WATCH: First, there was Chris P. Bacon…pig on wheels; Now, there’s Dolly the rabbit!

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — First…there was Chris P. Bacon — the disabled baby pig whose owners built him a homemade wheelchair. The pig became an internet sensation — and these days, he tours hospitals to cheer up disabled children.

Now, there’s Dolly the rabbit.


The disabled rabbit from Canada is developing quite a following after her story appeared on Facebook.

Dolly cannot hop.

The seven-year-old bunny has a number of health issues, including a pair of paralyzed hind legs.

Dolly’s paralyzed hind legs are the result of a birth defect that started causing her issues as she has aged.

Her owners, Renee Thompson and Brad Coffin, aren’t letting that stop her from getting around.

They designed a pair of custom-made wheels for Dolly.

Brad Coffin made the wheelchair out of a child’s toy car.

dolly the bunny

Dolly’s owners have posted her story to Facebook to send the message that a disability isn’t a death sentence.

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