CHARGED: Criminal complaint issued against Steven Zelich; He admitted to killing BOTH women found in suitcases

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY (WITI) -- 52-year-old Steven Zelich faces two counts of hiding a corpse in connection with two bodies found inside suitcases in the Town of Geneva on June 5th.

Steven Zelich

Steven Zelich

A criminal complaint issued against Zelich says he admitted to authorities to causing the death of both of the women whose bodies were discovered inside the suitcases in the area of N. Como Road, east of Co. Rd. H.

Only one of the women has been identified. She is 37-year-old Laura Simonson.

The second woman has yet to be positively identified.

The criminal complaint against Zelich says Simonson was identified via her dental records.

When she was discovered inside the suitcase, the complaint against Zelich says they found a rope wrapped around her neck, and a sexual ball gag strapped into her mouth, with a collar. She was found to be naked.

The complaint says the second woman was found partially concealed in garbage bags.

Her hands were found bound with rope behind her back.

The complaint says both women were pronounced dead at the scene.

The complaint says both bodies showed obvious signs of decomposition -- indicating they had been dead for awhile.

The complaint says Zelich told police he met the unidentified woman while chatting online in 2012. They met in person in late 2012 or early 2013 in Kenosha County.

The complaint says Zelich admitted to causing this woman's death during that meeting.

Zelich told police he put her body into a suitcase, and hid her at his home in West Allis. In 2014, Zelich said he moved the body to his vehicle, according to the complaint.

The complaint says Zelich told officials he met Simonson online -- and he said the two met personally in Rochester, Minnesota in November of 2013.

The complaint says Zelich admitted to causing Simonson's death. He says he put her in a suitcase and hid her in his vehicle.

The complaint says Zelich admitted to eventually taking both bodies to the Town of Geneva during the first week of June. They were found on June 5th -- off the road, in tall grass.

Dan Sojka is the man who found them.

"I don't know how it ended up here. That's kind of odd. There were two suitcases on the edge of the road. It had some flies -- possibly maggots on them," Sojka said.

Sojka describes two suitcases -- one black, and the other a purplish-pink color.

Sojka called Town of Geneva police.

"That's when it all started to unravel. This isn't how I'd anticipate it be. I didn't expect that," Sojka said.

Meanwhile, at the Como Inn, Jessica Finster says this story is all locals have been talking about.

"It scared a lot of people. I'm a little fathomed that someone would do that -- and why?" Finster said.

"It's shocking to all police departments I'd imagine!" Sojka said.

Zelich is expected to make his initial court appearance in Walworth County on Friday, June 27th.

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