“I just did what I thought was right:” Neighbor steps in, shoots one of two dogs attacking man & his dog

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VILLAGE OF RICHFIELD (WITI) -- Washington County Sheriff's officials are investigating a dog attack.

It happened on Monday morning, July 21st.

Sheriff's officials say a 60-year-old Village of Richfield man was walking his Boxer "CoCo" on the street on a leash when two dogs belonging to a 60-year-old Village of Richfield woman ran from a backyard and attacked CoCo. A third dog was apparently trying to break away from the woman.

Sheriff's officials say the man tried to cover CoCo as the dogs attacked.

The dogs were described as Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

While this attack was happening, Sheriff's officials say a neighbor heard the attack and brought out two baseball bats and started to strike the dogs in the head -- four to five times each.

Sheriff's officials say the dogs continued to attack.

Sheriff's officials say the neighbor then returned to his home and grabbed a .22 revolver. As he got to the front of his yard, Sheriff's officials say two dogs came towards him -- entering his yard.

Sheriff's officials say the man shot one round at one of the dogs -- who made it back to the ditch and was still alive about an hour later when the Humane Society helped the owner take the dog to the hospital.

CoCo was taken to the hospital as well.

"(CoCo's owner) was all full of blood. His dog was all bit up, full of blood," Dennis Williams said.

Williams is the neighbor who came to the aid of the man being attacked, and CoCo.

"He was on his hands and knees trying to protect his dog from the pit bulls that were attacking him. The third one was trying to get at him -- but the lady on the ground was holding him back with a chain. After I hit them several times in the head and back (with the baseball bat) -- both of them, I got scared. That wasn't stopping them, so I feared for my life. I got halfway over my lawn, and the two dogs saw me coming and they ran toward me. The first big one got across the street and came up on my grass and I waited until she got eight or 10 feet from me -- and I shot her," Williams said.

Sheriff's officials say they have learned that one of the dogs accused in the attack of CoCo was involved in an unreported bite about two months ago.

All three dogs received quarantine orders after the attack on CoCo and his owner. The dog that was shot was eventually euthanized.

Sheriff's officials discovered that none of the three dogs were licensed, and only two were current on their rabies vaccinations.

Washington County Sheriff's officials say they plan to issue numerous citations against the owner of the three dogs. The Sheriff's Office is also looking into having the surviving two dogs labeled as vicious animals. That would require the dogs' owner to have liability insurance.

Sheriff's officials say CoCo's owner suffered cuts and puncture wounds to his hands, arms and chest.

CoCo suffered cuts to the face, ears and neck.

Williams bristles when neighbors say he is a hero.

"I just did what I thought was right," Williams said.


  • Quadalog

    I like how the dogs were Rhodesian Ridgebacks.. But there was mostly pit bull present. Nice reporting on a breed that had nothing to do with it. I guess though that why reporters say dog attacks when it’s any other type of dog but you hear pit bull attacks when it a pit or even looks like a pit or in their last life the reporter was told by a fortune teller the dog was a pit.. Irresponsible reporting is why we have breed outlawing laws

    • Debbie Bell

      Breed doesn’t matter? Odd that only those who monger the fighting dogs say that.

      When pits escape, hunt and kill dogs they are being “good” pits!

      No pit book gives any advice on training your pit to seek and destroy other dogs. No training is needed just as no training is needed to train good beagles to bark.

      Good pits attack and kill dogs for no reason. This behavior is essential for winning dog fights.

      Dog fighters do not use Ridgebacks or Dobermans as these other dogs were not created to hunt and kill dogs. That trait’s unique to the pit dogs.

      Can you explain how you justify the continued breeding of THE dogs that were, and more importantly still ARE, created to kill dogs?

      • Mary Degon

        They Were Rhodesian Ridge backs!!! Not Pit Bulls – But of Course Pit Bull makes for more press because all the Pit Bull haters come out in full force. Another false story full of sensationalism, fear mongering and hysteria!
        Poor reporting as usually for Fox News!

      • Bob Doone

        Leading experts from around the world who have years of training studying the Foamer community compile their data yearly to help us accurately keep track of Foamer incidents nationwide except for Canada and Mexico (our budget isn’t that big). This agency is known as the CFC – The Center for Foamer Control.

        Our experts have sent informative questioners through out the states to medical and mental health professions to help gather Non Foamer interactions with Foamers data.

        Each question is scientifically proven to help understand the rising levels of insanity in the Foamer community and the threat they pose to our community and to the National Security.

        According to the CFC (Center for Foamer Control) they stopped recording Foamer attacks by gender and instead of recording “Foamer man” and “Foamer woman” they simplified it to just “Foamer”.

        The CFC reports that with the growth of the population it makes sense that the percentage of Foamers would grow slightly. As troubling as that might seem at first glance, the CFC assures us that it’s normal.
        According to these charts from 2011 to 2013 it seems as if the Foamer population hasn’t grown much:

        In conclusion, The CFC concludes that there will always be Foamers and that means Foamer attacks are always possible. Foamer Education is the best way to avoid or lesson your irritation when having the unfortunate Foamer interaction.

        Tips for avoiding Foamer attacks:

        Never feed the Foamers
        Leave Foamers alone while they are eating.
        Do not approach stray Foamers.
        Never leave children, dogs,cats and the elderly alone and unsupervised with Foamers.
        Please make sure Foamers are S/N and up to date on their vaccinations.
        When a Foamer is approaching, don’t yell and run. Stand perfectly still, don’t make eye contact and pray they just don’t see you.

        Don’t be part of the problem! Be proactive and help keep the Foamer population down. FBL (Foamer breed legislation) are being enacted daily nationwide!

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    • Bob Doone



      The Center for Disease released a study on fatal dog attacks from 1979 – 1998.
      The CDC study assistance from the HSUS an organization supporting the end to domestic
      pet ownership. The CDC study was bias and serves no scientific purpose. The study was
      done intentionally to support breed specific legislation by making claim that Rottweilers and
      Pit Bulls were responsible for the majority of fatal dog attacks during 1979 – 1998. The CDC
      study failed to include the populations of breeds responsible for fatal attacks and without
      populations of breeds to make a statement that specific breeds are responsible for the
      majority of fatal attacks is intentional.

      The CDC has been used by organizations lobbying to pass breed specific legislation in an attempt to target Rottweilers and Pit Bulls.Data shows us apx. 22 people die each year from using hiar dryers while standing in bath tubs filled with water. For the last 40 years
      between 12 -25 people each year have died from dog attacks and the numbers have not changed even though the populations of canines has increased.

      The main cause of fatal dog attacks is irresponsible dog owners who do not properly train
      and socalize their dogs which leads to aggressive behavior and irresponsible parents who
      leave young children unattended around dogs.
      Breed is not a contributing factor to fatal dog attacks and spay and neutering does not reduce canine aggression.


      Addressing The Testosterone Issue

      “Testosterone plays a role in modulating certain behaviors such as roaming, urine marking in-doors, sexual mounting and aggression toward other dogs (versus playful activity or dominance). Neutersol reduces the male hormone, testosterone, by 41-52% while surgical castration reduces testosterone by 95%. These behaviors may persist after either neutering method.

      While testosterone plays a role in affecting certain sexually dimorphic behaviors, it is not the only factor. In fact, the veterinary behavioral textbooks point out that there are multiple contributing factors with regard to these behaviors. Surgical castration does not completely eliminate these behaviors. The controlled scientific studies that have assessed the effects of surgical castration with regard to behavior have shown that most dogs continue exhibiting these behaviors. Aggression toward humans shows little
      significant effect after surgical castration. Surgery can have an effect in some of these, but is far from absolute. The FDA has reviewed the data for both surgery and Neutersol and included wording in the prescribing information of Neutersol addressing this fact, “As with surgical castration, secondary male characteristics (roaming, marking, aggression and mounting) may persist.”

      There is no scientific process available to identify the American Pit Bull Terrier and over 30 breeds that look like the Pit Bull. We find the media only reports what they call Pit Bull attacks labeling dogs that are not even related to the American Pit Bull Terrier. Of the fatal dog attacks in the last 40 years very few dogs labeled as Pit Bulls were actually purebred American Pit Bull Terriers registered
      with dog registries with pedigrees.

  • doug williams

    mostly chihuahua but “Humane Society ” says “pit bull” mostly poodle but “humane Society” say “pit bull”..mostly Golden Retriever but “Humane Society ” sayds “pit bulls’ as so on and so on..

    • Debbie Bell

      Waa waa waa whines the bully! Stop saying mean things about my pibbles!

      If you don’t want your leashed dog attacked and possibly killed by my lovely game (insane) bully dogs, don’t own a dog.

      If you don’t want to be attacked in your carport, build a garage. If you can’t afford a garage, you don’t deserve to live if my lovely bully dogs see you.

      I have my rights to breed, buy and monger the sociopathic pit dogs. Your wishes and even you and your pets’ lives do not matter to us bully people.

      Stop trying to make us care about anything other than self, ego and ability to breed and own the BULLY dogs!

      We don’t even care about pits! You notice we refuse to accept or offer any ways to reduce dog fighting or the million surplus pit deaths every year. We do not care and we never will. Period.

      • M3

        Hey Foamer Troll, without a DNA test they don’t really know what type of dogs they were. It has been proven repeatedly that visual identification of breed is nearly impossible (even by professionals), so keep trying.

    • Betti Anne Parker

      Actually, humane societies tend to cover up the fact that a dog is a pit bull or has pit bull in it, so they can shove them out the door onto unsuspecting families, and hence, more fatalities.

      • M3

        Without a DNA test they can’t actually be sure of breed unless the dog came in with it’s pedigree -_- VISUAL IDENTIFICATION IS UNRELIABLE. Not to mention that 99.9% of apbt are amazing, loving pets (and much more dependable and predictable than the majority of toy breeds, thanks to their idiot owners…same as some of the idiot owners of pits or any other breed)

  • Dob Lover

    Doug – I have adopted dogs from the shelter. A pit to be exact and a doberman … if you knew this shelter they are very proactive in helping other shelters and often take in bully breeds from other shelters. I haven’t watched the interview or listened to it – because I believe this all comes down to an irresponsible dog owner. Due to ignorant people like this owner those of us with Dobermans, Sheps, Bully Breeds all pay huge insurance bills so we can legally have the breeds we love. And we have people flee to their homes when we walk our dogs. Education is key!

    • Debbie Bell

      We agreed that education is key.

      Tragically it’s you, and others who encourage the breeding, buying, and acquiring of pits, and who insist that pits are normal dogs, who need the education.

      This attack was excellent pit dog behavior. Thinking humans will realize that.

      Good pits attack dogs for no reason other than awareness of the opponent/victim’s presence. You can’t travel hundreds of miles to a fight and hope that your pit will feel like fighting to the death over a rawhide.

      Fighting dogs were created to leave home and travel to a distant location, far from home territory and resources, to attack and attempt to kill another dog for no reason, without first trying to avoid a conflict.

      Good pits then continue attacking even if the other totally submits or is down dying. Good pits continue attacking even after suffering severe personal injury.

      The motto given by pits from their sadistic creators: “kill or die trying.”

      These facts you would learn if you’d read the honest pit books from the 80’s and before, before the pit lies and propaganda began. Then read between the lines as well. While Colby maintains that pits weren’t created to attack humans, he let’s honesty slip out.

      He writes about shipping dogs by rail. He mentions that notes can be attached to the outside of the shipping crate. The sole example he mentions: “Dog will bite.”

      Can you explain how you justify the continued breeding of the most overpopulated, most abused, best-dog-killing dogs?

    • pizzasandwich

      How do you know you have a pit bull? I thought pit bulls were impossible to correctly identify.

      Isn’t it funny how pit bulls are easy to identify when they do something good, yet are impossible to identify when they do something bad?

      Heck, sometimes when a mutt does something good it magically transforms into an American Pit Bull Terrier. Just look at Sgt. Stubby. You can guarantee that if Sgt. Stubby had mauled someone, and people claimed he was a pit bull, pit bull advocates would scream that he is not a pit bull. But because he did something positive, he magically is one despite looking nothing like one.

  • Jennifer Melin Ollanketo

    How about we start reporting correctly and stop trying to work in “pit bulls” in dog attack stories? From Washington County Humane Facebook page:
    The Washington County Humane Society
    55 minutes ago · Edited
    I’d like to take the time to answer some posts that have been directed toward WCHS regarding the situation in Richfield that occurred when 3 dogs attacked a man and his dog. The posts have been deleted from our page by Facebook after supporters objected to their tone and intent. Let me assure everyone that no one from WCHS spoke to the Journal/Sentinel, Fox 6 or WTMJ about the dogs being pit bulls. We were simply called to the scene to transport the dog that was attacked to the emergency vet, and to impound the one dog who was not up to date with a rabies vaccine. The owner of the 3 dogs told the deputy that the dogs were Ridgeback/Pit mixes and I have no idea who told the media that we said the dogs were more “pit bull present.” That isn’t even a term that would come out of any of our mouths. I find it extremely disheartening that the public would jump to the conclusion that everything they hear from the media is 100% accurate. The media clearly picked up on the breed mix and chose to report what they wanted to report. WCHS is vehemently opposed to breed discrimination. Several of our staff members have pit bulls as members of their family, and we always have pit bulls available for adoption. We do not euthanize for space, time or breed…and our euthanasia rate is below 10% with dogs making up no more than 3% of that percentage. I would encourage people to always check accuracy before they assume the worst of any organization or individual. And I send a huge thank you to all of our wonderful supporters who believe in us and what we do.

    • Debbie Bell

      Have you read the honest pre-propaganda books by Colby Stratton Armitage? These men love pits too, and they know that pits are unique. Pits are still unique. That’s why essentially all USA dog fighters only use pits for their “sport”.

      No pit book gives advice on training pits to seek out and kill dogs. None is needed. The pitmen simply let their pits mature (2 years +/-) then let them fight.

      Those who didn’t enjoy fighting and therefire were not ” good” at fighting, were permitted more time to mature or were culled/killed as embarrassments.

      You contend that breed doesn’t matter? Behavior comes from training and management, not breeding/heritage? I disagree but have it your way.

      Enact and enforce mandatory spay neuter microchipping of all pits, pit mixes, all dog aggressive dogs. You can keep your pits, you just can’t keep making more.

      Since all the BULLY people think that breed doesn’t matter, that pits ” are just like all other dogs” when pits are few and far between those who want to own bully dogs can adopt any “other dog” and live happily after. Get a collie or a Keeshond, all dogs are the same right?

      Pits are victims too of the sadistic pitman’s breeding. Let’s stop making more victims.

      • M3

        Did you know that you can breed for specific traits, and breed traits out of a population as well? Because that’s what responsible apbt breeders have been doing in the 100+ years since Colby started breeding. Genetics are like that. Dogs do in fact have to be taught, and conditioned to fight, it’s not in the books because it’s ILLEGAL.

  • skye

    well did the Humane Society do a DNA test right there to say that they were pitbulls… ridiculous and pathetic, I am so tired of the pit bull haters talking about stuff they know nothing about.

  • marita

    why does everyone think it is a pit that did it my gosh it used to be the dobermans then the shephards then other dogs and now the pits my gosh other dogs can do as much damage too

  • Marie B

    Seriously disgusted by the fact that Fox 6 has made NO attempt to clarify and correct their obvious falsification of this report. The Washington County Humane Society has made a statement that they have NOT nor did they EVER make a statement regarding these dogs “breed”. Yet again just crappy sensationalistic reporting. The owner is definitely responsible for making terrible choices in his/her management of their dogs. Not up to date on vaccines, off leash, unfenced yard, etc…NONE of these things has ANYTHING to do with the dog’s “breed” (although so many of you already know that “pitbull” isn’t even really a breed). Unfortunate situation that should not have happened but in all honestly could have occurred with ANY dog that was in a situation that was a set up for failure and my guess is none of these dogs were ever properly socialized or trained. So sad that the media continues to focus on the animal’s “breed” instead of try to help promote better understanding of dogs, their behaviors, needs, and responsible dog ownership. Always reactive and rarely proactive. Fox 6 should be ashamed of their continued biased and unethical reporting. Disgusting!!!

  • Frederic

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  • Heather

    Good he did do what was right.Rhodesian Ridgebacks ate vicious naturally.I own one he is v iscious.I don’t take him out around people due to this.last night he bit me and shook me .He has bit my boyfriend 3times.these dogs are not safe as pets ,when will people listen the

  • Heather

    Pitts don’t attack as frequent as pple are told.
    Shepard ,Doberman pitchers,and Rhodesian ridgeback attack more than Pitts .so that’s a myth .

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