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“It’s a lousy way to die:” Veterinarian sits in parked car on hot summer day to prove how hot it gets

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Every summer — you hear and read the warnings: Don’t leave your dog (or your children, for that matter) in a hot car.

A veterinarian says he constantly warns dog owners about the dangers of leaving their pet in a hot car — but he wanted to drive the point home in a visual way.

Dr. Ernie Ward decided to park his car on a hot summer day with all the windows cracked at least an inch.

He sat in the car for 30 excruciating minutes as the temperature climbed.



  • Dana

    Thank you for taking the time to do this. Some people need to really see it to believe it. Very much appreciated!

  • Donna Minion Olsen Lober

    Sunmae 0 seconds ago I sincerely hope that this video does not give some people the impression that they have 30 minutes with which to subject their poor animal to this!! The dog would be in a panic looking for a way out, something the vet was not doing, he knew that he could exit at any time he wanted, as well as not wearing a fur coat. So there is a different amount of stress there. I feel that while it is good to remind people, this may also be creating ‘somewhat’ of a disservice to the animal. Also, shopkeepers should be doing everything they can to help out! Including providing notices on this subject, and for heaven’s sake not arguing with people about their dog accompanying them…even service dogs..which I have read about lately! Maybe some laws need to changed on this! I leave my pets at home, but there are some who travel with theirs. Maybe better accommodations could be made, including a drop off at the business place like some malls have for children.

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