Virginia man claims to have captured ‘clear’ pictures of Bigfoot

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VIRGINIA (WITI) — A man in Virginia claims to have captured images of Bigfoot.

Cryptozoology News reported that Randy O’Neal said his father and a friend took pictures of the mysterious creature on June 28th, 2014.

“Finally, a photo that is not blurry nor hidden behind a tree. A clear photo of Bigfoot standing out in the wide open. You be the judge,” he wrote about the photographs.

Check it out in the video above. Do you think it could be Bigfoot?



  • colbey

    Based on the grammar in this…thing…you don’t really find that too surprising, do you?
    Also, there was this:
    “‘Then just shoot where you think it is’ said my Dad. So I did”
    Again, evidence of these people not being the brightest bulbs in the pack.
    Also, does the thing in the photos look large enough to completely clear a path through a wooded area–“like a skid steer”–especially when possibly injured and fleeing in a panicked haste?
    I smell a scam.

  • alearose

    Shooting at what kind of cans? Oh yes, BEER cans! (Translation: My daddeh, his buddeh an’ me was out drunk campin’ in dem woods, y’all see, and our pink elephant had the glowin’ red eyes…!)

  • Melissa Thomas

    Hey der son. You dun heard a noise com’in from the bush? Well, just shoot where ya heard the noise! WHAT A BUNCH OF REDNECK HICKS! Great way to teach a child gun safety. As far as bigfoot, not.

  • Rick

    The guy who started this whole bigfoot thing admitted that it was a hoax! Are people still this naive??

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  • Amber Cox

    I don’t see why this couldn’t be a bigfoot. I believe in them. And these probably are the clearest pictures I have ever seen.

  • flower

    You should never shoot into the woods not knowing what you are shooting at, shame on you and shame on your daddy.

  • Paul Letteri

    Often people dismiss what they are ignorant of or donot understand. The scientific community has proven DNA from hair and blood samples trying to put it in a human primate hybrid has them shaking their heads.
    Neanderthal man actual lived until this ladt ice age ,and proven has a bigger brain then modern day man.
    In Russia it is documented the Russian army killed one in a cave pre WW-2, and mt St. Helens ,several the government recovered at that volcano. Think what you will .keep an open mind you will see in due time .

  • amrjit

    i think bigfoot is a.big gorrila.. I.know this is real but I.think this is a complete truth the bigfoot are exist in the world

  • ebneila

    The vast majority of people, including a skeptical scientific community, seldom consider what lies below the surface. The Earth has many large caverns and caves throughout the planet’s crust and upper mantel, some connected by vast tunnel systems. These regions have entrances in both surface areas, and below seas and large rivers. There are more life forms below in subterranean regions and seas than on the surface. Some life forms are never seen on, or near the surface, which does not mean they never venture to the surface. Creatures like Bigfoot and ‘Nessy (Loch Ness) may indeed come to the surface in search of whatever they find of interest or need. Humans place too much interest in finding life on other planets while basically ignoring what lies below their feet. From Bigfoot, to (some) UFOs have origins here beneath the Earth

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