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More people speaking out about alleged beatings by bouncers at The Rave

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Back in May we told you about an Illinois man who claimed he had been beaten by a security guard at the Rave/Eagles Ballroom. That story was shared thousands of times on social media.

Now more people are speaking out, saying they, too, have had similar experiences at the venue. After the trim4original story aired, FOX6 Investigators got dozens of emails from vicitm 2

"This continues to happen that was seven years ago," says Kris Williams, a social worker who went to The Rave for a concert in 2007. She says she left a concert with a concussion -- and now refuses to return to the venue.

"I mean, they knocked me out cold," she said.

She says security tossed her flat on her face on the sidewalk and she woke up in the hospital.

"It's your word against theirs not a lot that can be done, that can be proven," Williams said.

Brian Kalz, an IT professional, says he went to a concert in 2003 with a girlfriend who suffered from asthma.New victim

"We decided to leave early because she was having a hard time breathing," Kalz said.

He says he was sitting on the curb waiting for a cab when he was attacked by  a security guard.

"Next thing you know he threw me down on the ground, jumped on top of me. Pinned my arms behind my back and proceeded to pound my faBrian 2ce into the ground repeatedly," Kalz said.

"I was put into an ambulance. They told me this happened all the time and this was one of the worst cases they had seen and that I should press charges," Kalz added.

But when he hired a lawyer and went to get a copy of the paperwork...

"Surprise! There was no police report," Kalz said.

Brian and Kris both admit they had been drinking, but  say they weren't drunk and they weren't even close to disorderly.

"It just absolutely disgusts me, the level of brutality that security have gotten away with for years," Kalz said.

Since the first story aired, the FOX6 Investigators have discovered who allegedly beat Kyle Pikrone. His name is Nate Edwards and he was recently convicted on misdemeanor domestic abuse charges.

edwards, nathaniel arrest date 07 18 2013He refused to talk to us, but after the story aired he wrote on the FOX6 website, explaining Kyle was the one who threw the first punch. When we confronted him with our cameras and asked for his side of the story, he refused to speak to us.

Edwards' private security license expired in 2012, but the company he works for called Original  RTM Event Services -- says that doesn't matter.

Because he only acts as "event staff," not a security guard.

The night he punched Kyle Pikrone, RTM says he wasn't working.

The company says Edwards was at the venue to pick up a friend, when Pikrone started getting out of hand. Edwards' attorney says when the matter couldn't be handled "politely," Edwards responded with a more of a "heavy hand," to gain control of the situation. RTM says Edwards' acted as a good Samaritan the night in question because Pikrone was out of control -- kicking and punching and threatening event staff workers. Two witnesses, who were working that night, say Pikrone punched Edwards at least three times before Edwards punched back.

"If I was getting that out of hand or that disorderly I believe they should have called the police," Pikrone says. Pikrone and his father drove back to Milwaukee after the incident to file a report with Milwaukee Police.

The case against Nate Edwards is on hold.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office says prosecutors have not made a charging decision because Pikrone, the alleged victim, has refused to cooperate with the investigation.

law_arrestee_history_1Kyle faces charges of his own right now in Illinois. He was recently arrested and charged for allegedly having about seven pounds of pot shipped to his apartment.

RTM says it has been providing event staffing services for the last 47 years at venues across the state, and the company has never had any complaints of violence against patrons. RTM has only been providing event staffing at The Rave for the last 5 years, and the company has no knowledge of any incidents that may have occurred before that time. The event staffing company says it always encourages concertgoers to call 911 if they believe they have been treated unjustly.

Pursuant to its contract with The Rave, RTM says event staff members are not allowed to call police while on the job. There is a chain of command and management at The Rave is in charge of contacting police in case of an incident. The Rave also has its own security guards.

The Rave did not return our calls for comment.




  • Tower B

    This story was just as dumb as the first does Meghan Dwyer still have a job? So many ppl came forward but the two stories used were 7 to 10 yrs old.did they have the IT guy cut his dreads off before they would film him?where is the rage at the riverside or rage at Summerfest or any other place that plays music.if you get drunk and act like an idiot an try to fight security you get what you have coming to you! Don’t drink liquid courage if you can’t handle makes me laugh that Kyle was busted with 7 pounds of weed and Meghan was dumb enough to bring it up,whatever vendetta Meghan Dwyer has with the rave she should really let it go she is just making herself look dumb by reporting a bunch of speculations from drunk come she keeps taking in hidden cameras but doesn’t see anyone get beat up?the only footage they showed was from you tube and that video you guessed it was over 5 yrs old

    • liam

      Actually the security guards cut his dreds off. Sounds like you work at the Rave because yr taking this story pretty personally. Something to lose?

  • Jon

    This happened to someone I talked to. Kicked out of the rave then they took him around the back and beat him. F*** the Rave, Miramar all the way

  • Alex

    i was threatened by security guards at the rave. i was smoking a ciggarette in the crowd when a marked security guard smacked the cigarette out of my mouth, grabbed me by the shirt, and said if he saw me smoking again he was going to “take me out back and teach me how to listen”

    • jonny

      They wont mess with you unless you are on drugs and going crazy. The rave and the guards have always been really nice to me and have partied with us. People are getting hurt because they are retarded and on drugs going crazy and then blame on the rave. The rave is the best place to go

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