What’s the cost of love…when there’s no one around? Man gives two women more than $125K!

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BRUCE, WISCONSIN (WITI) -- When you think about your family -- how much are they worth to you? The correct answer is: They are priceless! Imagine what life would be like without them? So what's the cost of love -- when there's no one around?

If you drive nearly five hours northwest of Milwaukee, you'll come upon a little village called Bruce, Wisconsin. Not much is open, but it's "All-American," and even in a downpour, Jim Miller can see the beauty.

"Blue birds and hummingbirds, well you name it, they are all around here," Miller said.

Being surrounded by nature is the reason he left West Allis, bought 25 acres and built a home. After an industrial accident broke his leg and ankle, the 62-year-old gets by with his pension and disability.

"Man's best friend is his dog," Miller said.

Something is missing from Miller's life. He's divorced, and lonely.

"The decent ladies are married or they are going with someone," Miller said.

Miller's only way to connect with someone is through the phone. Almost two years ago, Miller thought he got lucky. He met a woman through a wrong number and another on a dating chat line. Both had sob stories.

"Helping them to get them out of what they were into, to have a decent life maybe and to start a relationship, you know," Miller said.

So far, the entire "relationship" has taken place over the phone.

"Talk about this. How are you? How are the dogs? How are the neighbors and all that. Talk about sex. Phone sex and all that stuff and that's not whatever, so go from there," Miller said.

The conversation has gone straight to Miller's wallet.

"She was going to drive up here, but then she crashed and blew two tires out, smashed up her car and all that. Well, donated some more money to get her car fixed to get her up here," Miller said.

Miller has been sending money -- hoping to meet these women. One says she only lives about 30 miles away.

Miller was supposed to meet one of the women in Bloomer. He says he went there five times to meet -- but she never showed. Despite that, he continued to give her money.

"You're thinking you're going to recover from what you lost," Miller said.

So what has Miller lost?

"About $125,000 -- given both of the women. One is $78,000 and one is $50,000-something. Over $125,000," Miller said.

This isn't a small town scam. The women involved with this could be part of an inner-state con artist group, and now, the FBI is involved.

The FBI says these love scammers are good. They play on the heart strings, and may not even be in the United States.

Miller's $125,000 is gone.

"Sadly enough, that's not overly remarkable. I don't say that as 'oh that's a low loss amount.' That's a lot of money but I've had cases, instances, complaints where people have taken out second and third mortgages on their homes and gone far beyond that loss amount," Clayton Wible with the FBI said.

That's because once they know you'll pay, they'll keep playing. After Miller had no communication from the women for weeks -- during an interview with Contact 6, Miller received a text.

Miller says he knows it's a scam, but the text is something.

Miller's friends and family members have told him he's being stupid.

"And I say 'well I'm looking at it for the light at the end of the tunnel.' It might be there, but then again, it's a heck of a way to learn, you know," Miller said.

If you're talking with someone you've never met over the phone and they need money for a plane ticket or an emergency medical bill -- or help with a child or elderly relative, it's most likely a scam.

The FBI encourages people to file a complaint with its Internet Crime Division.

CLICK HERE to file a complaint.


  • bderk.

    How sad! If anyone ask for money they are not in it for the relationship. I hope the best for you MR. Miller!

  • scott

    I would never have to worry about that happening to me. You can’t break what’s already broke. She would cuss and hang up if she knew how low my bank account was. lol

  • Ana

    I just want to give this guy a hug, I know what it’s like to be lonely, I feel for him and sometimes you do really stupid things during those times, but there’s no need to be rude about it, he just really has a big heart. I hope he learns from this but what more can anyone do.

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