Gov. Walker launches attack ad against Mary Burke

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MADISON (AP) — Republican Gov. Scott Walker has launched an attack ad against Democratic challenger Mary Burke the day after documents were made public that show prosecutors say Walker was at the center of an illegal campaign fundraising and coordination scheme.

Walker’s campaign released the ad Friday morning, less than 24 hours after the documents were released in conjunction with an ongoing lawsuit by Wisconsin Club for Growth challenging the investigation.

Walker’s 30-second ad titled “Bad Hand” is running statewide. The liberal group One Wisconsin Now says Walker is spending nearly $250,000 on the spot, which blasts Burke’s record as state Commerce secretary under Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle.

Walker has downplayed the document release, noting that a federal judge has put the investigation on hold and not found any wrongdoing.


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  • What!

    She’d make a good politician because she puts a spin on almost everything she says she’s accomplished, just not for Wisconsin, she belongs in chitcago or dethroit.

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