Gov. Walker, Mary Burke campaigning around Wisconsin

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Gov. Scott Walker, Mary Burke

MAZOMANIE (AP) — Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke are set to campaign across Wisconsin, exactly 17 weeks before the Nov. 4 election.

Burke plans to tour a hops farm in Mazomanie and the Potosi Brewing Co. Tuesday before heading west to the Food Enterprise Center in Viroqua.

Meanwhile, Walker plans to tour a powder coating plant in Oregon, south of Madison, and a specialty wristband manufacturer in New Berlin.

The events come five weeks before the Aug. 12 primary. Walker is unchallenged while Burke is being taken on by state Rep. Brett Hulsey.

He is mounting a longshot campaign against the better-funded Burke, who is a former state Commerce secretary and Trek Bicycle Corp. executive.


  • triplea

    Don’t trust neither of these candidates. This state is more than 150,000 jobs behind criminal Scotts promise, and the last thing we need is another pseudo truth teller. I swear, for political figures to be caught up in so many scandals it really has caused a dissolution in the trust of the process. Ron Paul for governor! LOL

  • Telecom Charlie

    Why don’t you tell the story about how Scoots took out a loan to balance the budget (from the Koch Brothers, maybe?), and now he doesn’t have the money to pay it off?

  • Ted Z. Shultz

    Neither one of these candidates have done anything to ease the introduction of CBD oil passed to assist families with children afflicted by epilepsy. Six months after Bill 762 passed, and not a single family has been asked to be in an FDA trial for the substance. And, not a single doctor has applied for an application to provide the substance. The poorly written law by the legislature convinces me no one in political power actually cares about my dear friend who struggles to exist on less than $16,000 a year as a single mother with a child afflicted by blindness, and epilepsy. If either of these candidates could witness the life of my friend, and her child for 10 minutes, they would indeed be humbled, and hopefully compelled to act and re-write a ridiculous law.

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