“No justice, no peace. Don’t trust the police:” Activist issues music video focused on conflicts with police

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Milwaukee community activist who has taken to the streets with marches is now taking his message to YouTube. Tory Lowe has created a music video -- and it highlights some of Milwaukee's most controversial conflicts with police.

The video premiered on July 5th, and is Tory Lowe's latest effort to focus attention on recent community conflicts with police.

"Looking at everything -- I think this song is appropriate," Lowe said.

The music video, posted to YouTube includes appearances from family members of those killed or injured in police incidents -- and includes surveillance video of difficult incidents.

For example, Derek Williams dying in the back of a police squad car -- gasping for air, and Corey Stingley, who died while being restrained by citizens who accused him of stealing at a convenience store.

No one was charged in connection with either death.

Lowe's song repeats this message: "No justice, no peace. Don't trust the police."

Lowe says his song reflects feelings within the community.

"When you hear no justice, no peace -- that's not me. That's a whole bunch of people. That's a crowd of people saying it," Lowe said.

Cooperation and trust between the police and the public has been a goal of law enforcement officials.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn encourages it -- as he did in a news conference after a violent incident last summer.

"We need for people to pick up their phones, for them to say 'this is my neighborhood too,'" Chief Flynn said.

Lowe has stated publicly that trust is important for healing.

"When there is mistrust, there is no healing," Lowe said.

Lowe says he still wants that trust, and wants relations between police officers and members of the community to change.

"When you make music, it will never die. When you put things in a musical format, people will always be able to listen to that, to share that information," Lowe said.

The Milwaukee Police Department did not respond to a phone call for comment -- and a spokesman for the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission declined to comment.

There is another video planned. Lowe says the next video will address the topic of violence in Milwaukee.

CLICK HERE if you'd like to learn more about Tory Lowe.


  • Lana London

    The song is ghetto and one sided sticking up for dead/alive criminals………… Oh and while your telling people not to trust the police also remind them not call when they need them.

      • dancing in the ruins

        and yet they will never cover white milwaukee residents who are fed up with all the black crime. that would be racist.

    • Mister Parris

      Yeah……..like the time a rock was thrown through a window, and the girl who called THE POLICE…..had an Officer come to her house. What happened after that? The Officer Raped this Girl in her bathroom…where the window was broke. You mean call them, like that??? Huh Lana??? Sure.

      • Keli Michael Hendrick

        Ok, Mister Parris…. I challenge you to back up your claim. Anyone can say anything they like these days but I want proof! Without proof, it’s just a “story”. I will actually look into that. But, even if it is true, what I want to know is, if you feel then that ALL police should be labeled by one bad cop? If so, then is it ok for me to label all blacks criminal thugs who terrorize women just because I was chased home by a group of them when I got my husband cough meds at Walgreens at 9:30 pm? They chased me all he way home. Please reply! Would LOVE to hear your response!

  • Keli Michael Hendrick

    Wow! Wasting a story on the promotion of more hate for those who give their lives to Protect and Serve. Nice! I’m sure that all the victims of violent crimes will be very moved by the call for police to be much nicer to violent criminals from now on… Well, with the exception of those who are in graves now from being at the wrong place at the wrong time. You know, those 4 year olds who had a birthday party on the wrong day or the 9 year old who sat on her porch at the wrong time, or that 19 year old kid who graduated with honors or a Football scholarship, who, regardless of his surroundings, had high hopes, big dreams and major ambitions to succeed… Gee, if only he moved to the left a few seconds earlier. Yeah… Let me know when Tory Lowe releases a song about/for the victims. Until then, this is a one sided call for even more violence. There is no real resolution in this message.

    Maybe something as simple as him asking for a ride along with his local police could be the opportunity he needs to see both sides. Nothing to lose! But you just might gain a whole new perspective and far more well informed opinion. Even better… I believe he can join the Police Force if he thinks he can be of better service to his Community, Right?

  • porscha nation

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion.. some people feel as if they cannot trust the police in a lot of cases as he showed in his video. But in other incidents you have to trust the police even with your own life. Some good things Come, and some bad things happen but everyone has their own opinion about how they feel about the police.

    • Keli Michael Hendrick

      I get that… but where is the Resolve? Where is the Humanity? This video is nothing but a message of Violence and Hate! He is doing EXACTLY what he is preaching against! If the Police make a video :”Don’t trust Black people”, is that cool too? Who would watch it? It would never even be on any news page. Why?

  • Sheila Moyet

    Maybe instead of trying to point the finger at the police force you should take a look at your own people. They seem to be their own worse enemy. I can not see how this is going to bring about anything positive.

    • Tonya

      “Your own people”? I live in the United States of America. As a proud American, my neighbor is “my people”.

      • Keli Michael Hendrick

        Tonya.. The phrase, “Your Own People” comes from the black community themselves… All I hear is “My People this…” My People that…”. This is a perfect example of P.C. People making communication and everything worse by trying to own and redefine words. Have you ever corrected a black person who said, “My People?” If this is America and everyone is American (as you said) you might want to start with “The People” who began the phrase “My People, Our People”. They will correct even you… they are not just American… they are “African-American” right? See what I mean?

  • Tonya

    In light of the many events involcing police brutality, overuse of strip searches, negligence, etc., I completely understand why some people have trusting the police. That said, with all the violence occurring in our community, the release of this song, especially at tgis time, was incredibly self serving and irresponsible. Its not like these opinions havent veen voiced and recognized before. It seems like this “activist” is riding a wave of popular concern for his own benefit. I have a personal philosophy that people who complain but don’toffer solutions are just another part of the problem.

      • Keli Michael Hendrick

        Why not own up to your comment Ms Jane Doe? At least most of us “white folks” can stand behind our words and not HIDE behind an anonymous name. Btw, Greedy? You are so ignorant. I’m an Army Wife, to us, being Greedy Is complaining about our husbands being deployed for 15 months. Or wanting more than 14 days a year to visit our families when they actually are home. Especially when we have to drive criss cross across country for parents who live 5 states apart. You don’t know the meaning of Greed!

    • Keli Michael Hendrick

      Let’s imagine a MKE with no Liberal Idiots on comment boards trying to inflame racism. How about that LIBERALMKEJUDGE? Ahh, much better! Don’t you have some rapists to free or something?

  • dancing in the ruins

    maybe those people shouldn’t give the police any reason to stop them inthe first place. here’s a few tips:
    ♦ don’t drive if you have a suspended license or expired plates
    ♦ don’t drive stolen cars
    ♦ don’t steal cars
    ♦ don’t steal anything else
    ♦ don’t buy, sell, use drugs (or let your friends leave them in your car)
    ♦ don’t shoot people
    ♦ don’t get into situations where you will get shot

    you get the idea. it seems to work for most residents in the suburbs. good luck!

  • Bill Watts

    Don’t you dare call the police when Ray Ray gets shot. This city has painted the armed robber Derik Williams as the the victim, no wonder why things are out of control. Dying for the bleeding heart lib that responds to this!

    • Keli Michael Hendrick

      The MPD is responding to their surroundings… If you don’t want to be treated like a thug, then don’t act like one! Period! Everyone is blaming the Police… for what? I would love to sit and talk to this anti-police rapper. 5 minutes. I have 10 questions and I bet he couldn’t answer just one of them. I’m curious if he ever heard of the word, Karma? It makes me sick that he is using a Mothers loss for his own gain. She needs love and support right now, Not this jerk!

  • triplea

    Excellent video, this represents activism. Very well put together and a very powerful message being disseminated. For those who disagree, so what. That is the beauty of having a subjective opinion, its all yours. Big ups Big brother for creating this. Provocative

  • rob

    Ghetto thug. Lets blame the police, wiiliams was in the back of a squad way. Armed robbery he got what was coming to him. May b this thugs next video can be on the victims of williams armed robbery. Oh that was black on black no one cares in the hood. Ghetto hood thugs that’s what’s wrong in killmaukee

  • Mick

    Typical… Blame the Police and society for what you people have created in your own neighborhoods…

  • jones

    I can’t wait for the next video . It’s called I work hard, take care of my children, and are a productive member of society.

  • triplea

    Define ghetto, a word used often to describe a geographical area of which there are no Jews. Do you people understand the essential definitions of words. Articulation is imperative to sustain good communication, but this requires an easily attainable knowledge base. This country claims English is their primary language, funny how most that profess this can not properly speak it. The great brain drain is not coming, it is in fruition.

    • Debbie Lou

      the true meaning of the word Ghetto refers to a section of a city where it is highly populated by a specific ethnic group of people. Living in poor conditions

      Now a days ghetto refers to people who act ignorant and uneducated which is the typical stereotype of a person who lives or is from the ghetto

    • Tonya

      Um…Are you sure about that definition, sir? As I recall it, ghettos were the primary locations where the Jewish people were required to live. One has to question your overall pholosophy if it is based, even in part, on such a faulty foundation.

    • triplea

      Its an African thing you would not understand. But if that is all you had to critique me on…….

      • Tonya

        Wow, dude. Jump to conclusions much? The person just asked a simple question. You added all kinds of intent that one would have to assume without a bit of supporting evidence. And (sidenote) the origin of “big ups” can be traced back to Jamaica, but nit all the way back to Africa.

  • WHAT!

    Maybe if the police could trust a black person this wouldn’t happen, even black cops don’t trust them.

  • Melissa

    Hey Tory Lowe, I have a concept for you. If little thug ghetto rats did not behave like uncivilized animals, then they would not have run-ins with the Police in the first place! Ah, now THERE is a fact! Turn on the TV ANY morning and watch the news. Tell me how many shootings there were and what race they were. Milwaukee as a whole is SICK of these hoodlums.

  • bderk.

    WOW we talk about hate and trust, look at the comments on this article. Free speech. I agree to a certain point, Milwaukee has some cruel cops, but they also have some good hard working cops. I have dealt with both in some good situations and bad. My son used to get harassed a lot, but I was able to connect with higher up and that situation has stop. Not all blacks are against the police, I guess if you have connected with a few bad seed, you might think all are bad. As I get older I have taught my boys you pick and choose your battles with the Milwaukee Police. Maybe this video will open up needed communication with the law enforcement.

  • Rida

    I think there is an oversite in the overall message. We have to realize that police brutality and misconduct is not a black or white thing, it is despicable no matter the race. Respect is earned and how can we as a human race respect ANYONE who absuse their power. These individuals that died in police custody or due to mistreatment by officers, no matter their crime, had rights and did not “deserve” what happened. Would you trust your mother who constantly abused you? How about your father who raped you? How about ANYONE who has caused you great harm? When people are put in place with an understanding that it is their duty to help, serve, and protect you, but they have not done so and often cause more harm, people are more likely to lose that trust. I have seen many comments about “they deserve it”, “it’s happening in ‘their’ neighborhood”, etc. but what you fail to realize is that “their” neighborhood is your neighborhood and no one deserves injustice. Milwaukee is a community as a whole and has to learn to stand together. Take back the violent streets, stand up against injustices, and be the change you want to see. Again, this is not a color thing, shallow indivduals see it as such, this is a rights thing. Everyone has them and it is time that we stand together.

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