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Packers begin minicamp: DT Mike Daniels says this year, defense needs to be “meaner”

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GREEN BAY (WITI) — The Green Bay Packers have taken steps to build their defense back up to a championship level, but it’s not just about new players or playing better. It starts with a change in behavior.

The Green Bay Packers began their mandatory minicamp on Tuesday, June 17th.

Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy is on the record saying this year’s Packers defense will be better.

DT Mike Daniels is on the record saying it will also be meaner.

“A lot of times, you look on tape, the last couple years a lot of our guys get shoved in the back after plays or — I’ve seen it happen to some defensive linemen, and now I’m older, I’m a little more vocal, and that’s unacceptable. Every game, one of our offensive guys gets knocked out. Maybe two. So it is about time we return the favor to other teams, instead of just getting pushed around all the time,” Daniels said.

“Mike Daniels is — he’s a mean guy, and we definitely need that on our defense. No doubt about it. You know, I don’t think that’s an issue with any of the guys. You know, guys come out and put their heart on the line all the time and try to go out there and make plays. I don’t think physicality is going to be an issue with us,”

“If something has to be said, I’m going to say it. If somebody has a problem with it, then we’re grown men. We play a violent game. We get paid to be violent, so why not? If you deck somebody in the locker room because you had a disagreement, there’s not going to be any sensitivity training. It’s a barbaric sport, so that’s how you’re going to have to approach it,” Daniels said.

If the defense gets better through Daniels’ method, we’ll know what both Mikes mean.

Packers minicamp concludes on Thursday, June 19th — and leads into the final week before training camp.

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