Fined: Five Wisconsin anglers caught too many fish in North Dakota!

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DEVILS LAKE, N.D. (AP) — Five anglers from Wisconsin have been caught with 100 walleye over the state limit at Devils Lake and are each facing fines of more than $1,700.

North Dakota Game and Fish wardens say they got a tip about a group of men who were overfishing and staying in a rental home in Devils Lake.

WDAY-TV reports a warden found 25 whole walleye in one of the fishermen’s vehicles. Another 135 cleaned and frozen walleye were found in their rental house.

The daily limit in North Dakota is 10 walleyes per person.

Each angler faces fines of more than $1,700.

The group has a court date set for August 18.


  • colbey

    they should be fined AT LEAST $100 for each fish over the limit. and the fish should be taken and donated to local food pantries, or, if they were fishing on or near a reservation and the tribe wants them, they should be given to the tribe.

  • uncle

    Get it right, The limit is 5 per day . Us ND residents are not happy the way your so called “sportsmen” act when they come over here. Stay within our limit laws or stay home sconies .

    • Thomas Kotula

      I’m from MN and I agree 100%, I’d like to see them fined, take their boat and whatever vehicle they used to pull it. Hell I’d like to see them in jail for 30 days.

  • triplea

    As an angler myself, I can attest to the lack of appreciation by Wisconsin so-called anglers relative to conservation and preservation. Anglers in Wisconsin have the same grotesque attitudes toward fishing as they do toward politics, reckless, inconsiderate and it has been proven to have a cascading effect on lakes and rivers that once were beautiful fishing places. Now the euro-entitlement machine has destroyed the once beautiful country in Wisconsin. This has been going on for years and because of the turn the other way mentality of the DNR in Wisconsin as it relates to euros, these scum have depleted a great experience and are now taking their habits to other states. SMH

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