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Bartender remains hospitalized with burns after woman strikes vehicle, which strikes pub in Elm Grove

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ELM GROVE (WITI) — Construction crews were hard at work on Thursday, after police tell FOX6 News a 63-year-old Elm Grove woman drove into a pub in Elm Grove on Wednesday evening, July 23rd.

Police say the woman was driving an ’84 Mercedes Benz convertible.

Police say the woman thought the car was in drive, but it was in reverse — and she backed into another car, which then struck O’Donoghue’s Irish Pub.

It happened just before 7:00 p.m. Wednesday.

A bartender was taken to Froedtert Hospital with a burn injury. Police say oil from a deep fryer splashed on him. The fryer was behind the wall where the car struck the building.

On Thursday, the bartender was still in the hospital — receiving treatment. We’re told he suffered burns over 21 percent of his body. A co-worker says he is in good spirits.

Two others were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

There is a three-by-three indentation into the stone wall as a result of this incident.

The pub’s owner says he’s hopeful the pub will reopen on Friday.


  • Red Tee

    I was there, and believe me, it was terrifying. Ed, the bartender who got hurt, is a great guy, but he may be unable to work for weeks, or months. Too bad the Elm Grove police officer that responded had to go and make it worse by screaming at the bar owner and threatening to handcuff him. All the guy was trying to do was get some cars directed out of that little parking lot so the ambulance would have room to maneuver. I have seldom seen such unprofessional, insecure behavior on the part of law enforcement, in our area. But I have seen it on TV, from places like Los Angeles. But that’s hardly a shining example, now it is?

    • EG Res

      Serious injury scene, possible law suits/DUI/criminal charges. Cops probably wanted to preserve the scene for analysis…

  • Joe Schmoe

    when I first heard this story I instantly knew it happened in that little parking lot. The lot is way too small and a nightmare to navigate.

  • EG mom

    I frequent ODs often and it’s a great place. Praying for Ed. I wasn’t there but completely agree with Red Tees comment about the Elm Grove police. They are a joke (as are the Brookfield Police) and usually make situations worse rather than better.

  • Mike

    I used to think the same about brookfield/EG cops. Mostly out of traffic violation experiences growing up in high school. As an adult, once we experienced a serious matter they were VERY professional. Kids get it rough probably because of spoiled little brats (and power tripping adults) stereotype the community. Need I bring up past local judges and house parties????

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