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RESCHEDULED… again: Summerfest Big Bang Fireworks Show pushed back to Tuesday night

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Summerfest officials have again postponed their Big Bang fireworks show due to the relentless fog on the lakefront.

The fireworks show will take place on Tuesday night, July 1st at 9:30 p.m.

In a statement, Summerfest officials said: "The impending fog could make it difficult to provide viewers and visitors with the best fireworks viewing experience.  In addition, the safety of the Bartolotta Fireworks crews is paramount, and compromised visibility could contribute to safety issues.  In order to provide viewers and visitors with the best experience, the decision by Summerfest to reschedule the fireworks show will provide the festival with the optimum opportunity to put on the very best show possible."

The fireworks show was originally scheduled for Wednesday night, June 25th -- but Summerfest officials worried fog would cause visibility issues.

They pushed the show back to Thursday night -- but fog again led to concerns.

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  • Dennis Omick

    The Edelweiss BIG BANG cruise however, will not reschedule and they will not refund your $50 per ticked price. So you can either just forfeit the price of all the tickets you purchased or take a boat ride on the Milwaukee River in the fog. What a great outfit this is. NOT !!!!!!

  • Regina Libby

    Hi, My name is Regina, I’m the handwriting-personality “girl”. :) Love the episode! All friends and family love it too!! Great JOB!!! I did not see the episode on the News, but next day 5 minutes after we open at Summerfest I start getting comments: “You looked great! Here is that girl! Are you still cold? Love your scarf! (can you believe it: people do pay that much attention?!) We are here because we saw you on FOX!” Comments are endless, I can spent whole day writing them. There were handshakes, tomb-up’s and hi-fives, and just smiles!! People do watch FOX News!! First day I had 200+ people who said something to me, next day – more! To the end of the Summerfest I received compliments every day all day long! Thank you team FOX!
    Now: my mom is all way in Russia and did not see the footage. She has a computer but not the internet. How can I get a copy of this episode??! not just a link, the real file, how can I download it or maybe somehow get it on the disk?? Appreciate any help! Thanks!
    See you next Summerfest!

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