“A promise kept for 67 years is worth something:” Police officer buys new ring for Alzheimer’s patient who has hers stolen

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FLORIDA (WITI) — A police officer made a generous gesture and helped an elderly Alzheimer’s patient who lost something dear to her in a heartless crime.

According to WSVN, Betty Wagner’s engagement ring was stolen off of her finger.

Betty is hospitalized with advancing Alzheimers.

“I remember I bought it at Zales jewelry. I paid $400 for it,” Betty’s husband, Arthur Wagner said.

The engagement ring had been on Betty Wagner’s finger for 67 years — until last Saturday, June 21st, when the ring went missing.

ring stolen hand

“I came in the morning and I’m holding her hand — talking to her, and the ring is gone. From the bruises on her finger that looked like both rings were pulled off, and the wedding band was put back on — I just tear up. It was tough,” Arthur Wagner told WSVN.

Police officer Laurie Graber was sent over to investigate the case.

“After 67 years of that ring being on her finger, she still looked at him like he was her knight in shinning armor, and he looked at her like she was still his young bride. I just couldn’t imagine what kind of depravity you would have to have to take something off of someone so vulnerable,” Graber said.

Graber felt something needed to be done — so she went to J.C. Penney and bought Betty Wagner a new ring.

“A promise kept for 67 years is worth something,” Graber said.

Arthur Wagner says the new ring has helped to ease the pain.

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  • Julie Smith

    That is awful. Same thing happened to my grandma is memory care. they stole her clock off her wall and wedding ring off her finger. Brought tears to my eyes, The few most important things they have left and the care givers steal.

  • steve

    well, that’s going above and beyond the call of duty! I hope they catch the person that would stoop to such a low. it sad. it is a shame that there are people around that think nothing of taking what is not theirs; whether it is personal “stuff” (like this), store “stuff” from various businesses, or government benefits that are not earned or deserved. theft is just second (or first) nature to some people. it’s just sad.

  • jackie

    This is SICK!! That someone could stoop that low, smh. Well, I’m happy to hear that the officer bought a new ring for her, that was so sweet. And I hope no one steals that one. They are such a cute old couple!

  • Scott

    You’d have to be a low down dirty worthless life no moral having POS poor excuse of a person to do something like that. SMH.

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