Sex offender alert: Waukesha police issue information on woman set to be released

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WAUKESHA (WITI) — The Waukesha Police Department is alerting neighbors about a registered sex offender set to be released.

The Waukesha Police Department says 46-year-old Lisa Farkas is currently homeless.

She is no longer under the supervision of the state of Wisconsin.

Police say Farkas is a lifetime registrant with Wisconsin’s Sex Offender Registry.

Police say Farkas prefers adult female victims.

Her previous violations, according to police, include working with a male companion and taking an adult female back to their apartment — where the two tied the victim up and forced her to perform sex acts with Farkas.

Police say another victim was beaten with a clothes hanger.

Police say Farkas’ last victim was in prison — and police say this victim was under the influence of tranquilizers.

Farkas is 5’7″ tall, and weighs 176 pounds. She has black hair and green eyes, and has tattoos on her lower right and lower left arms.

The Waukesha Police Department, in cooperation with the Sex Offender Registration Committee, is releasing the information about Farkas pursuant to Wisconsin State Statutes 301.46(2m) which authorizes law enforcement agencies to inform the public of a sex offender’s release when, at the discretion of the agency, the release of information will enhance public safety, awareness and protection.

Farkas has served the prison sentence imposed on her by the courts.

If you have any questions or wish further information please contact the Probation and Parole office at 521-5132 or the Waukesha Police Department at 524-3770.


  • Shocked in Wisconsin

    Does anyone know where this monster grew up and went to school? Curious if she went to school in Waukesha with any of my friends and/or family. Wow, my thoughts are with all of the victims and their families!!!

    • you're stoopid

      Ummmm does it matter? Will you feel special that you know someone whose face is on the news?

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