Tearjerker: This might be the best first date ever

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Get a tissue ready! This YouTube video, which is titled “The Best First Date,” begins with a familiar scene: a man getting dressed up and talking with a friend about his excitement over a date.

However, if you look closely, you will notice the man is wearing a wedding ring.

After the man finishes getting ready he walks out the front door…..only to turn around and come back.

When the front door opens, there’s a heartwarming surprise!



  • Angela Ochoa

    I tought that was so sweet that mad me cry.she so lucky to have a dad like him,that was such a speical moment

    • Yvonne

      It is Jay because that is something that doesn’t happen for each little girl. To have a special date with Daddy,,,,

      • May

        I agree with Yvonne. My little girl’s dad passed away in March from alcoholism. He not once thought of our daughter’s future and dranked his life away. It’s sad to see other little girls have a daddy to call for but for mines, I will have to be both for her. It’s beautiful to see something like this. Not everyone is as lucky and fortunate. :(

    • Cathy

      Jay, If you are not already when you became a parent of a wonderful young lady you will feel such love for her that just thinking of little things brings on the tears. Have stock in Kleenex on her wedding day!

  • Jac

    Jay~ because it’s a father and daughter. The bond between a father and daughter is one of the strongest bonds. It cannot be broken no matter what. Are you a father? Do you have a daughter? Until then,you just won’t understand.

  • Lanna

    Now that man is a true and loving father!! All children should be lucky enough to have a father like him. Hope that is a memory she will treasure always.

  • Lauren

    My husband and I have five children one son and 4 daughters. My husband takes each one of our daughters out on “dates” to the movies, out to dinner, picnics in the park you name it. I take out our son. Makes them each feel special and it is giving them high standards for dating when they are older. Our oldest is our son (12) and he is always proud to tell his friends that he is taking out his mother.

  • eric

    This is good. I wish i had a daughter. She would get this exact same treatment. I have nieces and great nieces. I love them all to death. But a daughter of your own is a special blessing. Maybe one day i will experience that blessing.

  • laura

    Danielle, are you kidding me? It wasn’t about the music. It was about the special bond between a daddy and his little girl, special moments, and lifetime memories. EVERY little girl should be so cherished!

  • Tina

    I thought it was special! I have daughter who never had a special moment her father! That’s why I give each my kids special moments with their mother! I play music for my two son’s and teach them how to slow dance and the importance of being gentlemen always. They open and hold doors for all women.

  • JFlohs

    My husband always has a father daughter date with our little girl she’s 8 now. She loves them. As I have dates with our son, his 2. He doesn’t get it yet but you can tell he loves having mommy all to himself. We also have mommy daughter and father son dates. We to girly things and they do manly things.

  • Bryan

    She’s a lucky girl to have two fathers that can teach her how she should be treated! Great video!

  • Harold

    I am a Father of three lovely daughters and yet, i understand what Jay may mean in that, it is not that serious. I think it is a same that we are so busy we have to make a date with our daughters. I have always found time on a daily bases for my children. It was a natural part of my life to do so, just as it was with my parents. But, I also realize why most of you may feel this is so amazing, because it is hasn’t been the norm to make our children a priority for years. Shame on us. But anytime we can celebrate love, I am for it.

    • Yvonne

      This is what is called a Feel good story. One that brings a smile or a tear to the reader. We need more of these stories in our world today instead of all the bad we see.

  • Cathy

    I’m sad to read some of these comments. It’s not about money it’s about giving your child your time.

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  • Lisa White

    Don’t listen to ANY of the negative remarks about this video…these people are just LOOKING for something to cause a stink about. This is a sweet, heartwarming video, and since MY dad passed away when zip was 3

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