UPDATE: State files suit against company, target of FOX6 News investigation

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Milwaukee man promised to raise money for local veterans, but a FOX6 investigation exposed him as a con man. Now, he's the target of a consumer protection lawsuit filed by the state's Attorney General.

It has been two years since a FOX6 investigation exposed Brian Michaud as a con man, and now, the Wisconsin Department of Justice is getting involved.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice announced on Tuesday, July 15th, that it is filing suit against a company called "Double Up, Inc." -- a supposed charity for veterans. A FOX6 News investigation two years ago exposed the owner of the business as a con man who was using the cause of veterans to rake in money and free stuff for himself and his friends.

Double Up, Inc.The complaint filed on Tuesday says that no money was ever donated to local veterans groups. It also says the owner of the business, Brian Michaud, gave donated vacations to his friends instead of awarding them to randomly selected customers who bought the coupon books.

"What you are doing right now is a witch hunt based on disinformation from somebody else who is the actual thief here," Michaud told FOX6's Bryan Polcyn two years ago.

The original tip came to FOX6 News from the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau, which also referred the case to the Attorney General.

"When you use the word `cancer` or `veteran,' people want to reach out with their pocketbook and they
don`t use their head. They use their heart," Ran Hoth with the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau said.

The lawsuit filed by the Wisconsin Department of Justice accuses Michaud and his mother, Andrea of defrauding customers who thought they were supporting injured Wisconsin veterans.

The Attorney General's complaint seeks restitution for consumers who bought the coupon books, as well as fines for violating consumer protection laws.

A message sent to Michaud by FOX6 News on Tuesday afternoon was not immediately returned.

A news release announcing the lawsuit points out that Wednesday, July 16th is the nation's second annual "Military Consumer Protection Day."

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  • Tim

    It’s funny how you news agencies only take one version and run with it. I advertised in that book, and i also saw Mr. Michaud out there trying to sell them. The one day this guy comes into my bar and sold about 13 books, I called and found out it was the other buy, Robert. Then after you first aired this story I reached out to Brian and learned the truth. I guess Mr. Polcyn should do a better job investigating. You have ruined an innocent person’s life. You should not be in journalism at all.

  • Tim2

    There should be Jail Time beside repayment !!! To find out who Mr. Michaud is go to Wisconsin Circuit Court Access !

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