Mom claims her one-year-old daughter got herpes from a daycare teacher

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OKLAHOMA CITY – An mother claims her one-year-old daughter got a horrible case of herpes from a daycare teacher at a at an Oklahoma City daycare center. Consuela Smith says her daughter is in pain day and night.

“She started getting blisters all around her mouth and bleeding.”

Consulea says she immediately took her to the doctor.

“They told me that she had herpes.”

Then Consuela says she contacted the daycare.

“I told her what she had and they told me the worker does have this.”

“Herpetic stomatitis is basically when you have multiple cold sores in your mouth,” medical doctor Ryan Brown from OU Children’s explained. “Cold sores are normally caused by herpes simplex one virus. They are very easily spread, by touching and rubbing something else or saliva.”

ChildTime corporate offices out of Michigan issued the following statement:

Our children’s well-being is of the utmost importance to us. We have strict policies and procedures to ensure we meet or exceed regulatory guidelines on health and safety. We take every precaution to prevent the spread of germs or illness, and investigate any reported concerns.

Although Smith is upset, she says she is focused on getting her daughter better and keeping others safe.

“It’s nasty. A one year old walking around with Herpes.”

Story submitted by KFOR


  • Alexandria

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    • Leon

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  • Patrick

    Are they 100% it’s Herpes? Cuz my twin 18month old nephews got FOUT and MOUTH disease from their daycare. They had blisters on the inside and outside of their mouths.

  • Mina

    Many adults have herpes type 1 (90% have it by aged 50) and can spread the virus even without having sores. Odds are a family member has it and kissed the baby and infected her. This is not a shameful or freak occurrence.

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