$100,000 donated to Earn & Learn program, benefits young people

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- For the last three years, Jeremy Mack has spent his summers at the Big Gig. But he's not there enjoying music, he's there to work.

"I never had a job before until I came here so it gave me that chance and now I can say that I have job experience under my belt," said Mack.

Jeremy is one of thousands of Milwaukee youths that are part of the Earn and Learn program.

Mayor Tom Barrett started this effort nearly ten years ago to offer jobs to young people while they're out of school for the summer.

"Giving the young people in Milwaukee a chance, giving them an opportunity, giving them hope in their lives is something that I believe is a moral obligation for adults in this city," said Mayor Barrett.

On Wednesday, JPMorgan Chase donated $100,000 to the Earn and Learn program in an effort to employ even more young people.

"Without those lessons learned at a summer job; punctuality, discipline, tolerance, how to manage the paycheck, becoming a working adult can be very challenging," said JPMorgan Chase official Jim Popp.

Those skills are the start to a productive life.

"If we are going to succeed as a community it`s because we invest in the future," said Mayor Barrett.

The future for Mack looks very bright as he's already using his acquired job skills at UW-La Crosse during the school year to pursue a career in Radiation Therapy.

For more information on the Earn and Learn program, CLICK HERE.

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  • bderk.

    it’s funny how money is being donated, yet some of us working family can’t apply to this program. I applied 2x for my kids and was told I made too much. I guess single mom’s who are raising kids can’t apply to have their kids be in this program. They also ask in the questionnaire whether mom or dad ever went to college. No matter who applies for this program I think every child should get a chance to be in this program…Just saying.

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