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Jehovah’s Witnesses try to spread message at regional convention: “It instills values in us”

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Today they are not going door to door. Instead, many of them are under one roof -- of Miller Park that is. Tens of thousands of people gathered Saturday morning, June 21st for the Jehovah's Witnesses Regional Convention in hopes of spreading the message being learned.

It's a broad scope of races and ages -- more than 30,000 people converged at the home of the Milwaukee Brewers, united for a special program.

"This program is about seeking God's kingdom and putting that first in our life," said Brian Steinelock, Jehovah's Witnesses.

Steinelock says the three-day program is aimed at teaching folks about basic bible principles and how it affects family, life, personality traits, and characteristics.

"We believe God's name is Jehovah he is the creator of all things. We owe our worship and obedience to him as our creators," said Steinelock.

Through talks, demonstrations, interviews, and accounts, families are being affected in a positive way.

"When we here from the bible that parents need to be loving and kind and as fathers we need to be taking the lead in our worship that they can see that as an example," said Darrin Crook, Jehovah's Witnesses. "They are hearing exactly what we are hearing so they are taking it as instruction from the bible.  It instills values in us."

At least 25% of the crowd were non-Jehovah Witnesses. Members are hoping to spread the message so everyone can benefit. They believe a better community and better world being with better individuals.

Sunday, June 22nd is the last day of the convention. The community is welcome to attend and participate. The free program at Miller Park beings at 9:20 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m.


  • Alex

    The Watchtower Organization is a pacifist hate group. They are so nice to you and will not physically harm you but they hate your beliefs if they are not the same as theirs and they have no tolerance for those outside their fold.

  • Shaalynn

    JW’s are not a cult. The definition of a cult is “A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader” We don’t live in any “unconventional manner” and we are under the guidance of Jehovah God. We follow bible standards which requires us to abstain from those willingly practicing sin. Also we respect other’s beliefs. And if we had no tolerance for those “outside our fold” how come JW’s are growing by the thousands? If we didn’t tolerate others with different beliefs, we wouldn’t go out and talk to people and teach them what we know about our loving God Jehovah. @Alex & @RobertMartin

    • Joel Eastman

      Some people overlook the fact that they would be required to let there child die rather then let them get blood.I know thats wrong in my heart.The context of that scripture was a dietary rule.The Watchtower didn’t allow organ transplants either years back.

      • Joel Eastman

        Blood is a organ in the blood stream,it is not any differant than having your own blood.If you eat blood the stomach acids destroy the cells and it is useless.I think transfusions are gross,and would consider that a last resort.

      • kristi

        Acutally in the new testament it says to abstain from things strangled and from blood…if it was only dietary you wouldn’t need to add and blood.

        Also because of bloodless surgery has become the new thing. Not just JWs are going bloodless, the need for transfusion is reduced because of it.

    • Christian

      Shaalynn, the Watchtower Society literally is a cult. Any sect that outright rejects central, indisputable doctrinal matters involved with their religion (in this case, Christianity,) then they are a cult. Your church teaches that Jesus isn’t God, despite the fact that we have tons of historical/literary evidence (written, by the way, by men who knew the apostles personally) to the contrary. Therefore, your church is a cult.

      If I started a sect of Christianity that claimed, for example, that Jesus wasn’t the Son of God, I’d be starting a cult: period. It’s just not compatible with the base form of the religion.

    • Marion Sherwood

      Yes I agree Shaalyynn and because of our tolerance and respect for other Faiths many are led to reason from The New World Translation of the HOLY SCRIPTURES that we are a legal organization respecting the Authorities and willing to give honest hearted lovers of the truth
      a Bible Study free of charge

      • Joel Eastman

        They don’t respect or study other faiths other than a biased summery called mankind’s search for god.I remember we used to say that just to put the house holder at ease.I’ve studied these faiths and they have common ground,but the culteral backgrounds make them seem more differant than they are.If a witness is involved in any interfaith activities,its a act of dissacociation.The witness would be treated as disfellowshiped.They think all other faiths are from Satan.35 years of experience.

    • Janis Lewis

      It definitely is a CULT! It fits all the criteria! I was in it 30 years, I should know. There more going out the back door than there are coming in the front!

  • Joel Eastman

    I wrote a letter of disasociation because I wanted to have a fresh start and a new life to make my own choices.I find that I make better choices with old power tripping men telling me what to do.Life is good and I’m spiritual in my own way but don’t claim to be any silly religion.It is all speculation.

  • Joel Eastman

    Organized religion is big Buisness,they are spending millions in Milwaukee,and the witnesses are getting media attention,a little spiritual high from the energy of a crowd.I don’t miss the gossip and the disfunction.

  • Joel Eastman

    They threaten disfellowshiping on family members who talk to there non witness reletives.That way they have a choice either to obey or be shunned also.The Governing body is the final authority in this religion,not your conscience.It one size fits all with no flexibility.And they get the real rules that arnt publicly accessible from a book called Shepherd the flock of god which your not allowed to see.I comment to make people aware that there public image and liturature is to lure,then the more private liturature and hard line principles are imposed and enforced.It not easy or pretty leaving this religion so think hard before you get baptized.I wish I never did.

    • April

      Joel…Wow you don’t give up do you!!!!! All you’re doing is talking to yourself! Getting yourself angry over nothing! You’ve proved nothing with your statements. I think from reading your arguments that you are just a very angry man. Angry with certain people from the religion rather than the actual religion itself! You need to really let go of your anger and move on, as clearly being a Jehovah’s witness is not what you want, but your anger and het up frustration will get you no where in life, it will only keep you in the same place of hate!! Let it go!!

  • Alex

    All one has to do is Google all the false statements these Governing Body leaders have authorized (since they claim God communicates only via them to the masses).
    Just because these older men are low profile doesn’t mean they are not high control leaders.
    What other group can flip flop on issues, make disagreeing with them a violation punishable by ones own family members shunning them for life, and placing them above a believers right to communicate and have a relationship with the Father through the gift of his Son.

    Truly this is a high control group that puts legalistic rules above the undeserved kindness of the creator.

  • Comfortable Place

    The values that JW’s subscribe to as directed by the Governing Body of 7 men based in NYC are these:
    The Watchtower 1995 Nov 1 pp.28-9 gave the following advice regarding accusations of child abuse.
    “What Can Elders Do?
    “If the elders are approached by a member of the congregation who is experiencing flashbacks or repressed memories of child abuse, two of them are usually assigned to help. These elders should kindly encourage the afflicted one to focus for the time being on coping with the emotional distress. The names of any remembered abusers should be kept in strict confidence. ”
    “What if the sufferer decides that he wants to make an accusation? Then the two elders can advise him that, in line with the principle at Matthew 18:15, he should personally approach the accused about the matter.”

    Children should not be put in this situation having to confront their abuser – This is the opposite advice given by professionals.

    Elders are usually uneducated men (as higher education is not valued) and they have no professional training in dealing with child abuse.
    The Director of SNAP Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, David Clohessy, says about JW policies on child abuse.
    “I can’t recall ever seeing a policy anywhere that is more predator-friendly and self-serving than the Watchtower’s “two witnesses” rule. On its face, it is dangerous and callous. If any crime is likely to have no witnesses, it is child sexual abuse. If the law enforcement community adopted this rule only a handful of child predators would be charged, convicted and imprisoned every year.”

    JW values or not the values that should be being promoted by this news station.
    There is a Watchtower Victims/Survivors day on July 26 when people will remember the families and friends taken from them by the Governing Body’s teachings. It is also a day of celebration to recognise freedom to think without the undue influence of the JW organisation.
    One of the organisers is a guy who was molested by an elder between the ages of 5-9. At age 11 he saw the child molester elder at one of the conventions and ran to his JW grandfather for protection. His grandfather said “Jehovah has forgiven him so must you.” Child molestation is treated as a sin not a crime. This young child grew up and started to speak out about what had happened to him and his JW family shunned him. This is just one story of thousands who have lost their families and friends due to these “values.” The abuse survivor has not been allowed to hug his daughter since she was 9 years old and she is now 23 and has a son of her own. He has not seen his grandchild. Here is a short video he has made to remind his family that he exists and loves them anyway

  • Joel Eastman

    able My family and the witnesses are sincere and try there best to serve god.There is justtoo many unique doctrines that they require you to follow.Shunning exmembers that voluntarily left.A 1950s grooming standard.No beards.No blood.The demon phobia,never encountered one.That’s a few.They could be positive force if they would knock off that silly stuff,im tired and done commenting.That’s new light for you,take it or leave it Watchtower,I know your reading this stuff.You know I’m right.

  • Joel Eastman

    I’m sure they cleaned the place cleaner than they found it.Very clean and sterile as always.Glad all of them are back on the road from wherever they came.I’m sure local buisness and hotels made a killing and the stadium and the media don’t care that there helping a cult aquire,use and divide families.Thank you brewers:-(

  • Jessica (Your Cousin)

    Oh Joel, you have been angry for so long you are just using this as an excuse to vent and direct your anger. Of all the years you went to meetings, you know reasons why we have the beliefs we do. If you look at things like bloodless surgeries, you will see that Witnesses have been ahead of the curve in areas of medical and even technology. Many hospitals as well as even in the army, they have taken some of the medical treatments we do accept IN SUBSTITUITION of a blood transfusion.Something I learned this weekend, is to hold a grudge to someone or something for years, only ends up hurting yourself. You are a man now, it is time to stop acting childish and blaming everything else for your sadness. Sometimes I don’t know how someone as sweet and loving as your mom, whose beliefs you are degrading by the way, ended up with someone so completely unlike her. If you could find a way to channel your anger into a different direction, something that makes you happy and you enjoy, you would be a much happier person. We saw a wonderful video today, it was less than 5 minutes and it showed a situation of a girl sitting by her sister in the hospital who ended up dying. Then it showed her imagining what it will be like to welcome her back. It was short but it was very powerful. I personally look forward to seeing your mom again, and being able to hug her and know we never have to lose her again. I only wish you would allow yourself to have that opportunity as well.

    • Joel Eastman

      I love you all and you think your doing what’s right.But I have researched things thoroughly and know that things are not as they should be in that religion.I have moved on to my own spiritual interests.If you think you have the truth and are happy stick with it.There is no place for me or my wife in a overcontrolling religion.I’m proud to announce I am being initiated as a neophyte in the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn the 28th of June.I love and connect with the Lord of The Universe in my own way.I lost faith in there teral interpretation of the bible but it dousnt mean I hate the ordinary witnesses.I got a bad taste in my mouth from our hall and I have changed my spiritual orientations.

    • Joel Eastman

      Beside my family not talking to me I am a very happy person with a well paying job with a loving wife.In my heart I don’t believe that religion.They keep changing there minds about the generation,not one thing has ever come true.My mom had a talk with me in private about doubts she had about the promises the GB made.I rarly waste so much time on these threads.Just have to tell it the way it is once and awile,goodbye.

    • Joel Eastman

      Your not a psychologist and witnesses don’t do any medical procedures,Doctors do.Don’t try to use my mom as a incentive to rejoin YOUR RELIGION. She wanted us kids to be happy.She said to me What she really thought of the organization.If you want to talk more take it into the private domain(414)931-1532

  • no name for a reason

    i was a witness over 20 years but no longer after many years of verbal/emotional abuse from my elder husband i left ending up meeting someone i truly love got disfellowshipped never realizing how devestating it is was just something someone in that situation never talked about but in actuality comparable to a death i saw the light too late now im not allowed to talk with my oldest daughter because shes baptized if my youngest daughter gets baptized it will be the same with her its devestating i was close to being suicidal so sad i was such a good mother too!

  • Alex

    The Watchtower Organization is really a handful of older men who call themselves the ‘Governing Body’. A title that is not found in the scriptures. THEY ARE THE ORGANIZATION. They claim only the few of them have understanding of the word of God and only through them does God direct all His earthly activities.
    Members are forbidden to do research (outside of the most recent Watchtower publications) about their own group.
    The reality is that for over 140 years father time has proven that Jehovah is to the Watchtower as oil is to water.
    Often members are trained to say ‘if someone wants to know about Jehovah’s Witness then why don’t they just talk to a Jehovah’s Witness of Watchtower publications”. Yet this same hypocritical group does articles on every other religions.
    The first lie a member will tell you is “would you like a free bible study”?. The truth is you end up with only a lifetime of Watchtower publication studies. The bible is just used for a ‘look, that verse is in there’, Nothing more.
    Shunning makes so many people live a lie of pretending to be active members when their real motivation is to keep their friends and family in their lives. If the Watchtower truly had the truth then they would not have to set up these yokes of slavery
    The Watchtower is a high control group. Be very wary of their love bombing at first which turns into the most extreme conditional ‘love’ you will ever experience.

  • kristi

    I don’t usually read the comments below as i know they are usually negative In nature but I’m so glad i did this time.

    I’ve been so upset by so many things at times bitter and reading how bitter and angry you are was exactly what i needed to not head down the same path. Your newfound spirituality has not brought you the peace you so desperately seek which can not be healthy on any level for you or your family.
    Thank you so much for posting all your bitterness and anger. I really needed that to see outside myself.
    And its apparent you know the truth just based on your post but you’re hurt and never got the apology you deserved. Me either but I’m going to forgive anyway. …thank you. Love and comfort to you.

    • Joel Eastman

      I purposely destroyed my conditioned mind so I can expirience everything new without judgement.I’m totally remodeling my mind.I am just processing my past.This letting go of my emotions by putting them in writing is how I am doing this.A lot cheaper than Psycologist bills:-)

  • Marie Stewart

    Please wake up to the fact that Jehovah’s Wittiness are nice people that have been brain washed by a publishing organisation… They destroy families cover up and protect child abusers. None of the above commenters are making things up… Before anyone becomes a JW ask yourself do I really know what’s going on I didn’t not till it was tool ate and my family was destroyed by there child abuse rules which allow them to get away with it and persecutes the victims ….

  • Joel Eastman

    I purposely destroyed my conditioned mind so I can expirience everything new without judgement.I’m totally remodeling my mind.I am just processing my past.This letting go of my emotions by putting them in writing is how I am doing this.A lot cheaper than Psycologist bills:-)

  • Joel Eastman

    The Elders banned my brother from the Kingdom hall.One of the things they said is he had alcohol on his breath.My grandma was giving it to him,they don’t drink coffee in the morning.My brother says they drink quite a bit.

  • Chris Stevenson (@pointblank009)

    “Pacifist hate group” is a perfect description. @Shaalyn a cult can be large or small, and your extremist leader isn’t any single individual but a central body of 7 or 8 men pushing archaic and extremist views like the “two witnesses” rule for a crime worse than terrorism; child-sexual abuse.

  • Billy

    First of all the JW’s are not a cult…if so then according to the definition above, Jesus teachings are that of a “cult” as he want against modern day teaching at the time!
    Secondly, letting your child die as a result of not taking a blood transfusion? Well how many families let their children die due to service in the military to their country? Dying by obeying God’s laws, has a much better reward…
    God has standards, and those are outlined in the Bible…some choose to obey and follow them, even in this modern era, some choose to modernize the bible and gods standards, so that it applies to the way they are living now…not going to work..thus why many are not associated with JW’s now,
    If you dont want to stay in, and follow their teachings from the bible then you are free to seek your own course.
    And as far as them being a “hate group” really?? Go to a meeting and see how many nationalities are present, cultures, black, white, indian, etc. How many churches can you go to today around the world, that you can see this type of love and association…? Not many if any on a large scale.
    This alone was the main reason I started studying with them a while back, not because of anything else, but the love I felt and saw…AND the fact that they do not kill their brothers in other lands (or anyone else) that are the same religion, but in another country that we may be at war with…how many religions can saw that? Catholics killing Catholics across the water, Baptists, Methodists, and more….

  • von

    I grew up going to the Kingdom Hall and I have nothing but good memories while there. The brothers and sisters were always nice. The negative comments people are posting I don’t agree with or understand. I have never been around a group of people that’s so loving and all about doing the right thing. I believe Jehovah God is the one and only true God. If someone in the organization is doing something displeasing to Jehovah it’ll be revealed. Just as much as truthful information is founded on the internet there is false information. I see so many websites trying to exploit Jehovah’s Witnesses but there’s nothing to exploit because it’s all lies. One day we all our going to know the truth.

  • happiness

    Life as one of Jehovahs witnesses is the most rewarding. Take a walk to the nearest kingdom hall and your only regret will be that you wasted all the years outside.

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