Prosecutor in Walker John Doe: No conclusions made about whether to charge him, or anyone with a crime

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Gov. Scott Walker

MADISON (AP) — The attorney for the special prosecutor investigating Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign and conservative groups says no conclusions have been made about whether there’s enough evidence to charge him or anyone with a crime.

Thursday’s statement from attorney Randall Crocker also says that Walker himself was not a target of the investigation and has never been served with a subpoena.

Crocker represents lead prosecutor Francis Schmitz.

The probe was halted last month by a federal judge. A court document Schmitz wrote in December and made public last week identified Walker as being part of an alleged criminal scheme to evade campaign laws.

Crocker says the document was a legal argument for further investigation, not a determination that criminal charges were warranted against Walker or anyone else.


  • Whole Truth

    The problem for the prosecutor is that there is not wrongdoing. Hence the lack of charges. Why can’t we just admit the whole thing is a political witch hunt.

  • Robert

    Again brilliant reporting by the crack news team at Fox6. How about reporting that not 1 but 2 judges stopped the investigation because there was no crime to pursue. Even if Scott Walker did what the prosecutor states….IT WAS NOT ILLEGAL! Second, the Schmitz didnt state that there was not enough evidence to charge Walker, he said there was not evidence to charge anyone and Walker WAS NOT THE TARGET. How can I as a health care worker have a better understanding of the facts than a supposed “journalist” Guess we see why the people that couldn’t pass biology class settles for English degrees. By the way, did it occur to anyone at Fox6 to report on why Francis Schmitz needs representation? After all he is a practicing lawyer himself correct? Thats right he is being sued for violation of civil rights. That didnt make your news cast or article. I would ask for your money back from Devry Intern!

  • nancy reimer

    dems can’t let anything go unless it’s negative toward them than its buried and called racial or against woman

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