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“Wouldn’t have had this much fun in a tavern!” Neighbors in Racine Co. spend weekend wrangling loose goats!

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RACINE COUNTY (WITI) -- Road conditions were bad enough this weekend, with the rain and the fog -- and in Racine County, officials were dealing with a herd of goats!

County Road G in Racine County is a busy stretch of road, so there was some real urgency to get the herd of goats under control on Friday, June 20th.

In fact, the Racine County Sheriff's Department was called, so officials were aware of what was going on, but when it comes down to it, this was a case of neighbors helping neighbors.

There were no warning signs on Friday night to prepare drivers for the obstacle ahead.

"It would do some serious damage to a car," a neighbor named Sue told FOX6 News.

Somebody could have gotten hurt because you couldn't see anything on the road," Nancy Schingeck said.

But Nancy Schingeck knew what to do when she got the call.

"Just had to go over there," Schingeck said.

And thus began the "great goat escapade" of 2014.

A herd of goats was on the loose! The animals were criss-crossing the road, parading through yards -- even loitering with livestock.

Many in the area saw the goats.

"It stopped and looked at me and I said 'what the heck!'" a neighbor named Sue told FOX6 News.

Nancy Schingeck says she just wanted to help.

"We just wanted to catch them," Schingeck said.

The ordeal went several hours into the night. It was foggy, and it was raining.

Neighbors didn't know where the goats came from -- or who owned them.

All they knew -- was 20 goats were on the lam!

Neighbors were eventually able to wrangle them into a farmer's trailer, but they didn't get them all.

One showed up Saturday morning in Shelia Colby's yard.

"I have a goat for the time being," Colby said.

Those who live in the area say they're not surprised to see neighbors stepping up to help one another out.

"No not at all. Not these neighbors. They are very friendly and they are farmers -- they know all about it. Their animals are precious to them," a neighbor named Sue told FOX6 News.

The important thing is: no one was hurt -- goats included.

Thus, ending the great goat escapade of 2014.

"We spent the night out there having a great time. Wouldn't have had this much fun in a tavern," Schingeck said.

The Racine County Sheriff's Department tells FOX6 News the owner of the goats has since been found -- and is in the process of collecting his animals.


  • Rhem

    Umm..there are two sides to every story, right now all you have is his side. I agree with Braun that he was probably driving in such a way to elicit a response from the runners. Furthermore, if you were in college and being threatened (knowing) that you had no proof, you would have signed the paper as well. No need to get nasty because everyone doesn’t believe what they read.

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