“They should beef up their security after this:” Man shot in street outside strip club dies at hospital

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police are investigating a fatal shooting that allegedly took place outside a strip club near 26th and State Street early Sunday morning, July 20th.

The shooting happened in the street.

Police say a 33-year-old Milwaukee man was shot in an altercation, around 2:15 a.m. He was taken to the hospital, where he later died. Police have identified him as Vincent Fayne.

The sign on the door urges patrons to have fun -- but early Sunday morning, the scene outside Rickey's on State was far from fun.

"It`s sad. It really is.  That you have to wake up and hear this type of stuff in our community. This community right here - we`re usually pretty quiet," Elizabeth Perry, who lives in the area, told FOX6 News.

Perry says she's stunned to hear someone died after being shot on her street. She wonders if the altercation occurred after the man had been patronizing the strip club.

"They should beef up their security after this," Perry said.

Later Sunday morning, police took what appeared to be a surveillance system from the property. Several security cameras are pointed at the street and the strip club's main entrance.

"This is actually a good area to eat food.  You`ve got the store and blood bank.  I`ve never actually seen anyone getting shot over in this area," another neighbor told FOX6 News.

As they locked the gated back door, strip club employees declined to comment.

Perry says she can't recall any major problems in the neighborhood, but after Sunday's fatal shooting, she's calling on the owners of the strip club to provide the community with extra peace of mind.

"If they had security around outside as well as inside, they`d probably have more patrons," Perry said.

There are no suspects in custody in connection with this shooting.


  • Shonnie

    It never seems to amaze me how ignorant some people really are. Did they say he was black? There’s are plenty different races that live in that vicinity! Stop being ignorant and start being proactive within a community that needs change!

    • Joe

      It appears you’re the one who wants to make this about race. Nowhere in the article or in the video was anything mentioned about race. You posted the first comment and bring it up, so you got what you wanted. If ignorance bothers you so much, you should also know that the phrase is “ceases to amaze”.

      • Katrina

        I couldn’t agree more, let me guess, Shonnie is a black race card puller? It’s how these things start, let’s just end it now.

  • Hooptie Pete

    They don’t have to say he was black. It was a strip club in the ghetto, white guys from whitefish bay don’t go there.

    • babie cakes

      I don’t know were u been but white men are the main ones in there honey wake up. U should save your racist comments. Black white or what ever no one had the right to take his life. He was a son father husband brother friend etc and loved by many!!!!!

  • Tonya

    Based on outside appearance alone, I wouldn’t even use the bathroom in that place. And youre telling me people willingly get completely naked in there? On purpose?

  • typical

    Why do people always play the race card? This man’s life was taken from what I hear he was celebrating his bday but white racist who hide behind the keyboard make ignorant comments what’s really scary is how that white crooked rogue excop killed those women then put their bodies in suitcases then politely dumped them on the side of the road!

  • Ashley Hang

    U guys shldnt sat things like that bout Rickey’s. Its not that bad. bartenders r nice n cool. Its mellow rarely any drama pops off. plus this happened outside the club across the street. Not inside. Just cause it happened outside the club y’all gonna judge what the place is like. Its not a dump n people dont get completely naked or on purpose. The bathrooms r clean for the workers them every night n when opening. please dont judge until u check it out urself.

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