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Doctors: Stabbing suspect Morgan Geyser is not competent to stand trial

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WAUKESHA  (AP/WITI) — Doctors say 12-year-old Morgan Geyser, one of two girls accused of stabbing a classmate to please a fictional online horror character, is not competent to stand trial.

The doctors' reports have not been made public, but attorneys said Wednesday, July 2nd that a doctor for the state of Wisconsin and a doctor hired by the girl's defense agree that she is not mentally competent.

Prosecutors have asked for further evaluation and a hearing on the matter, and the judge has agreed.

"We think it's appropriate for this case to be handled in children's court. So, this is all part of that process -- looking at her mental health, looking at her functioning, competency," Morgan Geyser's attorney Anthony Cotton said.

12-year-old Anissa Weier also appeared in court, during which time her attorneys asked for 30 days to review discovery materials presented by prosecutors.

Weier's attorney says competency is an issue that will come up later with his client.

"At this point, we are not raising the competency issue. We do believe competency is an issue. We're dealing with a 12-year-old child," Weier's attorney said.

During the hearing, members of both families were present.

Morgan Geyser's family sat behind her and cried as a judge stated she was not competent to proceed.

The two girls are accused of plotting for months to kill their friend to curry favor with the specter known as Slenderman. A criminal complaint says they lured her to a wooded park in Waukesha on May 31 and stabbed her 19 times.

The victim is now recovering at home.

Both girls are due back in court August 1st.

The family of the little girl attacked have released the following statement:

"Our family fully supports the District Attorney’s Office in their prosecution of this case. However, our daughter and our entire family continue to focus on both her physical and emotional healing.  She continues to amaze us in her ability to persevere and move forward – taking one day at a time.  Much of our strength comes from knowing that there is so much “good” coming from so many people, and we continue to witness this firsthand from the compassion given to our little girl from around the world."

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      • Z

        She almost killed another 12yo,you condone that? They knew exactly what they were doing enough to plan it out for so long and carry out the stabbing. If you want to mommycoddle their behavior,ask the courts to let both girls live with you once they get out. Keep the knives locked up though.

  • Z

    Not competent to stand trial? Really? But both were competent to have this planned out for months and execute it? Typical bleeding heart LIBERALS making excuses again.

  • Mila

    Why should they have to go thru trial? They have admitted what they have done. They should be sentenced by now.

  • diane

    Tragic..they planned and plotted changed the plan and lured the victim to stab her and leave her for dead and show no remorse. The families of these two monsters should be ashamed..they should be horrified..and apologize. For the monsters their children are if they are truly of mental defect lock them for life…I will always remember their names. ..everyone should fear their release if charged as juveniles. ..they are not innocent. .sweet or incompetent in my opinion. ..they are gross..horrible. .mean..monsters…sorry mom dad grandma grandpa..look what they plotted for months and look what they cold heartedly did to a little girl they considered a friend they lured her held her down.and didn’t stab her once but 19 times. ..they almost killed her..For the Love of God..the victim forever scarred…what about her…these girls need to be held accountable. .the families financial ly account able for damages.these girls when adults should be held financially account able…they are..monsters

    • Anna

      Right you are.
      All of a sudden their heads are hung low…they are not competent…they are just children…
      They are each killers, bottom line. Try them as adults. Jail them until 21 yr. Require weekly community service 1ce a week for life and a lifetime on parole

  • Matt

    These girls planned for 6 months to kill one of their best friends. They knew exactly what they were doing. 12 year old’s are a lot smarter than that. They aren’t incompetent to stand in an adult trial. After stabbing one defenseless girl 19 times, they deserve to spend the maximum sentence in prison. They admitted to doing it and felt no remorse about it. That alone should cause for conviction. These girls are a danger to society if they are willing to kill their best friend in order to please a mythological creature. It’s just not right. If these girls get tried as juveniles, there is something wrong with the american legal systems. Don’t waste the time of going through a trial. Lock these girls up.

  • Chloe Blue

    I guess they have the right connections, or something, to be allowed the privilege of pleading “insanity”, and I’m sure that’s what the attorneys for these little monsters will be doing.

    If Wisconsin LAW says that they should stand trial as an adult after age 10, then exactly why are there loopholes being creating for these two murderers????

    How fortunate for them to be favored in such a way….

  • Amy

    So you are telling me that they cannot handle being tried in adult court because they are competent enough? Yet on the flip side they had no problem stabbing that 12 year old little girl (((( 19 TIMES ))))) !!!!! If that happened to my daughters I would press charges to the FULLEST EXTENT!!!!!!

  • mh

    These girls knew what they wanted to do and did it! Whenever your caught red handed PLAY THE MENTAL CARD.

  • Montana

    This is such a sickening ongoing story. 12yr old girls stabbing their best friend and families of there underage girls having to deal with it all! It puts your heart in a position where all sorts of emotions are at play. A criminal act is just that though! At the age of 12 is when you begin to knowingly make good and bad decisions, and those decisions are the deciding factors on consequences. There should be no excuse for a criminal act that was planned out for so long and carried out. The parents should be blame also, where is the parental supervision!? They obviously had too much time on their hands and free will to do whatever they wanted. If these girls get away with this, the family of the victim should Sue their a**es into the core of this earth. Not for the money but for their justice, pain and suffering and the scar which is now placed on them forever. Imagine what the 12yr old victim must be going through!! smh…..

  • eric

    OK,,,,Let’s say she IS incompetent to stand trial… Would not the school system have noticed this incompetency sometime earlier? would not the parents? Would she not have been in some “special” program for students this incompetent? Would not her doctor(s) have noticed this? You don’t wake up one morning and say “WOW I’m incompetent” this may happen with pregnancy, BUT, even then, there are behavioral patterns leading up to the condition. This is a BUNCH of BS!!!

  • diane

    I agree with all of the above….they are guilty both of them….they knew what they were doing enough so they changed the plan..too messy in the house etc…they need to be tried as adults…and we the public need to make our voices known loud and strong to this judge to this court to this community..this kind of behavior. Will not be tolerated excused will not be accepted. ..pumishment. .for crimes…regardless …of age…will be dealt with…dont think you can steal..Rob..hurt anyone…you will meet punishment for your crime..cruelty..and stupidity. .regardless of race. Age status. ..if you do the crime you do the time….

  • Kay

    No brain scans and no other biological tests of the brain are ever performed when evaluating one for mental illness. So one can easily be misdiagnosed. I even know of a prison psychiatrist who publicly said that homophobia is a delusional disorder. Okay, these girls believed that Slenderman existed. A lot of kids also believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. And even many of us adults believe in people that are invisible in this life. We believe in God, Jesus, and the Devil. Does that make us mentally ill too?

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  • Pheng Yim Yang

    When somebody does something really bad the only thing ppl can think of is to bash & ask for the girls to get the worst punishment. That’s not the way to go. I don’t know if they r mentally ill or not, but they definitely need some rehab & counseling. They can’t spent life as kids in a cell. That won’t do any better. I say they deserve a second chance if they do seek help. U ppl do know that kids r naive & can get fooled easily by video games and internet stuff.

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