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“Being that sexy is illegal?” Mugshot posted by police in California gets TONS of comments!

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Four people were arrested, and four guns were seized in an “Operation Ceasefire” sweep in Stockton, California on Wednesday, June 18th — and one of those arrested is getting a lot of attention — but not for his alleged crime(s).

According to FOX6’s sister station, FOX40 in Sacramento, police say a recent uptick in crime in the area led to search warrants being served at 11 different locations.

Officers arrested four individuals — a 30-year-old, a 22-year-old, an 18-year-old, and a 44-year-old.

But according to FOX40 — one suspect in particular has been getting a lot of attention since his mugshot was posted online.

It appears people are more concerned about 30-year-old Jeremy Meeks’ looks, than his alleged crimes.

FOX40 reports comments like “He’s hot,” “Is it illegal to be that sexy” and more accompany Meeks’ mugshot posted on and on the Stockton Police Department’s page.

FOX40 says Meeks’ photo had more than 15,000 likes and 3,700 comments — while the 22-year-old suspect, arrested for the same crimes during the same police sweep had only 14 likes and four comments.

Jeremy Meeks

Jeremy Meeks

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CLICK HERE to take a look at the comments posted on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page after Meeks’ mugshot was posted.


  • momof4

    Sad. His looks could’ve taken him places. Instead he’s out doing crimes! Its sad he wasn’t educated to use his looks for work in modeling!

  • Mallory

    No amount of “hotness” can cause me to overlook the fact that he is a criminal…abd likely one that has killed based on that little tear tattoo. The fact that some women are willing to set aside that fact based in some good bone structure and light eyes is ridiculous.

    • Monty D. Gile

      Mallory and Tiffany… I’m glad there are still some women out there with brains and morals that use them! The other women who commented are sick….

  • Tiffany

    What a prime example of how low some women’s standards can be. How disgusting. This guy is a criminal and comments that glorify him will only fuel his ego and behavior. Shameful.

    • Tommy

      You woman are so serious get your attitude out your butt and use your eyes and brains the woman are just saying how handsome and sexy he is good lord your so serious .

    • jay

      You don’t know if he’s a criminal or not. He’s innocent until proven guilty and the tear drop means nothing

      • Megan

        You trying getting a tattoo like that and twlling street smart guys that it means nothing. That suvker would get cut off ypur face in a hot second.

  • jenifer

    It really is too bad he didn’t use his looks to better his life. He honestly could be a millionaire model or movie star. With looks like those he wouldn’t have had to be a very good actor. . Just look pretty.
    Like all criminals somewhere he went down the wrong path.
    It’s never too late though to change his life for the better.
    Hey he could be in gangster movies!!! ;)

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