Grilling up a special plate for that special someone, it’s easier than you think

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The next time you fire up the grill, don't settle for throwing burgers or brats on the grate. There's a lot to enjoy when the coals are hot. Wisconsin Foodie Host Kyle Cherek and Chef Jarvis Williams of Carnevor share some of their secrets with the Real Milwaukee team.

Grilled vegetable salad w/ fresh spinach & goat cheese

  • 1 whole red onion, peeled, sliced 1/4 "
  • 2 sprigs fresh basil
  • 2 pieces each summer squash and zucchini
  • 1 bunch asparagus, raw, trimmed 2" off end
  • 2oz fresh spinach
  • 3 tbsp fresh goat cheese

Prepare vegetables by tossing in a bowl with olive oil, salt, & pepper. Grill vegetables until tender and toss with vinaigrette in a bowl immediately after, allowing the vegetables to cool in vinaigrette if preferred. Finish salad by adding fresh spinach, re-seasoning salad with olive oil, salt, and black pepper. Top with crumbled goat cheese.

Grilled ny strip w/ fresh herbs

1- 16oz ny strip
corn oil
kosher salt
fresh grind black pepper
2 sprigs each fresh rosemary & thyme

Allow meat to come to room temperature prior to grilling for best results. Drizzle with corn oil and distribute over meat.  Season meat generously with kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper. Find hot spot on grill and cook on each side to sear, approximately 3 mins per side. Transfer meat to cooler side of grill to finish cooking to desired temperature. Place herbs underneath meat on grill to slowly heat up and flavor meat, if desired. once cooked to desired temperature, allow meat to rest 5-7 minutes before cutting.

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