A smartphone app helps man robbed at gunpoint get belongings back: “It’s a great use of technology”

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- An I-phone app led police to suspects who robbed a man at gunpoint, and then stole his cellphone and car.

This is a case of being saved by a cellphone. An app led police right to the stolen car and suspects.

"So much happened, in such a short period of time," said the victim.

Within seconds, a tranquil street turned terrifying.

"It's like you can't even really describe it," said the victim.

This man, who's identity Fox6 is protecting, became the victim of an armed robbery while sitting in his car early Tuesday morning, June 17th.

"He opened the door and pulled me out, put the gun to my head and said 'give me the keys, give me your phone, give me your money," said the victim.

Two suspects stole the man's car and sped away. The victim ran inside his home and locked his doors.

"Called 9-1-1 and they got here and I'm thinking...where is my phone," said the victim.

What the suspects didn't know? They were being tacked the entire time. The victim's cell phone had a Find My Phone app installed on it.

"Using his computer, he relayed information to the officers," said Captain Chad Wagner, Milwaukee Police officer. "Cops are like, 'he's here, he's there, he's here', it's good use of technology."

GPS tracked the suspects from street to street. Police on the ground followed the car to a parking lot near 9th and Center.

"They're chasing him for 30 minutes," said Wagner. " It was very fast, very quick."

The suspects tried running, but were stopped and arrested.

"This is a nice example of a case where we were able to quickly return the victim's property to him," said Wagner.

Very thankful technology made the job a lot easier.

"I use that app all the time..To be able to use it for an actual reason is pretty cool," said the victim.

A 16-year-old and 17-year-old were arrested. Police are investigating whether the two were involved in other armed robberies in the area.

The Find My Phone App is free, police say be smart, and install it. You can find it in smart phone app stores.


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