for life.

    • wisill

      Where does it say in the article that this pilot was an attenton seeker, or a clown? It’s probably best if we leave the judgement to the Police Officers that are on the scene to determine if there was any wrong doing that jeopardized anyone’s safety or not.

  • kkmzz

    Now that’s a pretty awesome way to get to your ceremony!!! I would love to see what his dad will do when he graduates from college. FLY ON!

  • TM

    as one of the graduation students at this ceremony, we all thought it was awesome to see such a cool entrance .it took some of our nerves a way and we’ll always remember what happened.. FLY ON

  • Lola Sussex

    I hope he doesn’t get away with this. Very irresponsible and careless parenting. If he would have received the proper permission it would have been great. But no! What else does this person do in his lack of parenting?

  • johathin awesome

    people saying hes a bad parent need to stop being boring lol its an ultra light not a commercial plane so chill out

    • Jimmy

      Boring? Hahaha. That is coming from a sociopath. Being responsible is clearly not in your skills. I bet you also blow stop signs, tailgate and have a selfish attitude. Clearly not thinking of the implications of your actions and harming others.

  • ashley smith

    Charged? I’m so sure. No one was hurt end of story. The idea of flying a plane into a populated area is obviously not the best but seriously when looking at circumstances GET OVER IT. It’s ultra lite, he obviously knew what he was doing and once again IT CAUSED NO HARM WHAT SO EVER. Find something better to do than gm waste you’re time hoping someone gets charged for something that didn’t even affect you. Move on lol

  • LP

    It is amazing how judgemental some people are! His son graduated and he was making a big deal of him. Maybe if more people made big deals of their kids we would not have so many young people struggling with self worth!!!

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