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WATCH: DRAMATIC VIDEO out of Colorado shows apprehension of armed carjacking suspect on the interstate

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COLORADO (WITI) — DRAMATIC video coming out of Colorado Wednesday afternoon, July 23rd.

An armed carjacking suspect went on a crime spree around Lookout Mountain (about five-and-a-half hours south of Denver) — and the suspect’s apprehension was captured by FOX6’s sister station, KDVR’s helicopter “SkyFOX.”

Video shows the suspect driving his vehicle through the woods next to the busy I-70 — eventually ditching the vehicle and making his way to I-70 on foot.

The video offers a clear picture of the suspect — holding a weapon, and seemingly trying to grab the attention of passersby.

The suspect is eventually grabbed by a police officer — and a citizen stops his car and approaches — helping the police officer hold the suspect in the middle of the interstate, until more help arrived.

KDVR is following this developing story. CLICK HERE to monitor via


  • Johnathan

    The cop that restrained this guy should be fired and all cops retrained immediately. It was obvious that he used an illegal choke hold on the suspect. LOL!

  • Dennis

    Choke Hold, this guy had to be put down with whatever means it takes…Lucky he wasn’t shot. What about the people that had the cars hijacked at gunpoint?? There lives changed forever. Choke Hold I applaud the officer for taking him down..

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