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Neighborhood feud leads to gun battle in the street: Five people suffer gunshot wounds

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A gun battle in the street leaves multiple victims with gunshot wounds. Milwaukee police say feuding neighbors turned violent on Thursday afternoon, June 26th near 24th and Locust.

Five people were shot.

The shooting happened around 3:15 p.m.

Police say dozens of shots were fired, as a neighborhood turned into a warzone.

"I just heard a bunch of shots. I thought it was firecrackers at first. It sounded like a bunch of them in a row -- back to back, very rapidly," Marvin Ealy said.

Ealy was at work -- steps away from the scene.

"I look out the window, I see a young lady on the ground," Ealy said.

Yellow tape blocked the road as dozens of squad cars and officers responded to the scene.

"So far, we've accounted for almost three dozen shell casings," Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said.

Police say a fight between those living in two homes in the neighborhood that began Wednesday night carried over into Thursday afternoon.

"Someone from one of the houses approached residents of the other house armed with firearms and commenced firing," Chief Flynn said.

Five people were shot.

Two men and three women were wounded.

One woman is in critical condition. A bullet hit her leg -- striking her femoral artery.

"One of our police officers, a veteran of Afghanistan, applied a department-issued tourniquet and stopped the bleeding," Chief Flynn said.

It's a sad scene that has become all too familiar in Milwaukee.

Neighbors want it to stop.

"We just need to put the guns down. Stop the violence, and start thinking about each other," a neighbor said.

Police say their ShotSpotter technology detected several dozen shots in the area.

At the same time, an off-duty police officer heard those shots and was first on the scene.

Police have made no arrests at this time.

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    • randy

      These people are obviuosly not law abiding citizens. You don’t know if those guns were even bought legally! It does prove that us law abiding citizens should arm ourselves and be able to protect ourselves from people like this. Go ahead, talk your way out of an armed robbery and or a fatal beat down. It’s our RIGHT to keep and BEAR arms. I’m tired of you liberal socialists trying to infringe on our rights, especially to defend ourselves.

    • opinin8d

      Yes, I would prefer everyone to be armed. Those that have no morals can kill each other and at least I can protect my family. It’s nice you like to reference the NRA and their fight to protect our Constitution, but sarcasm is not needed. It’s funny how the gun crimes mainly occur in the inner city by people that legally shouldn’t even be able to possess a gun -hardly what the NRA is fighting for.

    • adam

      I have more guns than people in my house, we don’t shoot each other. guns r not the problem its these thugs from the ghetto. they have no morals, we see this every day on the news. these thugs r not what the NRA fights for. its our right to bear arms. you liberal socialists are the ones who protect these thugs in the ghetto. blame the guns not the thugs who do the crimes. this is why this city is falling apart, thugs with guns who r worthless.

  • A Yoopper

    Again, poor gun control. 3 dozen rounds & nobody dead??? 5 in hospital? likely my nickel on that. I bought a box of 20 rifle shells 7 years ago. I put six deer in the freezer. I still have 12 shells left.

    • jim

      come on u r using a hunting rifle that’s not fair. these thugs cant hold those guns sideways when they r shooting up the city. just what if these thugs could shoot. thugs would be dropping like flies, crime would b down.

  • triplea

    The Wild Wild West, reminiscent of the old saloon days. I suppose the Doc Holidays and Wyatt Erpps, Billy Kids and Jesse James-es can’t be glorified anymore cause all that sunshine made them black. I reckon the solution is to raise the price of bullets to say $500 a round, then when lives are taken with multiple shots fired at least we know the cost benefit analysis was applied. Think about it $500 a round multiplied by 30, do the math, this would have been a very costly dispute.

  • Matt

    Milwaukee just needs to build a paintball or laser tag type facility with bullet proof exterior walls and let these people have at it hunger games style until there is only one left or actually teach them how to shoot because the only way this is going to end is once they have taken themselves out! I’m getting so sick of hearing about this stuff everyday that I have seriously considered picking up everything and getting out of this hell hole of a city.

  • Aimz

    IKR I say shoot the white people! If “us peopl” have our pent up rage and aggression, let’s not take it out on each other! Go start poppin people in the suburbs… Then we could call yall: you people…

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