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“We were screamed at in front of the door:” 4-year-old boy banned from doughnut shop

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Monroe, CT (WFSB) — Kids say the darndest things, but one local inquisitive 4-year-old boy asked a question that got him banned from a Monroe doughnut shop.

“We were screamed at in front of the door, ‘he’s not allowed in here, he’s rude’,” said Rebecca Denham as she described her experience at the Doughnut Inn on Tuesday morning.

Denham said her son, Justin Otero, asked a woman at the doughnut shop if she had a baby in her belly.

When the woman said ‘No’ Otero apologized, and his mother said she was mortified.

“My response was ‘Oh my goodness, I’m so embarrassed, I’m so sorry’,” Denham said.

While the woman said it was ‘no problem,’ the managers at the Doughnut Inn were not as forgiving.

When Denham and her son walked in the shop Tuesday morning, they were allegedly told to leave.

“She said, ‘he’s not allowed in here,’ and I looked around, and said, ‘him?’ and she said ‘yeah, he’s rude’,” Denham said

She said she tried to explain what happened to her son and said he “sort of” understands, but he is still asking questions.

Eyewitness News tried to contact the manager and owner of the shop, who had no comment.

Denham said she and her son are planning to take their business elsewhere, while using this as a learning lesson for Justin.

“Some people, unfortunately are quick to pass judgment, and therefore we will take our money and business elsewhere,” Denham added.

The owner of this Doughnut Inn in question owns at least two shops in Monroe, however he/she does not own the stores that are located in Fairfield and Stratford.


  • Gbkane

    This is so insane, this was not an adult, this was a 4 year old boy!!!! On the other hand, I suppose it says something about a doughnut shop that claims to have the “Best tasting Coffee”, I would think that they would be claiming the best tasting doughnuts not the coffee!!!!.

  • Laurie Reichl

    One time my mother, my daughter and I was at my nieces Conformation at church when a lady with a bee hive hair do sat in front of us. My daughter was around 4 and said real loud mommy tell that lady to move her hair it is in my way and I can’t see. Not only did she say this once but 3 times. I was so embarrassed. I thanked God she never turned around and never said a word. Kids are so precious and don’t realize what to say and not to say. This lady really needs to get a grip.Pour little boy.

  • Pam

    I think this manager is an ugly person!!! She can’t ban me so what is she going to do. She cannot touch me. I hope she never has children she does not deserve them.

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